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Top 3 Photo Sticker Paper for printing Durable & Vibrant custom Photo Stickers

Top 3 Photo Sticker Paper for printing Durable & Vibrant custom Photo Stickers

Are you struggling to find the perfect photo sticker paper that brings your cherished memories to life? Yes, many sticker users face the challenge of sifting through numerous options, especially for photo stickers. They are unsure which photo sticker papers truly deliver on durability and vibrant print quality.

With so many products flooding the market, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and uncertain about making the right choice. But no need to worry because we have done the research!

In this article, we’ll show you top 3 photo sticker papers that address these common concerns and are guaranteed to exceed your expectations. Let’s dive in and discover what these are.

Top 3 expert-picked photo sticker papers

When it comes to creating durable and vibrant custom photo stickers, the choice of photo sticker paper plays a crucial role. After careful research and testing, we’ve picked the top 3 photo sticker papers that will elevate your sticker-making experience to new heights.

Let’s explore each type in detail, including their features, advantages, disadvantages, price, and the recommended photo sticker types that pair perfectly with each paper.

1. Kodak Premium Zink Pre-Cut Sticker Photo Paper (2”x3”)

Kodak Premium Zink Pre-Cut Sticker Photo Paper
Kodak Premium Zink Pre-Cut Sticker Photo Paper

This pre-cut Premium Sticker Photo Paper by Kodak is designed specifically for their instant photo printers. With a peel-and-stick back, it simplifies the sticker-making process and ensures mess-free application.

  • Advantages: The Kodak Premium Zink photo paper produces smudge-proof, water-resistant, and tear-resistant photo stickers. The paper’s adhesive back allows for easy sticking on various surfaces without the need for additional glues or tapes.
  • Disadvantages: The size limitation of 2”x3” might not be suitable for larger sticker designs or certain photo compositions.
  • Price: The Kodak Premium Zink photo paper comes in packs, with prices varying depending on the quantity. Typically, it costs $17-$22 for 30 sheet 2”x3”.

This photo sticker paper is ideal for creating small-sized photo stickers and full-photo stickers. It’s perfect for personalizing phone cases, laptops, and creating personalized gift tags.

2. Koala Glossy Sticker Paper 8.5×11 for Inkjet and Laser Printers

Koala Glossy Sticker Paper 8.5x11 for Inkjet and Laser Printers
Koala Glossy Sticker Paper 8.5×11 for Inkjet and Laser Printers

Unlike Kodak photo sticker paper, Koala’s glossy sticker paper is compatible with both inkjet and laser printers, making it a versatile option for various printing setups. The glossy finish enhances color vibrancy and provides a professional look to your photo stickers.

  • Advantages: The Koala glossy sticker paper offers exceptional image quality, quick drying time, and excellent adhesive properties for long-lasting results.
  • Disadvantages: Being a full-sized 8.5×11 sheet, you will need to cut out individual stickers after printing, which may take additional time and effort.
  • Price: The price of Koala’s glossy sticker paper is about $19 for 1000 sheets in the size of 8.5×11 inches. This is reasonable and cost-effective for the quality it delivers.

This sticker paper is perfect for creating medium to large-sized photo stickers that can be applied to scrapbooks, journals, or even as wall decorations. In particular, you can use them to make custom face photo stickers or full figure stickers (which we mentioned at the article before) that cut to the shape of the subject in the photo.

3. LD Glossy Photo Sticker Paper 8.5×11 for Inkjet printer 

LD Glossy Photo Sticker Paper 8.5x11 for Inkjet printer 
LD Glossy Photo Sticker Paper 8.5×11 for Inkjet printer 

The photo sticker paper that completes our top 3 is LD Products’ glossy inkjet photo sticker paper. Specifically, this photo sticker paper is designed for inkjet printers. Its glossy surface enhances the visual appeal of the stickers, making colors pop and details in the photo stand out.

  • Advantages: This photo sticker paper offers vivid colors, high resolution, and a strong adhesive backing, ensuring photo stickers adhere securely to various surfaces.
  • Disadvantages: As with the Koala sticker paper, the 8.5×11 sheet size requires manual cutting of individual stickers.
  • Price: With the price varies from $15 to $22 for a pack of 1000 sheets, LD Products’ glossy inkjet photo sticker paper provides good value for its quality and performance.

This glossy photo sticker paper can be used to create various types of photo stickers, from fun and vibrant stickers for kids’ items to elegant and artistic stickers for personalized gifts.

Each of these top 3 photo sticker papers offers unique advantages that cater to different photo sticker needs. Now that we’ve explored our top picks, it’s time to know how we pick them.

4 Factors to Consider When Choosing Photo Sticker Paper

These 4 factors below ensure whoever is looking for photo sticker paper make an informed decision that results in stunning and long-lasting custom photo stickers. They are also the key factors we used to pick out the top 3 photo sticker papers mentioned in the first place. 

1. Print Quality

Print quality is paramount when it comes to creating photo stickers that truly capture the essence of your cherished memories. Look for photo sticker papers that offer high-resolution capabilities and vibrant color reproduction. A paper with excellent print quality will ensure that your images pop with lifelike clarity, and every detail is beautifully preserved. 

The Kodak paper is known for producing vibrant and sharp images, capturing the essence of the photos accurately, while The Koala paper is optimized for inkjet and laser printers, delivering high-resolution prints with excellent color reproduction.

2. Durability and Longevity

The durability of your custom photo stickers is vital, especially if you intend to use them on items that will encounter regular handling or exposure to various elements. 

Opt for photo sticker papers that boast smudge-proof, water-resistant, and tear-resistant properties. Stickers with robust durability will remain intact and vibrant, even in challenging conditions, allowing you to cherish your memories for years to come.

LD Products Glossy Inkjet Photo Sticker Paper with paper thickness 9.8±0.2mil and weight 135 gsm can be considered the most durable in this top 3. This paper can withstand handling and environmental factors, maintaining their quality over time.

3. Coating and Finish

The coating and finish of the photo sticker paper greatly influence the final appearance of your stickers. Matte finishes provide an elegant and subdued look, while glossy finishes enhance color vibrancy and lend a professional sheen to the stickers. 

Consider the aesthetics you want to achieve and select the coating and finish accordingly. 

4. Compatibility with Printers

Ensure that the photo sticker paper you choose is compatible with your printer type (thermal, inkjet or laser). Not all sticker papers work well with both printer technologies. 

Using the correct printer type will ensure optimal ink absorption and prevent issues like smudging or fading. Always check the packaging or product description to verify compatibility with your printer before purchasing.

If you are looking for a flexible paper that can be used for both inkjet and laser printer, opt for the second choice we’ve mentioned above: Kodak photo sticker paper.

FAQs when choosing photo sticker paper

1. Is photo paper the same as sticker paper?

No, photo paper and photo sticker paper are not the same. Photo paper is designed specifically for printing photographs and typically has a smooth and glossy surface. On the other hand, photo sticker paper is specially formulated with an adhesive backing, allowing it to be easily peeled and stuck onto various surfaces.

2. Can I use sticker paper in a photo printer?

Yes, you can use sticker paper in a photo printer, as long as the sticker paper is compatible with the printer type. Some sticker papers are designed specifically for inkjet printers, while others work well with laser printers. Be sure to check the product specifications or packaging to ensure compatibility with your printer.

3. What is the recommended thickness for durable photo stickers?

The recommended thickness for durable photo stickers generally ranges from 4 to 6 mil. A photo sticker paper with this thickness or higher thickness provides better durability and resistance to tearing or wearing over time. However, the ideal thickness may vary based on the intended application and personal preferences.

4. Are photo stickers water-resistant? 

Not all photo stickers are water-resistant. The water resistance of the stickers depends on the type of coating and finish applied to the sticker paper. Some glossy or vinyl-coated photo sticker papers offer water-resistant properties, ensuring that the stickers remain intact even when exposed to moisture.

If water resistance is essential for your intended application, be sure to select a sticker paper with this feature.


In conclusion, the top 3 photo sticker papers presented above offer exceptional quality and durability, perfect for preserving your cherished memories in vibrant custom stickers. 

For more inspiration on designing and printing photo stickers, be sure to explore our related blog posts.

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Give photo stickers a try and they will forever hold a special place in your sticker journey!


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