Custom stickers

Your custom stickers’ durability will vary based on surface placement, care, weather conditions and exposure. Depending on these variables, they are designed to be fade-resistant for 1-3 years.

We offer custom sticker starting at just 1 units per design.

If you would like to order a custom quantity, choose custom quantity and add your desired number to the blank of custom quantity option then finish your checkout process.

Size doesn’t matter! The sticker size depends on what you plan on using the stickers for. 

However, the most popular size is about 3-4 inches to see design details or easy-to-read text.

The standard sizes on our website can aid you if you don’t have a set size in mind for your stickers. They go from 2” x 2” to 5” x 5” . Please note that you can always change the size to a custom one, both at the first step and later in the editor.
What size is right for you only you can know, but think about where they will be placed and how much space you want them to take. How much detail there is and from how far they should be visible might also factor in.

Our custom stickers are printed on a thick, premium white vinyl known technically as polyvinyl chloride, or PVC.

Yes, you are able to write on our custom stickers. This makes our stickers useful as name tags or for labelling hand-made products.

We find permanent markers and ballpoint pens work best. Depending on the type of ink used, you may need to give the ink chance to dry before using your stickers.

The type of adhesive we use varies by product:

  1. Custom stickers, transfer stickers, roll labels use a permanent adhesive.
  2. Bumper stickers use a removable adhesive.


All orders receive a free online proof within 24 hours of checkout. Although we ask for a credit card upfront, we do not charge it until your proof is approved.

Changes will be made to your proof for free until you’re happy. You can cancel your order at any time before approval at no charge. 

Yes, you can ask us to modify your quantity any time prior to approving your proofs. Since we don’t charge you until all proofs are approved, we can modify your order total during proofing and you’ll be charged the updated amount upon approval.

If you’d like to change your quantity during proofing, post a comment on your proof or contact us.

We will try our best to contact you if we do not receive an approval. If, after 24 hours, we are unable to contact you, we will consider the proof approved and continue with printing. If there is something questionable or concerns that we are unable to print, we will give a refund. 

After approval your order is automatically sent to our print queue and begins production. Since fast turnaround is a priority for most customers, we aggressively automated our manufacturing process so that we can begin printing your order within minutes.

Shipping and Delivery

Yes, once your order ships, you will get an automatic email with your tracking number for your stickers from the library and custom-made stickers.

If you are concerned about your delivery date, you may send us an email to make sure your stickers are on track.

Yes, we ship your custom stickers and other stickers all around the world. Outside the U.S.A. and E.U., there is a charge for shipping. 

New Zealand and Australia are $5.00 additional charges.

All other countries have a mandatory express shipping service and fee to ensure that your stickers are delivered.

You can order your custom stickers with our express option which means express shipping and handling.

This usually takes 4-6 days from the time of placing the order. Standard shipping and handling are typically around 10-14 days.

Standard shipping is free within the U.S.A., E.U., and Canada.

Shipping to Australia and New Zealand is $5.00.

Shipping to other countries is an additional charge and sent with UPS.

Yes we can update your shipping address if your order has not been dispatched yet.

Simply send us an email with the updated address and your order number and we will change it for you.

Don’t forget your apartment number if you have one!


Please email us and we can help look into this for you! 

All prices are in U.S. dollars.

Please keep this in mind if you are ordering from outside the United States such as Canada, Australia, or New Zealand.

You will be responsible for any local taxes if applied.

If you attempt to place your order multiple times before your transaction is approved, these attempts can show up as pending transactions. 

These attempts will go from pending to canceled in your bank statement after they are processed. 

You will not be charged multiple times, only one transcation will be fully processed. 

If PayPal does not seem to be working for your payment, please try to place the order in a different web browser. 

If you already have your order in your cart, you may email us to get a link to open in the other web browser.