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Name Labels for Daycare: 10 Brilliant Uses to Keep Things from Getting Lost

10 Brilliant Uses of Kids Name Labels for Daycare

If you’re a parent having a kid in daycare, you probably know how handy name labels for daycare can be! These simple stickers aren’t just for tagging your child’s stuff; they’re essential tools, keeping things organized and making sure nothing gets lost in the mix. However, except for lunch boxes, toys or clothing, do you know there are many more important items we can put name labels on?

In this post, CustomAny is excited to share 10 clever ways to get the most out of name labels for daycare. These ideas will help you use name labels like a pro. So, let’s dive in and discover how you can make daycare life a little easier.

What are name labels for daycare?

Name labels for daycare are small stickers designed to identify and keep track of children’s belongings. Typically, these labels are printed with the child’s name in a clear, easy-to-read font, along with perhaps a cute icon or simple design. They’re often made of durable materials like vinyl or waterproof adhesive paper to withstand the frequency of its daily use.

By affixing name labels for daycare to your kids’ personal items, parents can ensure that their child’s items are easily recognizable and distinguishable from others’. 

10 brilliant ways to use Name Labels for Daycare

Name labels for daycare work much better than you ever think, so let’s discover 10 items to put these customized stickers on for efficient uses.

1. Labeling Kids’ Clothing

Labeling kids’ clothing with name labels is the first option we want to mention. Not only does name labels for kids clothes minimize the chances of kids’ clothing getting lost or mixed up, but it also helps those who are taking care of the kids, saving time and reducing stress.

Consider using small, rectangle iron on stickers to label clothing. These stickers should feature clear text displaying the child’s name. Additionally, you can add a small icon or symbol next to the name to make the label eye-catching to the kids.

2. Lunch box

Labeling lunch boxes with name labels for daycare is a practical way to ensure that children’s meals are easily identifiable and returned to the right owner in daycare settings. 

With personalized labels, it is less likely for the food to be mix-ups at meal times. This ensures that each child receives their intended meal.

You can use sticker labels in any shape, but ensure they have suitable size and are made of durable materials like vinyl or waterproof adhesive paper. 

Most importantly, consider including additional information on the waterproof name labels for daycare, such as food allergy stickers alerts, sticker dairy allergy or dietary restrictions. This ensures that caregivers are aware of any specific requirements to protect your kids.

Label your kids' lunch box
Label your kids’ lunch box

3. Water bottles

Labeling water bottles with name labels is a practical solution to ensure children stay hydrated. Besides, their bottles are easily identifiable in daycare settings. This reduces confusion and ensures your child has his or her own drink throughout the day.

For water bottle labels, consider using small custom stickers. You can use stickers in any shape, but make sure to opt for those that are made of durable materials like vinyl or waterproof adhesive paper. They may be the best name labels for daycare.

Want to make it unique? Add symbols that resonate with your child’s interests, it can be a kind of food, a cute animal, ect.

4. Labeling their backpacks or bags

Labeling backpacks or bags with name labels for daycare is a practical way to ensure children’s belongings are easily identifiable and returned to them. 

  • For backpack or bag labels, opt for small, rectangular stickers made of durable materials like vinyl or waterproof adhesive paper.
  • You should choose label designs in colors that match or coordinate with the bag’s colors.
  • Design suggestions may include vibrant colors or playful patterns that appeal to children while also ensuring visibility and readability. 

5. Use kids name labels on their shoes

Use name labels on shoes as they are among the most commonly misplaced items
Use name labels on shoes as they are among the most commonly misplaced items

Shoes are among the most commonly misplaced items, with one or both shoes often disappearing into the daycare abyss. Parents, caregivers, or even the children themselves can quickly identify the right shoes or reunite one with the other in pairs.

You better use a small rectangle or rounded corner sticker label for shoes. To add a touch of fun, consider adding short, funny quotes, such as “Your name is not Harley, mine’s is”

Design suggestions may include playful images or drawings related to shoes, such as cartoon sneakers or footprints. 

6. Diapers, wipes, and other diapering supplies

Labeling diapers, wipes, and other diapering supplies is essential for kids. With name labels, you can reduce the risk of the wrong items being used for your little ones.

For labeling diapering supplies, we recommend using stickers made of durable materials like vinyl or waterproof adhesive paper. To ensure that labels adhere securely to containers, choose materials that are resistant to moisture and frequent handling.

7. Naming their toys

Toys are often shared among children, leading to confusion over which toys are whose. By labeling toys with each child’s name, you can eliminate the chance of toys getting lost and promote pride in kids’ belongings.

You should use small-sized labels made of durable materials. We highly recommend using DTF transfer stickers. These stickers should feature the child’s name in a clear font, along with a small logo or symbol uniquely designed for them. DTF transfer stickers are ideal for this purpose as they can be made into custom name stickers that adhere securely to various surfaces and are resistant to wear and tear.

It’s advisable to use bright colors and playful images or drawings, making the labels visually appealing while also serving a practical purpose.

8. Labeling kids’ school supplies

School supplies may include:

  • Notebooks
  • Pencil and pencil cases
  • Pens
  • Bottles of glue
  • Scissors,…
Name labels forster your kid's pride in owning their notebooks
Name labels forster your kid’s pride in owning their notebooks

These items often look similar, leading to confusion between the little kids. By adding custom name labels for daycare or kids name labels for school to these items, the kid can easily identify their school supplies and avoid mix-ups with others’.

For labeling school supplies, consider using vinyl die-cut stickers for durability and visibility. These stickers should be small in size to fit neatly on various items. Besides, consider funny “belonging to” text to make the label playful and interesting to the kids.

9. Toiletry items

Toiletry items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, and towels come into direct contact with children’s mouths and bodies. They even may look the same, so usually be mixed-up.  Labeling toiletry items  ensures each child has their own designated supplies, reducing the chance of children getting illness or diseases. 

To label your kids’ towels, you can use iron on labels. For sturdy items like toothbrushes and toothpaste, consider using transfer stickers. This sticker type is known for their durability and waterproof features. Transfer stickers will adhere securely to these personal items, ensuring a long lasting.

Putting name labels for daycare on your kids toiletry items will help daycare providers ensure the well-being of your kids and all other children in their care. 

10. Labeling their bedding

With multiple children using communal sleeping areas, it’s important to prevent mix-ups and ensure that each child’s bedding remains separate. You should put name labels for daycare on:

  • Pillowcases
  • Blankets
  • Bedding sheets,…

By using name labels on your kids’ bedding items, anyone who is in charge of taking care of the kid can easily identify each child’s bedding, ensuring cleanliness in sleeping areas. 

You should opt for small, rectangular stickers made of durable materials like vinyl or waterproof adhesive paper. These stickers should display the child’s name in a clear and legible font, ensuring easy identification.

Last words

Name labels for daycare items, or name stickers for kids, offer more benefits than you thought, especially when being used on kids’ personal items. They help minimize lost belongings and foster a sense of ownership in your children. We hope this post has inspired you with innovative uses for name labels and provided suitable sticker types and design ideas. 

If you are looking for a way to create customizable name labels for your kids, you can try CustomAny’s stickers and labels printing service. We will do our best to provide you a smooth printing experience and efficient name labels for daycare tailored to your specific needs.


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