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Throw An Unforgettable Disco Theme Party: 33 Groovy & Glittering Ideas

Throw An Unforgettable Disco Theme Party

A disco theme party is the perfect way for you to relive the fun of the ’70s dancing and lifestyle. Iconic for groovy beats, glittering outfits, and dazzling lights, a disco party promises your party night of unforgettable excitement.

To help you with throwing it, we’re rounded up 33 fabulous ideas, from invitation, decoration to food and party favors, we cover all the things that make your event shine. So, get ready to jump in!

Invitations for a Disco Theme Party

Eye-catching disco party invitations are the best step to kick off your disco theme party and to tell your guests “What is a disco theme party”. Let’s try these 3 creative ideas to get your guests excited from the moment they receive their invite.

1. Holographic Disco Ball Invitations

Holographic stickers are what you need to convey a disco ball on the invitation. You can use any simple card or paper and stick one eye-catching sticker at the center. However, we recommend a dark, starry background for the card to make the holographic disco ball pop. Then, just write down other information. Simple and affordable! 

Use holographic stickers for the disco ball
Use holographic stickers for the disco ball

2. Circle Disco Ball Invitation

Another unique idea is to use custom printed circle stickers in the shape of a disco ball. On the front, print a fun quote like, “Let’s Boogie Down!” and on the backing paper, include all the party details. These invitations are so cool because guests can peel off the sticker and use it to decorate their own space and belongings.

3. Vinyl Record Invitations

For a retro twist, use your DIY skill to create vinyl record invitations. Cut and paste paper or paint a white paper to make it look like mini vinyl records. When your guests receive this invitation, you can rest assured that they know what the theme is.

Vinyl Record Invitations
Vinyl Record Invitations

Disco Theme Party Outfits

A disco theme party is the perfect occasion to flashy and stand out outfits because it will be all about dance and dance and dance. What to wear to a disco themed party? For this party, you can try these items as disco themed party outfits:

4. Bell-Bottom Pants

Bell-bottom pants which are flared at the bottom, bring your look a dramatic feel. They also move wonderfully when you move on the dance floor. You can mix and match the pants with a fitted top or a sparkly blouse.

5. Sequin Dresses

Nothing says disco like a shimmering sequin dress which catches the light, making you the star of the disco theme party. Colors like gold and silver will help your dress make a statement.

Sequin Dresses catch all the light
Sequin Dresses catch all the light

6. Platform Shoes

Consider platform shoes for your disco outfit. These shoes add height while still helping you stand firm. 

7. Funky Wigs

Want a twist? Let’s try a funky wig in a vibrant and shiny color. 

8. Metallic Handbag and Glitter Clutch

Complete the sparkling of your disco outfit with a metallic handbag or a glitter clutch. 

9. Glow in the Dark Sticks

Glow-in-the-dark sticks can be additional disco lights for party or funny accessories for a disco themed party outfit. Attach it to the outside of your clothes just like your body shape and let it shine in the dim light of the dance stage.

10. Wear Bold Makeup

We can say that bold makeup is a must for something “disco”. You should wear bright eyeshadows, bold eyeliner, and super shiny highlights. Don’t be afraid to overdo it even though that layout is never your normal makeup.

11. Provide Colored glasses

For disco themed party ideas, colored glasses handed out to your guests are fun and practical accessories. They add a pop of color to any outfit and match your disco theme.

Funny disco glasses
Funny disco glasses

Disco Themed Party Decorations Ideas

The most important part of any party is decoration because it sets the right atmosphere, especially for your disco theme party. Here we have some disco party decorations for you:

12. Neon Sign and Tinsel Tassel Backdrop

To create a unique backdrop, let’s use a neon sign featuring your party name and pair it with tinsel tassel. The neon sign brings a retro vibe, while the tinsel tassels will shine, making your disco theme party backdrop perfect as a check in area.

13. DIY a Vinyl Backdrop

Old records can also be used as wall decoration or party backdrop. Hang them on strings and see if your party decoration looks nothing but cool.

14. Retro Posters

An easier way is to hang posters of famous ’70s disco artists and movies around the venue. Posters featuring icons like Donna Summer, the Bee Gees, and Saturday Night Fever will remind guests of the legendary era. 

15. Disco Ball String Lights

Hang disco string lights
Hang disco string lights

How about disco ball string lights? As they reflect light in all directions, these disco balls definitely are a fun and festive addition to your disco theme party decor. Let’s hang them across the ceiling, along walls, or around tables.

16. Glittering Tableware

Including glittering to your tableware are fun additions. We have sparkly plates, cups, and napkins but remember to limit the quantity of shining items on the table to prevent overwhelming your guests.

17. Lava Lamps

Lava lamps around the room or on the table can add a retro touch to the disco theme party. 

Disco Food

A disco theme party isn’t complete without food. For a dance party, the most important thing about food is to make sure they can keep your guests energized.

18. Kabobs

Kabobs are a great choice because they’re easy to eat while mingling. Besides, you can make them with a variety of ingredients to suit all tastes. Try a mix of colorful veggies, juicy meats, and even fruits.

19. Retro Snacks

Serve retro snacks like:

  • Deviled eggs
  • Cheese balls
  • Cheese and Cracker Platter…

You can add retro die-cut stickers as a label for each snack. They not only avoid mix-ups but also act as a decorative element. CustomAny’s die-cut stickers are easy to use, can be customized with any design.

20. Bake Disco Cake Pops

Disco cake pops are a fantastic display when it comes to disco theme party treats. You should make them with colorful candy melts and sprinkle with edible glitter for that disco sparkle. 

21. Disco-Themed Cupcakes

How to make disco-themed cupcakes? You should use edible glitter and disco ball toppers to match your party’s theme. Besides, we recommend using die-cut stickers for labeling the different flavors, making it easy for guests to choose their favorite.

22. Create a Martini Bar

Set up a martini bar with mixers, and garnishes so that your guests can mix their own drinks.

23. Colorful Mocktails

How about non-alcoholic options? Let’s provide fresh fruits and vibrant juices to create colorful mocktails that both look and taste good.

24. Disco Ball Drink Tumblers

Serve drinks in disco ball tumblers
Serve drinks in disco ball tumblers

There’s one thing you must do: buy some shiny disco ball drink tumblers to serve drinks in them. These tumblers are perfect for capturing the light and adding sparkle to every sip.

25. Disco Ice Buckets

Beside tumblers, disco ice buckets are also a great idea.


How do you make a disco party fun? Let’s move to the next step: brainstorming some exciting activities for your disco theme party. Check out our recommendations below:

26. Rent a Dance Floor

A dance floor is a must, so you may want to rent a light-up dance floor.

27. Live DJ

Hiring a DJ who specializes in ’70s disco music will keep your party grooving with the best disco songs for party.

28. Disco Theme Karaoke Battle

Why don’t you set up a karaoke station? Your guests can compete for the title of disco diva or king. This interactive activity is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

29. Glow Stick Limbo

The classic limbo game nơ can have a twist by using glow sticks. Add these stickers to the limbo bar, turn down the lights and let your guests take turns bending and dancing under the glowing stick.

Disco Themed Party Favors

Last step: send your guests home with specialized-made party favors. They must be the items that keep the disco spirit alive long after the party ends.

30. Mini Disco Ball Candle Cups

Mini disco ball candle cups are both stylish and practical. 

31. Mix CDs

You can give the guest CDs featuring classic ’70s disco hits; add a personalized touch by adding disco themed artwork to the CD covers.

32. Retro Candy

Make some sweet treat bags filled with retro candy like Pop Rocks, Candy Necklaces, and Razzles. 

33. Personalized Water Bottles

Personalized water bottles with UV DTF stickers
Personalized water bottles with UV DTF stickers

Give out personalized water bottles decorated with die-cut, transfer stickers, or holographic stickers. To make it tailor-made to one specific guest, you can:

Put disco-themed die-cut vinyl stickers or shiny holographic stickers featuring iconic images like mini disco balls, platform shoes

Put UV DTF transfer stickers with texts of ’70s slang phrases like “Groovy” or “Boogie Down”. Besides, you can add the event date or a fun message to make it extra special. 

You can find all these sticker types at our website customany.com.

These thoughtful and fun party favors will make your guests feel appreciated and create lasting memories about your disco theme party.

Last words

Throwing an unforgettable disco theme party is all about capturing the energy and dazzling style. With our 33 suggestions, we hope that your party will be a hit.

For more tips and inspiration on throwing themed parties, be sure to check out our other blog posts. Whether you’re planning a retro bash or any other themed event, our blog has plenty of ideas to help you create a memorable celebration.


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