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How to Make a Sticker Sticky Again: 6 Quick & Easy Solutions

How to Make a Sticker Sticky Again

Let us guess. Recently you’ve found your adorned stickers you applied to meaningful places lose their stickiness?

As sticker hobbyists, we all can face this problem. So, how to make a sticker sticky again and fix this problem? We’re happy to say that, there is always a way, or several ways, as we at CustomAny spent our time in the sticker printing field to round up here 6 quick and easy solutions to prevent you from choosing weak-adhesive stickers, or fix it if one day they no longer adhere as they should. 

It’s time to go into details and find out how to make a sticker sticky again!

Why does a sticker lose its stickiness? 

First of all, gaining some basic understanding why your stickers don’t stick, or why they lose their stickiness, is essential for you to determine what to do and how to make a sticker sticky again. There are some common reason for this:


When time passes, sticker adhesive may dry out and lose their stickiness. This issue is the most common reason which affects older stickers, making them adhere less effectively and peeled off the surface after a period of time.

Dirt and Debris

If your stickers are placed on surfaces that have dust, dirt, or debris right from the time of application, or over time, they can lose their stickiness. These tiny particles interfere with the sticky adhesive and weaken the bond between the sticker and the surface.

Applied to unsuitable surfaces

Unsuitable surfaces are those with oils, residues, or other contaminants. Stickers that adhere to these surfaces can never stick well because the mentioned substances hamper the adhesive’s effectiveness.

Improper Storage

Stickers which are stored in bad conditions, left bent or folded, or under extreme temperatures, are more likely to lose their stickiness when applied. 

Store unused stickers in proper places
Store unused stickers in proper places

Low-Quality Adhesive

If you are going to buy stickers at a suspiciously good price, wait a moment. Low quality sticky stickers using adhesives that can degrade more quickly over time. They may not maintain the stickiness you need for expected time of use.

Understanding these common reasons can give you a lower chance of having a sticker losing its adhesiveness. But it’s not just that, they help you to make informed decisions about the solution you can use to solve “how to make stickers sticky again”.

How to Make a Sticker Sticky Again: 6 Solutions you can try 

Knowing all the possible methods for “how to make a sticker sticky again” is a lifesaver when you’re dealing with a peeling or non-sticky sticker. Here we have 6 recommended ways you can try:

1. Use Heat 

To use heat to make a sticker sticky again, you’ll need a hair dryer or a heat gun.

Here’s how to do:

Let’s begin with a low level of heat. Set it on your hair dryer or heat gun, then hold these heat sources a few inches away from the sticker. You should apply gentle heat evenly to the sticker’s surface, increasing heat slowly until your sticker feels malleable. Now you can press it down, using firm, even pressure to the surface and ensure the sticker adheres again.

Quick tip for you: 

  • If you have a hair dryer, it is safe for most stickers. However, a heat gun can be more useful for stubborn ải bubbles in stickers. 
  • Throughout this process, take caution and prevent damaging the sticker surface by overheating.

2. Clear Tape 

Materials you will need is a transparent adhesive tape (a normal clear packing tape).

How you should do it:

To start, estimate the size of the sticker and cut a piece of clear tape slightly larger than this. Cover the entire sticker with this tape piece, allow a portion of the tape to extend beyond the sticker. This part will help secure the adhesive-lost sticker to your desired surface and keep it stay in place.


Regular clear tape can be used for most sticker sizes, but if your sticker is much larger, consider using several tape pieces for the best appearance.

Use Double-Sided Tape to reuse your old stickers
Use Double-Sided Tape to reuse your old stickers

3. Double-Sided Tape

How to restick a sticker using double-sided tape? If you choose this method, you will need a double-sided tape roll. 

How to make a sticker sticky again with double-sided tape:

Similar to using clear tape, you begin by cutting a piece of double-sided tape to match the size of the sticker. However, this time your piece of tape needs to be a little bit smaller than the sticker. Put the sticker face down, apply one side of the tape to the sticker’s back. Then, you peel off the tape’s protective backing, apply the sticker to the desired surface and press firmly. The exposed adhesive side of the tape will help your sticker adhere again. 

For this method of how to make a sticker sticky again, or how to keep stickers from peeling off, if it’s a larger sticker, you can use several pieces of double-sided tape on several points on the sticker’s back.

4. Adhesive Spray 

Of course, you will need an adhesive spray bottle.

And here’s how to make stickers stick better with adhesive spray:

Put your sticker face-down on a flat surface, it would better be cardboard to avoid letting the adhesive spray around and stick to other objects. Then, evenly coat the sticker’s back with adhesive spray. Wait a minute for the adhesive layer to set. When it becomes tacky, you can adhere the sticker to your chosen surface once again. Remember to press it down for a secure bond with the surface.

Quick tip for you: Different sprays may have different drying times and levels of tackiness, so read the instruction first and choose a suitable adhesive spray. 

Use Adhesive Spray to make sticker sticky again
Use Adhesive Spray to make sticker sticky again

5. Paper glue (homemade or store-bought) 

Materials you will need: Paper glue, you can make it yourself or buy it from a local stationery shop.

How to make a sticker sticky again using glue:

Start by applying a thin, even layer of glue to the back of your sticker. Let it sit for seconds, then carefully place the sticker onto your desired surface. Remember to press it down to ensure its adhesion.


  • Depending on your preferences, you can use standard white glue, clear-drying glue, or even create your own adhesive glue mixture with water and flour or cornstarch. 
  • You can pre-test the glue with a piece of paper to find out whether it works best on the particular surface.

6. Rubber Cement 

Buy some rubber cement to make a sticker sticky again.

How to do it on your own:

Firstly, apply a thin layer of rubber cement to the back of your sticker. Wait for it to dry partially, achieving a tacky state. Then, put your sticker on the surface, gently press it down to create a new bond with the surface.

Tip for you: Remember to choose a high-quality rubber cement adhesive, which is suitable for the sticker size and surface material.

These 6 solutions can give a new life to the sticker which lost its stickiness. With just one simple piece of tape or a layer of substance, these methods are said to be the quickest and easiest ways to make a sticker sticky again.  Just choose the most suitable one for your sticker’s condition and the surface you intend to adhere it to


How do you fix peeling stickers? 

To repair peeling stickers, you can apply heat to regain their stickiness, or add a new adhesive layer by using clear tape, double-sided tape, or adhesive sprays. 

Does heat make adhesive sticky again? 

Yes, heat can make deactivated stickers adhesive layers warmer and sticky again. Does heat make stickers stick better? A sticker also adheres better if it is heated up before application. 

Is adhesive spray safe to use on stickers?

Adhesive sprays are generally safe for stickers but for proper and safe use, you should carefully read the instructions and follow them throughout the process.

So, we’ve gone through all the methods you should know if you are wondering “how to make a sticker sticky again”. However, to ensure the quality and stickiness of your stickers, you’d better purchase them from a reputable supplier. At CustomAny, you can find a wide selection of custom stickers, and more specifically, we only offer high-quality stickers that maintain their strong adhesive for your desired time and suitable for various applications.

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