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5 must have Taylor Swift Stickers to head to the Eras Tour

5 must have Taylor Swift Stickers to head to the Eras Tour

Hey all Taylor Swift fans!

Have you geared up all the Swifties must-have stuff and get ready for the Eras Tour? If you are not sure, we highly suggest gaining some Taylor Swift stickers as a unique and outstanding “jewelry” for your unforgettable concert experience. 

Have you wondered what exactly the sticker should be or look like? Let us show you.

In this blog, we will introduce to you a collection of 5 Taylor Swift sticker types that undoubtedly make a statement for your admiration and set you apart in the crowd of enthusiastic Swifties. 

Join us to discover what Taylor Swift stickers are the perfect addition to your concert gear. 

Why Taylor Swift stickers is a must have for the Era tour 

Taylor Swift stickers may be decorational elements, collecting items or merely accessories in an usual day; but for a special occasion when you can see Taylor in person and hear her sing live, these stickers are more than just a small adhesive piece:

1. Stand out and show off

Being immersed in a Taylor’s big live concert is not a chance that even the most enthusiastic Swifties can have. (I mean, remember how hard it is to wait and hunt for one ticket?) These Taylor Swift stickers are ways to make a statement that you are on the way to see Taylor live! And imagine walking through the crowd and catching the eye of devoted fans? Yes, that’s it. 

2. Catch Taylor’s attention

Ever dreamed of being the lucky fan catching the attention of Taylor Swift in the midst of her Eras Tour concert? If you are near the stage, it might come true with unique and exceptional Taylor Swift stickers. Your sticker could be the reason for a name shout-out, a surprise wave, or even a chance to hand-deliver to Taylor a gift.

3. Build connections with other Swifties

Taylor Swift stickers aren’t just about personal expression; they’re also a conversation starter within the fandom. The stickers become your language to connect and turn strangers into Swiftie buddies.

5 must have Taylor Swift Stickers for the Eras Tour 

In this part, it’s a rush to go straight to the point, right? Let’s discover the Taylor Swift stickers you can’t miss when heading to the Eras Tour.

1. Taylor Swift stickers for your car bumper 

Drive to the stadium? If so, you must have Taylor Swift car stickers to showcase your Swiftie pride. 

Just picture this: When you are hitting the road to the live concert, a Taylor Swift sticker proudly displayed on your car bumper, door, or windshield, lets anyone know your presence at the Eras Tour. Everyone will recognize it and have to talk about you, the lucky fan!

Typically, a bumper car sticker takes a rectangle shape which allows it to fit a lot of content including text and image. However, if you want a more unique idea, you can print custom car stickers in cut-to-the shape style.

Bumper car stickers are made from durable, waterproof vinyl or BOPP specifically tailored for use outdoors. So, beyond being a stylish accessory for the concert, your Taylor Swift stickers for cars can serve as a long-lasting decorative element on your vehicle.

When it comes to the design, use iconic sayings and images to create your own car stickers. You can try:

  • A statement about going to the Eras Tour like “I’d rather be at Tayor’s concert”
  • Specific lyrics from Taylor Swift songs such as “Can I go where you go. Can we always be this close”. These Taylor Swift lyric stickers bring the melody to anyone who sees them.
  • Taylor Swift outfits: Her iconic stage outfits
  • Her album covers, album names such as Taylor Swift Midnights stickers, Taylor Swift Red stickers, Taylor Swift Reputation stickers, Taylor Swift cardigan stickers, 1989 Taylor Swift stickers, etc.
Taylor Swift stickers for your car bumper 
Taylor Swift stickers for your car bumper 

2. Spotify code stickers to share your most favorite Taylor Swift’s song or playlist 

Spotify code stickers feature special code that anyone can effortlessly scan using their Spotify app. This code instantly lets them to your most favorite Taylor Swift songs or playlists on Spotify. It’s a brilliant and effective way to showcase your top picks, showcasing your personal taste of music, especially for Taylor Swift songs.

When creating your Spotify code sticker design, consider adding elements like quotes or images related to Taylor so the passerby gets a hint at what the code is about. For example, you can use the color scheme from “Lover” as the background for the code area, sparking curiosity so other Swifties are likely to scan the sticker and share the interest with your favorite melody.

If you are interested in this kind of Taylor Swift stickers, our previous blog can guide you step by step on generating code and making a design file for Spotify code stickers. You can find it right here

3. 3D UV transfer stickers for Fansigns 

Bring your fansigns to the next level with 3D UV transfer stickers. With an extra layer that helps transfer the sticker to your desired surface, these stickers are perfect for intricate designs that contain various separated details, including bold statements for fansigns. 

3D UV transfer stickers are designed specifically for raised, textured surfaces that make the sticker design look like it is printed on your fansign. Imagine holding up a fansign, whether it is a heartfelt message, your favorite lyrics, or a shout-out to Taylor, your words and images practically jumping off the surface. This kind of fansign creates a visual impact that other people can not ignore, so, give it a shot!

3D UV transfer stickers are ideal choice for Fansigns 
3D UV transfer stickers are ideal choice for Fansigns (Photo source: the-express.com)

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4. Custom Photo stickers featuring Taylor Swift funny expressions 

Among all the types of Taylor Swift stickers, custom photo stickers are the most realistic ones which are made from the actual photos. 

You can gather Taylor Swift’s most entertaining expressions from her other concerts, from her shows, or daily life and turn them into stickers. If you want to add a personal touch, adding some note to each photo in the iconic fonts from Taylor Swift albums is also a great idea.

These photo stickers are the perfect element for decking out: 

  • Your belongings: Laptop, iPad, air pod case, notebook, camera, …
  • Things that you brought to the show: Phone, backup charger, clear bag, even concert ticket.
  • Concert merch, including Taylor Swift Glow baton, show poster, water bottle, etc.
Custom Photo stickers featuring Taylor Swift
Custom Photo stickers featuring Taylor Swift

5. Die cut stickers to framing your concert ticket 

All the stickers ideas above are for using before or during the concert – how about after the concert? We have die cut Taylor Swift stickers for you to preserve the memories, such as for framing your concert ticket or the photos showing Taylor performance you have taken. 

Die cut stickers in suitable sizes, can fit to the contours of these tickets and photos, serve as both a protective layer and a decorative element, so you can put these priceless keepsake into display.

Consider selecting or creating designs for Taylor Swift sticker packs that resonate with the theme of the concert or incorporate elements from Taylor Swift’s iconic eras.

Where to buy exceptionally customized Taylor Swift stickers? 

With all these fantastic ideas, now how can you turn them into real Taylor Swift stickers for your upcoming Eras Tour concert? 

You need to look for a reliable sticker provider, or for the most convenient experience – seek for a custom sticker printing company who can customize Taylor Swift stickers in shape, type, quantity that suit your needs and ensure exceptional quality. Besides, consider the turnaround time to ensure your stickers arrive well in advance of the Eras Tour concert, allowing you to be well-prepared for this special occasion.

For a satisfying Taylor Swift sticker (or any other sticker types) shopping experience, we highly recommend creating custom stickers using our printing service.

At CustomAny, we offer all the sticker types that we’ve explored in this blog, including Taylor Swift bumper stickers, 3D UV transfer stickers, stickers featuring Spotify code, custom photo stickers, and die-cut stickers.

Our commitment to quality ensures that each sticker is crafted with precision and durability. Our designer and production team will tailor your stickers to any shape, size, quantity, and design that suits your Swiftie spirit. We also work our best to minimize the turnaround time for each order, so you can receive stickers that not only meet but exceed your expectations – because your Swiftie journey deserves nothing less. 


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