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Quick review on 5 Best Color Label Printers of 2023

Quick review on 5 Best Color Label Printers of 2023

In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive business environment, having high-quality and visually appealing labels can make all the difference. Whether you’re a small business owner looking to enhance your product packaging or a large-scale manufacturer in need of efficient labeling solutions, finding the best color label printer is paramount. 

With a plethora of options available, it can be overwhelming to determine which printer will meet your specific requirements. That’s why we’re here to help! 

After extensively researching customer reviews, engaging with manufacturer representatives, and putting multiple label printers to the test, we have compiled a quick review of the 5 best color label printers of 2023

With all exceptional print quality commercial label printer products (not industrial label printer ones), we’ll provide you with the valuable insights to choose correctly and find the perfect option. Let’s explore!

Our top 5 Best Color Label Printers of 2023

As a result of thorough research, we have chosen the 5 best color label printers among the many available on the market today. They are: 

  • Brother ColAura Color label printer
  • Primera LX500 Color Label Printer
  • Epson CW-C4000
  • Primera LX910 Color Label Printer
  • Afinia L502 printer

For our selection, we picked some of the most popular models of color label printers on the market. Then, we focused on finding color label printers from reputable manufacturers that were known for offering reliable guarantees and products.

To find out these 5 best commercial label printer brands, we examined factors like:

  • Print quality;
  • Printing speed;
  • Connectivity options;
  • Label size and type compatibility;
  • Ease of use and maintenance;
  • Budget constraints.

In the next part, we will conduct thorough research on these 5 printers to gather information about different printer models. Read on to see how we compare their features, specifications, and performance to identify the most suitable options for your requirements.

Quick review on 5 Best Color Label Printers of 2023

1. Brother ColAura Color label printer

Brother ColAura Color label printer
Brother ColAura Color label printer

The Brother ColAura Color label printer is a versatile option for those looking for a reliable and mobile label printer. 

This Brother label printer can print 0.3 inches per second and it provides printing with a print resolution of 313 dpi. Therefore, this device is only suitable for personal use with small requirements and not for professional applications.

ColAura uses ZINK Zero Ink Technology for rich, vibrant full-color printing and absolutely does not require ink. The colors required for printing labels of the highest possible quality are all in adhesive-backed ZINK Paper.

The printer accommodates a wide range of label sizes, and enables you to print labels of up to 17 inches long. Additionally, the ColAura Color label printer offers USB connectivity option for direct connection to a computer. Wireless connectivity is also supported, enabling convenient printing from mobile devices or other remote locations.

The price of the Brother ColAura Color label printer is about $180 and it is a small label printer and a cheap label printer. These features make it an outstanding choice for a small business label printer.

2. Primera LX500 Color Label Printer 

Primera LX500 Color Label Printer 
Primera LX500 Color Label Printer 

Primera LX500 is a versatile, high-quality label printer that provides color printing and has a good price for its superior quality. It provides a reasonable printing speed at a rate of up to 4 inches per second, allowing for efficient label production for small to medium-sized print runs.

With a maximum print resolution of 4800 dpi, the LX500 from Primera label printers delivers sharp and detailed labels. This printer uses a single tri-color ink cartridge, which produces vivid and vibrant colors. 

Besides, it is compatible with a wide range of label materials, including gloss and matte paper, polyester, and synthetic materials. This versatility allows for printing on various label types, accommodating different labeling needs.

Primera LX500 supports a maximum label width of 4 inches, allowing you to create labels of different dimensions within that range. It is suitable for smaller label sizes commonly used for product packaging, mailing labels, barcodes, and more.

Moreover, the LX500 offers USB connectivity, allowing for direct printing from your computer. However, it does not have built-in wireless connectivity, so for wireless printing, you will need to connect it via a print server or a separate device. 

Ultimately, you can buy this printer at the price of about $1500.

3. Epson CW-C4000 

Epson CW-C4000
Epson CW-C4000 label printer

When it comes to finding a color label printer with the greatest overall value, the Epson C4000 (gloss and matte) stand out as the best choice among the 5 listed printers. 

The 1200 DPI print resolution of this inkjet printer, coupled with fast printing speeds of up to 4 inches per second, ensures crisp and vibrant labels. 

This printer utilizes Epson’s DURABrite® Ultra pigment ink. The pigment-based ink delivers vibrant and long-lasting colors, as well as excellent resistance to water, smudging, and fading. It is therefore suitable for applications that require durable and high-quality labels. 

In addition, the C4000 can print on many types of labels, including matte, glossy, and synthetic options. Also, it supports a maximum label width of 4.25 inches, accommodating a wide range of label sizes. Whether you need small barcode labels or larger product labels, the CW-C4000 can handle them effectively.

This Epson label printer offers flexible connectivity options. It includes USB, Ethernet, and optional wireless connectivity.

Overall, at the price of about $2000, the Epson CW-C4000 Color Label Printer delivers fast printing speeds, high-resolution output, pigment-based ink for vibrant and durable labels. It also has compatibility with various label materials and connections. 

These features make it one of the most reliable and versatile choices for businesses or individuals seeking a professional label printing solution.

4. Primera LX910 Color Label Printer 

Primera LX910 Color Label Printer
Primera LX910 Color Label Printer

With the Primera LX910, Primera has reached the pinnacle of label printing technology. It is a high-quality printer with a wide range of features. This printer offers fast printing speeds, capable of printing at a rate of up to 4.5 inches per second. This speed allows for efficient label production, ideally suited to medium to high volume printing.

Moreover, the LX910 boasts a high print resolution of 4800 dpi and uses individual dye-based ink cartridges, providing bright and vibrant colors. Dye-based inks offer excellent color reproduction and are suitable for applications that require eye-catching labels. 

Along with its compatibility with various label materials (paper, polyester, polypropylene, …), this printer can also print labels with a width up to 8.25 inches.

The LX910 offers multiple connectivity options, including USB and Ethernet ports. Nevertheless, the printer does not feature wireless connectivity, so additional devices or accessories may be required for wireless printing. At the price of about $2800, LX910 is one of the most costly options among our 5 picks. 

5. Afinia L502 

Afinia L502 printer
Afinia L502 printer

Afinia L502 color label printers are ideal for companies with medium to high label printing needs. The printer’s ability to print at speeds of up to 5 inches per second is one of its most noteworthy features, which makes it suitable for quickly creating high-quality labels.

With a maximum resolution of up to 4800 dpi, this printer delivers sharp and high-quality prints, ensuring that both the text and graphics on the labels are clear and crisp. Besides, it utilizes a combination of individual pigment-based and dye-based ink cartridges. This combination of inks results in vibrant and long-lasting labels.

Label materials compatible with this Afinia color label printer include paper, polyester, polypropylene, and more. It supports various label sizes and types, up to 8.5 inches width.

The L502 offers versatile connectivity options including USB, Ethernet, and built-in wireless connectivity. It is priced at approximately $3,500 and is the most expensive option among 5 printers we have reviewed. However, because it has more features than 4 other printers, we think it’s well worth the investment.

Product Comparison

After all of the detailed information has been taken into account regarding the top 5 color label printers, we conduct a brief comparison for you to compare these 5 options more accurately. This chart will help you find out which is the best option for your label printing demand based on the criteria that you enter into it. 

ModelSpeed (inches per second)Resolution (dpi)Ink TypeCompatibilitySize of LabelsConnectivityPrice
Brother ColAura0.3330Does not require inkAdhesive-backed ZINK Paper.17” widthUSB and wifiAround $180
Primera LX50044800single tri-colormany materials (gloss and matte paper, polyester, synthetic,…)4″ widthUSBAround $1,500
Epson CW-C400041200pigmentmany materials (gloss and matte paper, polyester, synthetic,…)4.25” widthEthernet, USB, Wi-Fi optionalAround $2,000
Primera LX9104.54800individual dye-basedmany materials (gloss and matte paper, polyester, synthetic,…)8″ widthUSB, EthernetAround $2,800
Afinia L50254800pigment and dye-basedmany materials (gloss and matte paper, polyester, synthetic,…)8.5″ widthUSB, Ethernet, Wi-FiFrom $2,800 to $3,000

Based on the above comparison chart, we conclude that:

  • The Brother ColAura is the most compact and the cheapest option.
  • The Primera LX500 brings one of the highest printing resolutions at the most reasonable price. 
  • The Epson CW-C4000 offers the most diverse connectivity option.
  • The Primera LX910 is costly but has a high printing speed and resolution. It can also work with various label sizes, up to 8″ wide.
  • The Afinia L502 printer is the most expensive but brings users the most outstanding overall features, from speed, resolution, and ink type to label size compatibility.


In conclusion, selecting the best color label printer is a crucial decision. Through our comprehensive evaluation of the top contenders in the market, we have showcased 5 printers that offer exceptional print quality, user-friendly features, and reliability. 

Whether you’re looking to enhance your product packaging, streamline your labeling process, or ensure compliance with industry standards, there is a color label printer out there that will meet your specific needs. We hope that this guide has provided you with useful information so that you can make an informed decision and determine which color label printer is best suited for your purposes.

You can find more useful information and tips about printing stickers and labels at our blog page, as well as printing service at our product page for custom stickers, custom labels, custom packaging and more.


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