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15+ adorable gifts for a happy mothers day to dog mom

15+ adorable gifts for a happy mothers day to dog mom

For many people, the love for their dogs is pure and very precious. Dogs also maintain a particular connection with their human companions, which many people value more than anything else. So, there is a day called “Happy mothers day” to dog moms to honor this love. On this day, the dog-loving woman is given presents.

If you are finding perfect gifts, go to our article. We will list the most practical items for the happy mothers day to a dog mom. You only need to pick out the most suitable items for your requirements. Let’s explore!

Dog supplies

1. Shampoo

When you want to show your appreciation for dog moms who have a deep love for dogs, giving a gift for her daily use isn’t the only option. Alternatively, you may bring her dog careful and thorough maintenance by giving the organic shampoo.

Those are great dog mom mothers day gifts. When the doggies need to chill down, give them some shampoo to help them unwind and be cleaner. In addition, organic shampoo is an ideal gift for happy mothers day to dog mom as it will protect the dog’s hair from shedding.

2. Food

Food is definitely something that every dog enjoys, and for a mother dog, nothing beats the feeling of knowing that her pup is happy and healthy. 

Besides, nearly every pet dog owner wants to provide their dog with the finest, healthiest food possible. Hence, you should carefully examine food to ensure that it does not include any harmful components. Organic dog bone shaped food is an excellent option for happy mothers day to dog mom for a present.

3. Bed

Dog beds make dog pets more comfortable and save owners the stress of cleaning up dog hair. Let the dog feel at home with soft dog beds that will make him/her want to sit, stay, and lay down all day while minimizing the time dog moms spend cleaning. Custom dog beds made from cozy fabrics like fleece and sherpa will make parents and their furry children very pleased for Mother’s Day.

4. Collar

Stylish and entertaining custom dog collars are a must for keeping furry friends safe and attached to their leashes. 

When shopping for a dog collar, you can choose a minimalistic design that features just your dog’s name. If the dog has a habit of wandering, it is important that you outfit its collar with the contact information of the mom dog in case it gets lost. You may even get creative with dog collars that have messages on them. 

In this way, personalized dog collars are great for happy mothers day to dog mom presents.

Custom dog collars are a must for keeping furry friends safe
Custom dog collars are a must for keeping furry friends safe

Matching items

1. Matching T shirt, sweater, hoodie or pajamas

Giving matching dog and mom matching outfits is one of the best dog mom gifts to broadcast the dog mom’s eternal love for her furry friend to the world. You may gift Mom and her pet a matching T-shirt, or you can get the entire family in on the action by purchasing sweaters, hoodies, or pajamas in the same style.

2. Matching Beanies or hats

When mom and her dog are out and about, it’s always an attraction when they can wear matching hats or caps and have a moment together. The use of these products will boost intimacy.

In addition to making dog mom and her pet the center of attention, the hat shields the owner and dog’s eyes from the sun. It’s great for dressing up as a different character for Halloween, Christmas, a birthday, or any other event.

Matching beanies are also an excellent option for happy mothers day to dog mom. They can use them during the colder months. These beanies keep warm and look cute on both dog mom and her dogs.

3. Scrunchie and Bandana Set

The best thing for a dog’s mom is when her dog looks just like her! A scrunchie and bandana combo is the perfect present for a dog owner who likes to outfit herself and her dog in matching suits. When both you and your pet are decked up in the same bandanas and bow scrunchies, the atmosphere is positively bursting with affection. The hair tie may do double duty as a fashionable wristlet. The matching bandana and a scrunchie combination is an ideal gift for happy mothers day to dog mom who likes to carry her pup with her everywhere she goes.

Custom bandana for dogs
Custom bandana for dogs

4. Matching Scarf Set

If the mother dog likes to go for long winter walks with her pets, you can give a stylish matching scarf pair to keep them warm.

You don’t have to settle for the pre-existing designs if you don’t like them; you can make your own. Specify your gift by customizing any ideas in your head. This will be a unique and warm-heart present for happy mothers day to dog mom for use in the winter.

5. Dog ID Tag and Initial Keyring Set

Personalized pet tags or an initial keyring set are a great addition to a dog’s collar. Both the pet parent and her dog benefit greatly from these accessories, as they provide an additional safety barrier. 

If you know a pet parent who would appreciate a personalized pet tag or initial keyring set, all you have to do is choose a personalized one you think she would enjoy and make it unique for her puppies. 

The pet tag with “I’m (dog name)’s mom” phrase would make a cute dog mom gift ideas for any dog mom. You may add important information, such as the mother dog’s name and phone number, in case the pet becomes lost. Or you can also customize pet tags by adding patterns and images to both sides of the tag.

Personalized dog mom gifts

1. Personalized dog mom shirt

To appreciate their great love for dogs, a custom dog mom hoodie or shirt is a must-have item on the comprehensive list of gifts for happy mothers day to dog mom. Because they are basic items, a dog mom can wear them in any circumstance, like when they are home, going to work, camping, etc. You can customize any sayings or photos about her lovely dogs so that the dog mom can show everybody how she loves her furry child.

2. Personalized keychain 

The dog-themed keychain will keep the dog mom’s keys secure while still looking amazing. The ability to be printed on both sides means you may choose from hundreds of designs or add your own images, text, or artwork for a truly one-of-a-kind product.

Also, the dog mom keychain should be waterproof so that the dog mom can always carry it. Apart from decorating the dog mom’s keys, it is perfect for accessories like bags, water bottles, etc.

3. Dog mom bracelet and necklace

Every single woman adores jewelry. Thus, a personalized necklace or bracelet may be a fantastic present for happy mothers day to dog mom.

Each dog owner may have a flawless engraving of their pet on a beautifully designed necklace. It’s perfect for anniversaries, birthdays, and other celebrations.

You may also show the dog mom you really know her by giving her a gorgeous paw print bracelet engraved with the names of her pet pups. When she glances down at her wrist, she’ll be reminded of the unconditional affection only her dog can provide.

4. Dog mom mugs or dog mom tumblers

Consider giving an adorable handmade pet mug to the dog mom, who frequently appears with a hot beverage in her hand. The mug is available in a wide range of sizes and hues, and it may be personalized with a digital pet image. 

Moreover, the dog-themed reusable tumbler would be a perfect present for happy mothers day to dog mom who is often on the go for work, social events, and errands.

5. Personalized wall art and sign for dog moms

You may give the dog mom in your life a nice Mother’s Day present by ordering custom-wrapped canvases, which can be customized with anything from images to funny dog mom quotes.

As an additional option, you can even offer your greatest dog mom a painting of their pet in the likeness of a famous historical person.

The dog parent may then create a work of art by hanging all the custom posters, images, photos, and canvases she has collected. It’s adorable, amusing, and could make for a terrific photo exhibit of her lovely furry friends.

6. Personalized dog mom stickers with pet photo 

Stickers marking the trails of the dog are a popular hobby among dog moms. Having one of their four-legged pals in the room will certainly put a smile on their faces. Dogs stickers show the owner’s great enthusiasm for their furry friends.

Modern dog decals and stickers are fantastic because of the variety of personalization choices available. Imagine all the one-of-a-kind photo stickers you could create. You can make custom stickers by commemorating key events. Or, you may generate stickers from a dog silhouette, a photo of the dog’s adorable face, or even a full photo of the dog.

These decals are also available in a selection of materials (matte, glossy, laminated, etc.) and forms (round, heart, die-cut, etc.). 

The dog stickers are a thoughtful present for happy mothers day to dog mom since they are wonderful decor additions for any area in the house, whether it be the living room, dining room, bedroom, or even the garage. Besides, dog moms can place them on anything to show their affection for their pets, from water bottles, mobile phones, dog kennels, and computers, to many other items.

Dog photo stickers can be placed ton cars
Dog photo stickers can be placed ton cars

7. Personalized Puzzle for Dog moms

Do you want to surprise a dog mom on Mother’s Day? The handcrafted puzzle of her beloved puppy is guaranteed to win her heart. Putting together a puzzle may be a great way to provide a welcome distraction from the stresses of daily life. The game puzzle may be played repeatedly. One interesting possibility is that a dog parent may glue the pieces together and use them as wall decor.


As Mother’s Day approaches, it is essential to remember to honor the mom dogs. These above gifts for happy mothers day to dog mom are suitable to give to any dog mom in your life.  

Customized presents are thoughtful and helpful, not just for the animals but also for the pet owner. Make this year’s Mother’s Day present really special by personalizing one of these high-quality items and giving it to your beloved dog mom.

Among the above suggestions items, we highly recommend custom stickers as a practical and meaningful item for gift-giving. Get the best dog stickers, and then dogs can put their footprint in their mom’s life anywhere at any time. 

If you don’t know where to buy these fantastic stickers, come nowhere further than our website. We from CustomAny promise the best services to help you easily get a wonderful dog-themed sticker collection.


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