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What types of stickers do you offer?

We offer various types of custom stickers, which can be categorized under singular stickers and sticker sheets.

Our singular stickers are individually cut sticker pieces, including:

  • Die-cut stickers
  • Kiss-cut stickers
  • Uniform shaped stickers (circle, oval, square, rectangle, rounded corner stickers)
  • Clear stickers
  • Holographic stickers
  • Transfer stickers

Our sticker sheets feature various single stickers on one sheet. This option is perfect for collections or sets of stickers that go together.

What kind of material are your stickers made of?

When it comes to sticker materials, our stickers can be divided into 2 categories:

The first one includes stickers made from vinyl:

  • Die-cut, kiss-cut, and uniform shapes (such as circle, oval, square, rectangle, etc.). These stickers are crafted from white vinyl.
  • Clear stickers are made from clear vinyl.
  • Holographic stickers are made from holographic vinyl.

The other category is transfer stickers. Our transfer stickers (UV DTF transfer stickers) are created using UV DTF technology with UV-curable ink, rather than vinyl.

For more details about this superior sticker type, you can read our blog "The Superiority of UV DTF Transfer Stickers from CustomAny".

How to choose the suitable sticker type?

To choose the right sticker type, you should consider:

  • Where to use the sticker: Our UV DTF transfer stickers work best on sturdy, flat, and relatively smooth surfaces such as plastic, glass, and metal. Meanwhile, our vinyl stickers are more flexible and can be placed on softer surfaces like soft leather and cardstocks. Clear stickers blend seamlessly on one-color or transparent surfaces.
  • Your design: You can use uniform shape stickers for almost designs. If you want to emphasize the shape of your design, you should choose Die-cut stickers. If you want to make your existing designs more interesting, opt for Holographic stickers which come with shiny effect.
  • Application with ease: Kiss-cut stickers and sticker sheets allow easier removal and help reduce damage during storage or shipping.

For further assistance on choosing the best sticker type, feel free to contact us via [email protected] or message us on our social media pages.

What sticker size should I order?

You need to choose the appropriate sticker size. To determine the right size:

  • Carefully measure the area where you intend to apply the sticker.
  • Ensure you know the width-to-height ratio of your sticker design.
  • Keep in mind that for kiss-cut stickers, the selected size includes the entire sticker, including the border. Therefore, when choosing kiss-cut stickers, consider selecting a size slightly larger than your desired sticker size.

Don't worry, we will send you a soft proof to confirm the design, color, size, and material of your stickers before proceeding with production.

Are your stickers waterproof?

Yes, our stickers are waterproof. Both our vinyl stickers and ink transfer stickers are designed to withstand exposure to water and moisture.

How do I peel off and apply my stickers?

Since our stickers come in different materials, shapes and formats, it’s essential to know the best ways to peel and apply each sticker types properly to keep them stick perfectly to your desired surface.

For vinyl stickers: Each comes with a backing layer that protect the sticker's adhesive. Here are ways to peel off vinyl stickers depending on their type:

  • Single Stickers (die-cut and uniform shaped stickers): Use your finger nails to seperate the sticker layer and backing layer, then bend the backing and gradually remove it.
  • Kiss-Cut Stickers and sticker sheets feature stickers placed on a larger paper backing. To peel them off, gently lift the edge along the border, carefully moving to another corner to prevent any creases.

Then, for all vinyl stickers application, just place it to your desired spot, press it firmly with your fingers to ensure the sticker firmly stick to the surface.

For UV DTF Transfer Stickers: Each comes with 3 layers: the backing layer, the sticker layer, and the transfer tape layer.

To peel off our Custom Transfer Stickers:

  • Flip the sticker face down and slowly peel the backing layer away at a 180 degree angle.
  • Choose the position where you want to apply the sticker, place the sticker (with the sticker and transfer tape layers intact) on your desired surface for application, make sure it's fully adhered.
  • Finally, slowly peel the transfer tape layer away at a 180 degree angle to leave only the sticker layer adhered to your desired surface.
Can I make my stickers sticky again?

Yes, you can make your stickers sticky again. We have shared 6 Quick & Easy Solutions to Make a Sticker Sticky Again and comprehensive guides to do in our blog post. You can find it here.

Do you print Logo stickers, Branded stickers, and Product labels?

Yes, we specialize in printing custom stickers for a wide range of purposes, including logo stickers, branded stickers, and product labels, all are tailored to your needs.

What is the difference between Die-cut and Kiss-cut Stickers?

Die-cut stickers and kiss-cut stickers may look exactly the same after application but they are different in the way they are cut:

  • Die-cut stickers are cut through both the sticker vinyl and the backing paper, following the outline of the design. The entire sticker is cut out, leaving no excess material around the edges.

  • Kiss-cut stickers are cut only through the sticker vinyl and not the backing paper, which means the backing paper remains intact around the sticker. 

Their differences bring distinct benefits in use. For more detailed comparison, you may want to read our blog post: "Kiss cut vs die cut stickers".

What is the difference between White Vinyl Stickers and Clear Vinyl Stickers?

Both are vinyl options, but choosing between white vinyl and clear vinyl will give you distinctly different types of stickers.

  • White Vinyl Stickers are printed on a solid white vinyl material. They are opaque, which means they completely cover the surface they are applied to. White vinyl stickers are ideal for designs where vibrant colors and high contrast are important.

  • Clear Vinyl Stickers are printed on a transparent vinyl material, allowing the background surface to show through. This gives a seamless and elegant appearance.

What is the difference between Clear Vinyl Stickers and UV DTF Transfer Stickers?

After application, clear vinyl stickers and UV DTF transfer stickers may look similar from a distance. However, their distinct differences become easily noticeable if you take a closer look.

  • Clear Vinyl Stickers are printed directly onto a clear vinyl material. Once you remove their backing layer, you can apply them directly to surfaces. These stickers allow the background to show through their transparent areas. Clear vinyl stickers are ideal for achieving a seamless, transparent appearance.

  • UV DTF Transfer Stickers require a transfer process for application. After remove the backing layer, you need to firmly place the sticker on your desired surface, then peel transfer film away, leaving the design on the surface as if it were printed directly. These stickers are best options when you need precise and detailed designs, or want a profesional look. They work best on flat and rigid surfaces like plastics, glass, metals, ...

Do you offer free sample?

Yes. We print samples for free, with a shipping fee of $5.99. Please contact us via our support email address for more details.

How does the proofing process work?

After placing your order, you can expect to receive a proof within 1-2 business days via your email. This proof will include a digital representation of your sticker design, allowing you to review the design, size, and approve the final look. Our desingers are happy to make any modifications to ensure it meets your expectations before production.

How long does it take to produce my stickers?

Typically, production of your stickers takes approximately 5-7 business days after you have approved the proof. Please note, this timeframe may vary based on the complexity of your order and current production volumes.