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4 Ingenious Ways to Make Die-cut Stickers that Peel Off Easily

4 Ingenious Ways to Make Die-cut Stickers that Peel Off Easily

Die-cut stickers have emerged as a trend in the sticker world. Their widespread popularity can be attributed to the numerous benefits they bring to the table – offering limitless design possibilities, boasting visual appeal with distinctive shapes, and leaving a lasting impression as premium and high-quality branding tools.

Die-cut stickers are cherished for their limitless design possibilities and premium appeal. However, struggling to peel them off from their backing, even if it is a torn, folded or stuck sticker, can be frustrating. 

So in this guide, we explore 4 ingenious ways to make die-cut stickers that peel off easily, keeping the sticker intact and enhancing your satisfaction. Let’s begin.

Why should we find a way to make die-cut stickers easier to peel off?

They may be hard to peel off

Die-cut stickers, while incredibly popular and visually appealing, can sometimes present challenges when it comes to peeling them off. 

If you come to this article, we believe that you at least experienced those frustrating moments when stickers refuse to cooperate – they end up folded, stuck to the backing paper, or worse, torn into bits. Not only does this take away from the joy of using stickers, but it also wastes valuable time and effort trying to salvage them.

Importance of creating easy peel off stickers

Ensuring that die-cut stickers peel off easily is of paramount importance. Whether it’s a brand’s promotional sticker, a creative artist’s design, or fun stickers for personal use, if it is torn or folded after being peeled off, it will be useless. So, how to remove stickers from paper without tearing? This may be what you wanna ask.

Moreover, a smooth peel-off experience can enhance sticker users’ satisfaction and overall delight, which fosters a positive impression. This will be specially meaningful in case the stickers are used as promotional or branding materials of your business.

4 Ways to Make Die-cut Stickers that Peel Off Easily

How to make stickers easier to peel? Knowing the importance of both visual appeal and quality of die-cut stickers in use, we’ll introduce you to 4 types of similar stickers, or 4 ways for you to make die-cut stickers that peel off easily.

1. Die-cut sticker with Back Slit

Die-cut stickers with a back slit are a clever solution to make die-cut stickers that peel off easily. 

This technique involves adding a subtle cut or slit on the backing paper, creating a peelable tab that users can easily grip and lift. Gently insert your fingernail or a thin object, like the edge of a credit card, into the slit. With a gentle pull, the slit will create a separation between the sticker and the backing paper.

Back Slit helps removing stickers from their backing much faster and easier
Back Slit helps removing stickers from their backing much faster and easier (photo source: Excard Corporation)


  • Fixing the Hard-to-Peel Issue: Die-cut stickers with back slits offer a smoother experience – just insert your nail or a tool in the slit, and the sticker peels off effortlessly without folding or tearing apart, maintaining its perfect shape.
  • Faster Peel-Offs: With the back slit, you can quickly separate the sticker from the backing paper in seconds.


  • Dust collecting: One drawback is that the back slit can be prone to collecting dust over time. Dust particles might adhere along the slit’s edge. This accumulation could compromise the adhesive quality, potentially affecting the sticker’s ability to adhere properly.
  • Foldability: In some cases, the back slit might lead to accidental folds or creases in the sticker during the delivery or using process. This can occur towards the area adjacent to the slit, occasionally resulting in unintended folds that impact the sticker’s appearance and usability. 

Die-cut stickers with back slits are a fantastic choice when the stickers are used immediately or when quick application by hand is required. However, it’s essential to be mindful of potential dust accumulation and the possibility of accidental folds. 

2. Die-cut sticker with easy peeling tab

Die-cut stickers with an easy peeling tab introduce a user-friendly solution that adds convenience of a tab for seamless peeling. Let’s take a closer look. The easy peeling tab is a small extension added to the edge of the die-cut sticker. It serves as a nifty handle that users can grab onto for effortless peeling. 

You can add this tab to your original design and add some text like “peel here sticker” or “peeling easily”, or add your name, your business name, your website to it.

Stickers with easy peeling tab
Stickers with easy peeling tab


  • Overcoming Typical Difficulties: Just like die-cut stickers with back slit, this method eliminates the usual peeling challenges, helping you to peel the most complicated die cut stickers from the backing layers without tearing them apart. Moreover, it goes a step further by addressing the cons associated with back slits, say no to unwanted foldings and dust collecting.
  • Space for Information: There’s a surplus area within the tab to print additional details, such as the company or artist’s name, enhancing brand recognition and personalization.


  • Limited Space: The residual space in the tab might be relatively small, limiting the amount of information that can be added. If you make this tab a bit bigger for more information, this could lead to less appealing visuals of the sticker design.
  • Design Complexity: Designing stickers with an easy peeling tab may require a bit more time and skill.
  • Printer Selection: You need to find a printer or a printing service company with the capability to cut along this unique design.

Die-cut stickers with easy peeling tabs are an ideal choice for those who value convenience and aesthetics in their sticker designs. We highly recommend this type for business owners or artists, because this technique allows for additional branding or personalization.

3. Try kiss-cut sticker

Kiss-cut stickers are partially cut, leaving the sticker attached to its backing paper through an adhesive layer. This allows for easy peeling while keeping the shape intact, as discussed in the Die Cut vs. Kiss Cut blog post. Kiss-cut stickers are a game-changer, offering a creative alternative to traditional die-cut stickers.

Kiss cut sticker allows for easy peeling while keeping the shape intact
Kiss cut sticker allows for easy peeling while keeping the shape intact

Let’s explore what makes them stand out.


  • Overcoming All the Above Problems: Kiss-cut stickers address the difficulties faced with regular die-cut stickers, easy peeling tabs, and back slits, providing a smoother user experience.
  • Space for Branding: The extra printing area along the sticker’s edge offers room to print business information, making them perfect for branding, events, and promotions.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Kiss-cut stickers are cheaper than traditional die-cut stickers, as they are easier to cut.


  • More Printing Area: While the additional printing space is advantageous for branding, it may require more printing paper for the same quantity.
  • Visual Appeal: Though still visually appealing, kiss-cut stickers might not have the same striking impact as traditional die-cut stickers.

Kiss-cut stickers are perfect for complex designs, ensuring easy peeling without compromising the sticker’s shape. They excel in branding, events, and promotions, where the additional printing area serves as a valuable canvas to convey key information. Artists can also leverage kiss-cut stickers for artistic expressions, adding a touch of creativity to their work.

4. Try sticker sheet

A sticker sheet is a single sheet of backing paper that contains multiple stickers, each individually kiss-cut for easy peeling. Easy peel sticker sheets offer a fantastic alternative that combines the convenience of multiple stickers in one place. Let’s explore why sticker sheets are becoming a go-to choice for many:


  • Easy peeling: Sticker sheets address the challenges faced with individual die-cut stickers, back slits, and easy peeling tabs, providing a hassle-free peeling experience for each sticker on the sheet.
  • Budget-Friendly: Sticker sheets are the most cost-effective option among the alternatives. With multiple stickers on a single sheet, they offer excellent value for money.
  • Easy Maintenance and Shipping: Sticker sheets are easy to maintain and ship without the worry of bending or folding like traditional die-cut stickers.
  • Wide Availability: Finding suppliers for sticker sheets is a breeze, making them readily accessible to all.
Sticker sheets are easy to storage and delivery
Sticker sheets are easy to storage and delivery


  • Limited Space for Business Information: The compact size of each sticker on the sheet may offer less room to print detailed business information.
  • Visual Appeal: While still visually appealing, sticker sheets might not have the same impact as individual die-cut stickers.

Sticker sheets are a fantastic choice for users who want to offer a variety of stickers on a single sheet. Whether you’re creating sticker collections, planner stickers, or fun kids’ activity sheets, sticker sheets provide a convenient and cost-effective solution.


Mastering the art of making die-cut stickers that peel off easily is a game-changer for anyone looking to create delightful sticker experiences. We’ve explored various techniques, each with its unique advantages and considerations. Whether you choose the ingenuity of back slits, the convenience of easy peeling tabs, the versatility of kiss-cut stickers, or the cost-effectiveness of sticker sheets, rest assured that your sticker game will level up!

Are you ready to bring your designs to life with stickers that truly shine? Look no further! Head over to our website and discover a wide array of die-cut, kiss-cut, and sticker sheet options. Your creativity knows no bounds, and we’re here to make your sticker dreams a reality.


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