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A Comprehensive Checklist Before Using Wall Stickers For Bedrooms

A Comprehensive Checklist Before Using Wall Stickers For Bedrooms

Wall stickers are an effective means to decorate a bedroom because they allow you to create interesting highlights for the room or transform a blank room into an entirely different world with various themes. Wall stickers for bedrooms not only enhance the look of your space but also create a peaceful atmosphere for good sleep.

Thus, it’s no surprise that many people search for creative wall stickers for bedrooms. In this blog post, we at CustomAny will provide you with a comprehensive checklist for a successful bedroom decorating project using wall stickers. Read it carefully to find out how you will transform your space with wall stickers for bedrooms.

1. How big is your room wall?

Before starting your decorating, it’s essential to determine if your bedroom walls are suitable for stickers. 

Firstly, measure the blank areas available. 

Determine the width and height of your bedroom wall and answer some questions: 

  • Will the wall fit well with a large wall sticker?
  • Will adding decoration will overwhelm the room?

Next, the wall’s material.

  • Stickers generally stick best to smooth surfaces, including dry painted wall, glass, or metal. Textured walls, brick, or wallpaper might pose challenges for adhesion and could lead to uneven application.
  • Additionally, think about the future: is there a risk the stickers might damage the wall when you remove them? High-quality stickers are usually designed to peel off cleanly, but it’s wise to test a small area first.

Consider the adhesive strength of wall stickers for bedrooms.

  • Light or temporary adhesives are ideal if you plan to change the decor in the future. These sticker types minimize the risk of damage during removal.
  • If you’re confident in your long-term design choice, strong adhesive stickers can be an option.

2. What kind of bedroom atmosphere do you want to create?

What do you expect when starting this decoration? Determining the atmosphere you want to create with wall stickers for bedrooms. It depends on the room owner’s interests and preferences.

Sweet princess wall stickers for a girl’s bedroom
Sweet princess wall stickers for a girl’s bedroom

For a child’s bedroom:

Think about playful themes. Kids might love stickers featuring their favorite animals, space adventures, fantasy worlds with dragons and fairies, or Disney wall stickers for bedrooms. Bright colors and fun shapes can stimulate imagination and joy.

For a girl’s bedroom:

Princesses, floral world, or magical unicorns are some of the ideas for girl wall stickers for bedrooms. You can use soft pastel colors and patterns to create the dreamy atmosphere.

In a boy’s room: 

Sports themes, cars, dinosaurs, or superheroes might be more appealing when it comes to boy wall stickers for bedrooms. You should make the space exciting and lively.

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They may prefer a romantic style. Consider using small symbols or meaningful love quotes in warm, calming tones.

Parents or single adults:

They might like modern wall stickers for bedrooms or sophisticated designs like minimalist geometric patterns, botanical motifs, or inspirational quotes to foster relaxation and peace.

Each person has different preferences, so ask for the room’s owner’s wishes first to choose the suitable sticker designs and material.

3. Types of Wall Stickers Available

When it comes to wall stickers, there are various types to suit different tastes and bedroom styles. Some of the most common types are:

Quotes and Typography

Quotes and typography decals are typically cut from a sheet of vinyl, so they come in a single color. These wall stickers for bedrooms are perfect for creating an elegant or simple look. They work well for featuring your name, your favorite short quotes, or simple symbols.

Quotes and typography stickers can add inspiration to your space without overwhelming the overall decor. Their clean, minimalist style makes them suitable for almost any bedroom.

Themed Designs

Themed wall stickers are made to suit specific interests or hobbies, such as sports, music, travel, animals, fantasy, or popular culture. These are ideal for kids’ bedrooms.

There are some trending designs for themed wall stickers for bedrooms you can try:

  • Baseball player
  • The Little Mermaid
  • A space adventure
  • The upside-down world from “Stranger Things” scenes

Glow-in-the-Dark Stickers

Glow-in-the-dark stickers are those that are made from phosphorescent materials. They can absorb light during the day and emit a soft glow at night. 

Common designs for glow in the dark wall stickers for bedrooms are stars, planets, and other celestial motifs. 

Wall stickers for bedrooms that glow in the dark provide a soothing light and create a magic space at night or without light. However, a glow in the dark sticker may look ordinary during day time.

3D Wall Stickers

These stickers add a 3D effect to your walls, creating a sense of depth and realism. Designs can range from butterflies and flowers to bricks and abstract shapes.

3D wall stickers for bedrooms can be the most interesting point in an usual room. However, for maximum impact, they need to be placed strategically. If not, the room can appear nothing but cluttered.

Use 3D wall stickers as the most interesting spot of your bedroom
Use 3D wall stickers as the most interesting spot of your bedroom

Personalized Stickers

Personalized or customized wall stickers allow you to customize images, quotes, or designs to your liking. This type is one of the most common choices because of its uniqueness and personal touch. However, these custom wall stickers for bedrooms require you to put more effort in finding a reliable provider. 

At our website, we offer a variety of personalized stickers such as vinyl die-cut stickers, holographic stickers, clear stickers, etc in any shape, size, and quantity. These options make it easy to create a truly unique and personal space.

4. Personalization Options

Personalizing your wall stickers is the way to make your bedroom truly yours. 


The design is the heart of your personalized wall sticker. You can choose from pre-made designs or create your own. 

Among all, we recommended personalized designs because they allow you to tailor the aesthetic to match your vision perfectly. Your wall stickers for bedrooms can be:

  • Your favorite quote
  • Your cute nickname
  • Your favorite actor or actress

No matter the design, it should reflect your personal taste and the vibe you want.


Wall stickers come in various materials, each offering different textures and durability. 

  • Vinyl is popular for its durability and flexibility.
  • Holographic stickers bring your room a feeling of magic.
  • Clear stickers are subtle and blend well with any wall color. 

Choosing the right material depends on the effect you want and the room’s overall style.


The shape of your sticker can significantly impact its visual appeal. 

  • You can opt for classic shapes like circles, squares, or rectangles, or go for custom shapes that follow the contour of your design. 
  • Die-cut stickers are particularly popular as they can be shaped precisely around your design, giving a polished and professional look. 

Consider the shape in relation to the wall space and the design theme you’re aiming for.


The size of your sticker should be suitable for the wall space available and the statement you wish to make. 

  • You have empty walls? That’s good. Both one big design or multiple small designs can fit in them. 
  • If your walls are smaller sections, just opt for suitable delicate and compact patterns.
  • You can also mix sizes for a more dynamic and layered look.

Application Spot

Place cute stickers around light switches
Place cute stickers around light switches

Where you apply wall stickers for bedrooms is one the key factors in creating your desired impact. 

Common spots include:

  • On the center of the largest wall
  • In the corners
  • Above your bed
  • Above your makeup table
  • Around light switches
  • On the ceiling
  • On wardrobe doors

Besides, how you arrange them is another main point of the application step. You can:

  • Place a one large sticker at the wall’s center
  • Combine multiple stickers across different areas to create a theme, whether it is paris themed bedroom decor, space themed bedroom decor, forest themed bedroom decor, or sports themed bedroom decor.

For example, if you like space themed bedroom decor, you might add stars and planets stickers (vinyl or glow to the dark) around the ceiling and walls, with a large sticker featuring a spaceship above your bed.

In case you like a nature themed bedroom decor, put a big tree wall decal extending from the floor, then add birds and butterflies stickers around.

5. Where to order wall stickers for bedrooms

Finding your best wall stickers for bedrooms is easier than ever because now there’s a variety of options available online.

For high-quality and customized wall stickers, you should consider ordering from We offer customization for a wide range of materials, shapes, and sizes to turn anything you can imagine real stickers. Plus, our reliable customer service ensures that you receive a proof of your custom stickers before they are actually printed. Our designers are always ready to help you adjust the proof until it matches your expectations.

So, it’s time to create your personalized bedroom with our premium wall stickers for bedrooms.


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