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Stranger Things Stickers: 30 Most Strange Ideas for Real Fans

Stranger Things Stickers 30 Most Strange Ideas for Real Fans

As a true Stranger Things’ fan, you must have a strong desire to show your enthusiasm about this first rate Netflix original series. This is when Stranger Things stickers arise. Using these decorating elements on your belongings like Stranger Things water bottle stickers or Stranger Things stickers for laptops, you can showcase your devotion for Hawkins to everyone.

However, mass produced stickers seem popular, making you just like everyone else, which is something you don’t like. So, how to get yourself something distinctive and unconventional?

Look no further. We are here to bring you a list of 30 Most Strange Ideas for Stranger Things stickers. “In a world full of ten, be an Eleven”. These stickers, with iconic details but in unusual designs, will never blend.

Stranger Things stickers featuring characters in Upside down style

Let’s get started with Stranger Things stickers that are all about the Stranger Things characters and their iconic moments.

1. Eleven with Eggo waffles 

Stranger Things stickers always begin with Eleven, the main star of the show. She loves Eggo waffles the most, so imagine a sticker that features Eleven holding tight a box of these. This Stranger Things sticker idea is a playful nod to her snack obsession and a must-have for fans who are on Eleven’s team.

2. Eleven using her power 

This is the most iconic scene of the series: Eleven Stranger Things with a nose-bleeding, eye-focused, using her super power to protect her friends. These supernatural power Stranger Things stickers are perfect for fans who love the intense vibe of this series.

Eleven stickers
Eleven stickers

3. Max floating Sticker 

Since season 4 has been released, people always remember the picture of Mad Max Stranger Things (now not mad any more) cursed and starting to float up to the sky defying gravity. Use this iconic scene to make your own stickers. A Stranger Things cassette player and the song lyrics from Running up that hill Stranger Things can be added to this sticker design. This sticker can be inserted with your wishes to Max and hope she will get well in the upcoming season 5.

Max floating stickers

4. Nancy with her collection of guns 

A Stranger Things sticker of Nancy confidently holding her gun collection is a badass idea. This sticker shows off Nancy’s evolution into a strong protector who is willing to face Hawkins’ mysteries.

5. Steve World’s greatest Mom 

Add humor with a sticker featuring Steve and Dustin with a funny title “World’s Greatest Mom”. His unexpected characteristic development and “strange” yet heartwarming bond with Dustin is worth a custom design, right? 

Steve the greatest mom stickers
Steve the greatest mom stickers

6. Steve – Always the goddamn babysitter

It’s so hilarious when Steve Stranger Things had to stick to the children and he whined: “Always the goddamn babysitter”. Incorporate this iconic scene in your custom Stranger Things vinyl stickers and use it to show your interest in Steve’s surprising parenting skills.

7. Team Jonathan and Nancy 

The detective duo should have a design of their own for their excellent teamwork in solving Hawkins’ mysteries.

8. Team Eleven and Max 

This sticker idea is a shout out to girl power. You can use any scene of these two, including when they wear red and yellow raincoats, or when they dress up to go to the mall.

Eleven and Max
Eleven and Max

9. 001 Someone’s a sleepyhead this morning

If you somehow are a fan of Vecna Stranger Things a.k.a. 001 when he was still working in the children’s lab, opt for a Stranger Things sticker design of 001 and the caption “Someone’s a sleepyhead this morning“. This  sticker is especially appealing to those who love good sayings in the series. 

Someone's a sleepyhead this morning
Someone’s a sleepyhead this morning

10. Erica “NERD”

How about stickers showing Erica saying “NERD“? It’s one of the sharp one-liners for her no-nonsense attitude but sassy characteristic. These stickers will be an interesting addition to your Stranger Things collection.

11. Alexei with his cherry slurpee 

If you are a fan who remembers Alexei fondly and feel regret for his death, create a sticker featuring him joyfully sipping cherry slurpee in the car. This cute moment is a sweet capture for his lovely and charming characteristic on the show.

Stranger things sayings

It will be a big mistake if we ignore Stranger Things stickers with iconic sayings or quotes from this popular Netflix series. These stickers work best for Stranger Things car stickers.

12. Friend don’t lies

A classic reminder from Eleven: friends don’t lie. You can combine it with the iconic Stranger Things’ light.

Friend don't lies
Friend don’t lies (Source: teepublic.com)

13. Do you copy? 

Walkie talkie contact is the most effective way for teamwork in Stranger Things. Remember the iconic lines “Do you copy” when the boys want to inform the others about a danger? Let’s make a retro sticker featuring a walkie talkie with a line of “Do you copy” around.

14. Over and Out 

How about beginning with “Do you copy” and end the conversation with “Over and Out“? Make Stranger Things stickers with another walkie talkie design and “over and out” written across it.

15. Bitchin’ 

Bring the ’80s slang, the one that Eleven has learnt, by creating an exceptional sticker design. This sticker should feature Eleven in her punk makeup and outfit to capture the time she has lived with her sister Eight and her companions.

Eleven bitchin' 
Eleven bitchin’ 

16. You can’t spell America without Erica 

Bring on Erica’s sassy charm with a Stranger Things sticker boasting this line. You can just use this quote for a lettering sticker, or you can picture it with Erica striking a pose with her confident smirk.

17. There’s more to life than stupid boys 

Next, bring on the girl power with a sticker featuring this Max-inspired saying.

18. Leave the door open three inches 

Remember Chief Hopper struggle with the relationship between Mike and Eleven? A sticker featuring this saying is the perfect representation of a dad’s protective instincts.

Leave the door open three inches stickers
Leave the door open three inches stickers

19. Welcome to Hawkins

If you look for some Stranger Things stickers that scream for Hawkins, think about the iconic welcome sign. It’s a must-have for fans ready to welcome Hawkins into their daily lives.

Funny Stranger things monsters 

Upside down monsters may seem scary and disgusting with their large size, ugly appearance and deadly danger but they are important parts of the series. In this part, you’ll learn how to turn them into funny and adorable figures when making Stranger Things stickers.

20. The Vines 

Imagine a sticker with the creepy vines from the Upside Down, but add a twist—make them dance! This unique idea for Stranger Things stickers will inject a dose of humor into the scary.

21. Demobats 

Transform the Demobats into some kind of hilarious normal bats. You can combine them with a oun such as “Here for the BATtle”.  

Demobats from Stranger Things
Demobats from Stranger Things (photo source: strangerthings.fandom.com/)

22. Demodogs 

Give the intimidating Demodogs a cute makeover by adding goofy smiles and wagging tails, picturing them in a playful pose.

23. Demogorgon 

Take the terror out of the Demogorgon by giving it a goofy expression, or turn their deadly mouth into a real flower. Your creativity will turn these Upside Down creatures into an oddly adorable sticker that fans will love.

24. Dart Good Boy 

Convert Dart the Demodog into Dart the Good Boy with a wagging tail and a playful demeanor. Picture Dart wearing a comical dog collar, turning this once-threatening creature into a lovable canine companion.

25. The Spider Monster 

You can turn the Spider Monster into a goofy spider with oversized, cartoonish eyes. Picture it trying to look menacing but failing hilariously.

26. The Mind Flayer 

Make the formidable Mind Flayer less intimidating by giving it a comical look and lovely expression. Picture it holding a heart icon with the saying “can’t get you out of my mind”.

27. Vecna number one

For a humorous twist, imagine Vecna is giving a thumbs-up sign, which means he is number one of the show. Picture Vecna in a celebratory pose that brings humor to your Stranger Things laptop stickers or Stranger Things wall stickers.

Funny Vecna number one stickers
Funny Vecna number one stickers

Stranger things as logo stickers

This part includes Stranger Things sticker ideas that are mainly about iconic logos of communities or groups from this series.

28. Hawkins highschool 

Picture a classic high school crest featuring the iconic tiger mascot and a mini demogorgon in graduation attire. Great Stranger Things sticker idea right? 

29. Scoops Ahoy 

Flaunting your love for Steve and Robin’s unique workplace, let’s create a sticker featuring an ice cream cone with a sailor hat, Scoops Ahoy’s makeshift logo. 

30. Hellfire club

The Hellfire club logo is great when putting in the Stranger Things font. It will look like a decorating neon light but actually are in the form of adhesive stickers. These stickers will work best if you have your own gang, so you can distribute these stickers to the others and you all belong to a cool club, making you feel like you are a character of this series.

Where to print your own Stranger Things stickers

As you have in mind all these 30 creative and exceptional Stranger Things sticker ideas, it’s time to turn those visions into reality. When it comes to bringing your sticker designs to life, you should consider customany.com as the reliable partner for the job.

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