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Personalized First Birthday Gifts: 23 Essential Stuff Babies Always Need

23 Essential Stuffs for Personalized First Birthday Gifts

Whether you are the parents of a turning-one baby, or you are invited to a First Birthday Party, selecting a suitable gift requires more effort than usual. To balance sentiment and practicality in this kind of gift, you should opt for something personalized yet essential for the little one’s growth. So, what are the personalized first birthday gifts we should consider?

In our blog, we will together discover 23 practical and personalized first birthday gifts. Each idea is a stuff that every baby will need and every parent will love. So, let’s find out what they are and which is the most suitable choice for you to give as a first birthday gift to the 1-year-old’s celebration.

Personalized First Birthday Gifts for Nursery Decoration

Creating a warm and personalized nursery is every parent’s dream, so let’s start with  personalized first birthday gifts that contribute to this decoration.

1. Wooden name sign

A crafted wooden name sign will be perfect for the baby’s room door. isn’t just decor. This personalized first birthday gift can be easily bought on online marketplaces for handicrafts like Etsy.  

You should choose durable wood types like oak or birch to ensure this personal statement lasts for a long time. Opt for colors that blend with the kid’s nursery color palette.

2. Initial or Name wall decals

Let’s go inside and you’ll see the nursery room walls need an enhancement. Consider initial or name wall decals for decorating these walls. You can order these items from our website for quality assurance and various customized options. Our baby wall decals also offer easy application and removal, ensuring no damage to the walls. 

CustomAny Initial or Name wall decals for nursery and kids room
CustomAny Initial or Name wall decals for nursery and kids room

3. Custom illustration pictures

Custom illustration of the baby is a popular decoration item which tells a unique story about the baby’s first year. You can opt for the shade of the baby, or specify details like his favorite toys or her cutest moment. Remember to order those with a quality frame that complements the nursery’s theme. 

To make it truly special, include in the present for first birthday your handwritten note expressing your best wishes.

4. Custom name baby night light

Light up the nursery room with a night light for children. Make it more special by engraving Because this night light is for babies, you should select soft and calming colors to create a soothing space and peaceful sleep.

You may want to include a note with tips on adjusting the brightness, making it a truly functional and personalized addition to the nursery decor. 

These carefully selected custom birthday gifts are the missing pieces for a perfect nursery decoration. Choose the one that you think will complete the one-year-old baby’s room.

Cute baby night light with customized name
Cute baby night light with customized name (Photo source: Amazon)

Personalized First Birthday Gifts for Daily Use

In a toddler’s daily life, practicality takes center stage, so personalized items for the baby’s daily use is a thoughtful gift.

5. Children cutlery set

A custom cutlery set with the kid’s name on is both a practical and adorable personalized first birthday gift. Look for safe, durable materials for kids like stainless steel or BPA-free. 

For a personal touch, you can put the child’s name on this gift by using our transfer stickers. These custom transfer stickers are full-color printed, offering a raised 3D surface that makes it look like being printed directly on each item of the set. With the UV modern printing technology, our UV transfer stickers are also meant to last even washed in a dishwasher.

6. Dinnerware

Beside cutlery set, a personalized dinnerware for babies will make each bite an exciting try. 

We recommend you look for durable silicon or BPA-free sets with colorful designs ò cute animals or cartoon characters. Consider a completed set including a plate, bowl, and cup, then put the child’s name or nickname on, making it a comprehensive and charming personalized first birthday gift.

Personalized dinnerware for babies
Personalized dinnerware for babies (Photo source: Etsy)

7. Customized sippy cup

A sipping in cute style customized with the baby’s name is a great gift idea. Again, you can use CustomAny’s transfer stickers for a quality 3D effect. These transfer pieces are versatile, creating a seamless enhancement to the personalized first birthday gift. 

Use CustomAny transfer stickers to custom baby sippy cups
Use CustomAny transfer stickers to custom baby sippy cups

8. Embroidered bath towel and face washer set

Turning bath time into an exciting experience for the kids and their parents with an embroidered towel and face washer set.

Look for providers that offer beautiful hand craft designs and allow you to customize the towel with baby names. 

Besides, choose soft, absorbent materials that are safe for toddlers and consider adding a yellow duck bath toy for an extra touch of cuteness.

9. Embroidered Blanket

Another embroidered item is a baby blanket. Gift the little one a personalized blanket for snuggle-ready comfort. 

Plush and cozy fabrics are the good choice. Besides embroidering the baby name, consider personalizing it with a sweet message or the baby’s birthdate.

10. Monogrammed onesie or outfit

Babies and their parents love a monogrammed onesie or outfit. Look for those that are made of soft, breathable fabrics and choose monogramming in the color that matches with the outfit’s color. You can wrap a onesie or a set of multiple pieces for the birthday baby.

Monogrammed onesie is a great personalized first birthday gift
Monogrammed onesie is a great personalized first birthday gift

11. Stuffed Animal with name on it

Giving the little one a cuddly companion is a thoughtful idea. It’d be even better if the stuffed animal featured the baby’s name. 

You can choose a soft, hypoallergenic teddy bear or plush bunny with the baby name embroidered on their ears. Your baby will love to cuddle these sweet little friends during their bedtime.

12. Baby teether set 

How about a gift that eases kids’ teething troubles? It’s a baby teether set. Choose safe, BPA-free materials. Look for those available to put the baby’s name or initial on each baby teether of the set. You can include a teething toy organizer in the gift box to help keep the baby teether clean and easily accessible.

13. Story books

Story books will never let the parents and the kids down as they fuel the baby’s imagination with exciting and meaningful stories. 

Opt for fairy tales and light stories suitable for the kids’ age range. Make the book set personalized by adding our custom die cut stickers or organizing stickers featuring their names.

Personalized First Birthday Gifts of Jewelry

For parents, there’s an undeniable desire to adorn little ones with twinkling jewelry.

14. Personalized silver expanding bracelet

Personalized silver expanding bracelet for babies
Personalized silver expanding bracelet for babies

Think about gifting high-quality silver bracelets engraved with the kid’s name and date of birth. You should look for bracelets that can be expanded so the kids can wear it for years as they grow up.

15. Silver birthday charm

Silver birthday charm is also an elegant choice for personalized birthday gifts. These sparkling jewelry are a meaningful idea when it comes to a baby girl first birthday gift because they serve as the keepsake for the baby’s special day.

Select charms made of high-quality silver and consider personalizing it with the baby’s name. 

Personalized First Birthday Gifts to See Baby’s Growth

Witnessing the growth of a child is a priceless joy, so let’s choose practical items that help parents save the highlight moments.

16. First year picture frame 

First-year picture frame is one of the practical gifts that allow parents to capture the highlight moments of their turning-one baby. You can give them a plain frame and a set of charms and stickers so they can decorate the picture frame together. Opt for custom stickers in various shapes like die-cut vinyl stickers, transfer stickers for show text, and clear stickers for a seamless look.

17. Customized growth chart

Growth chart is a practical brithday gift for babies age 1
Growth chart is a practical brithday gift for babies age 1

Gift a customized growth chart to measure the baby’s height and weight. Parents can mark each height with personalized stickers or markers, making the growth chart more beautiful.

18. First birthday time box

Offer a special time box to store items that the birthday baby used from their first day after born to the end of their first year. The parents and their baby can open it at a later birthday to see how time pass and how the kid has been changed. 

You should opt for a charming box with the baby’s name engraved.

19. Memory Book

A memory book is where to write down the baby’s firsts, like when was his first step, when was the first time he called “Dad”, etc.

You should select a memory book that has a space for both notes, photos, and mementos. 

20. Piggy money box

How about a piggy money box for the baby’s savings? Parents can put in some money on each special event so there is a financial source for the grown up child in the future. The kid will be excited if their name or initial is put on the piggy bank as it showcases their ownership. 

Personalized Piggy money box
Personalized Piggy money box

Other Practical ideas for First Birthday Gifts

It’s 20 ideas for personalized first birthday gift ideas but we haven’t done yet. There’s something more to explore.

21. A Photo Shoot Voucher

You can give the birthday baby and the family a photo shoot voucher. This is a thoughtful gift idea that allows recipients to capture precious moments in the event of their baby turning one.

22. Zoo Tickets for The Family

Nothing more suitable for a family of a one year old baby than a zoo ticket, encourage them to share experiences that contribute to the baby’s joy as well as development.

23. Swim Lessons

Another practical birthday gift is swim lessons to the little one. Swimming is in their nature so at this early age, it’s great to give the baby the chance to regain this skill.

Last thoughts

To celebrate a child’s first year, personalized first birthday gifts are the meaningful and practical choice for anyone who comes to the party. Use the ideas we rounded up above as the suggestions to choose your gifts. No matter what you choose, just make sure they are essential additions to a child’s growth.

If you are interested in gift ideas for other events, explore more on our blog page. We’re honored to be your truthful companion on this journey of exploring creativity. 


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