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3 Easy Ways to Craft Valentine Treat Bags in Bulk!

3 Easy Ways to Craft Valentine Treat Bags in Bulk!

Valentine’s Day is the wonderful time for you to make beautiful treat bags to hold sweet treats and send to your loved ones. 

If you are a business making Valentine treat bags for customers, a teacher searching for Valentine’s bag ideas for school, an officer giving gifts to colleagues on Valentine’s Day,… In these situations, you surely want to make these bags in large quantities.

However, do you know how to make personalized Valentine treat bags in bulk in the cheapest, quickest and easiest way? Don’t worry, we’ll get you covered in 3 ways below! 

1. Using Custom Stickers

If you are looking for simple, easy Valentine’s bag ideas for school, workplaces, or your stores, don’t overlook the use of custom stickers.

Why should you use custom stickers?

This method allows you to quickly decorate a large number of treat bags. It also provides beauty and customization for the bags. 

There are 2 main ways to use stickers when decorating Valentine treat bags. Both of them are easy to do and save you much time as well as effort.

– Method 1: Decorate all bags in the same ways with the same stickers.

You need to order some vinyl stickers in the same designs and stick them in the same positions. Note that all stickers in one design should be applied to all bags before your moving on to the next design. This can help streamline the process and make it more efficient.

– Method 2: Apply stickers randomly.

In this method, you need a set of stickers with the same theme. Then, you arrange them in plain Valentine paper bags as you wish. You don’t need to pay too much attention to the location and type of the sticker, just apply it to all bags randomly.

Adding custom stickers on Valentine treat bags for decorations creates a high-quality and visually appealing product without breaking the bank. Why? You clearly see that both stickers and plain bags are very easy to find and buy. Moreover, they are low-cost, especially when you buy in large quantities.

Where to buy custom stickers for Valentine treat bag decoration?

Valentine treat bags can be bought at local craft stores or online platforms for flexibility. Our website – CustomAny.com is also a great destination for you if you want to go for the online option. We allow you to upload your own design for custom stickers, giving you even more possibilities to create a personalized look.

How to craft Valentine treat bags using custom stickers?

The next step is to consider suitable Valentine treat bag ideas with stickers. Hearts, flowers, and romantic colors are popular choices.

However, you can also customize the design to match your business or personal branding. 

To make the craft, start by gathering all the necessary materials:

  • Plain bags
  • Custom stickers
  • Additional decorations such as ribbons or glitter (optional)

Then, you should clean the bags and apply the custom stickers to the bags in your desired style. Here are a few Valentine treat bags ideas using stickers: 

  • Use a large sticker in the center of the bag to attract attention. 
  • Use stickers to secure the mouth of the bag. 
  • Print messages on stickers, which are the loving sentences or messages that you want to send to the recipient

There are many more interesting ideas, so let’s unleash your creativity to create special Valentine gift bags!

2. Using Custom packaging tapes/Washi tapes

Custom packaging tapes or washi tapes are another great decoration for easy Valentine bags for school, businesses and others to create a unique and eye-catching design.

Why should you use Custom packaging tapes/Washi tapes?

Custom packaging tapes or washi tapes allow to decorate a large quantity of treat bags quickly. They are also beautiful and visually appealing. These tapes often feature intricate patterns, vibrant colors, and unique designs that can instantly elevate the look of plain bags. 

Crafting Valentine treat bags using custom packaging tapes or washi tapes is also a suitable option because it offers versatility and customization. These tapes allow you to experiment with different designs and patterns for various combinations.

Additionally, because we use plain bags, these tapes can adhere well to the bag’s surfaces, making them ideal for this craft.

Where to buy custom packaging tapes/washi tapes for Valentine treat bag decoration?

Custom packaging tapes/washi tapes are now sold in many places. You can buy them at bookstores and crafts stores. Or you can also search for them online, at stores like Momowashi or e-commerce sites like Alibaba, Etsy,…

CustomAny also offers you a wide selection of custom packing tapes. If you want to make your gift bags look different from the rest, our various tape styles can help you decorate them in unique ways. Create your own your tapes here.

How to craft Valentine treat bags using Custom packaging tapes/Washi tapes?

In order to make treat bags, gather plain bags and custom packaging tapes or washi tapes. Then, cut the tapes into desired lengths and apply them to the bags. Here are a few Valentine’s day treat bag ideas decorated with packaging/washi tapes:

  • Use washi tape with dot or heart patterns to stick in diagonal, horizontal, or vertical lines to create patterns. Pick tapes in red, pink, purple,… – the popular colors for Valentine’s Day.
  • Cover the entire or just a part of the bag’s surface with washi tapes. Also, you can apply on 1 surface, several surfaces or all surfaces of the plain bags.
  • Draw shapes like hearts, flowers, etc., then cut the tapes and stick them according to these shapes.

3. Using Custom Stamps

Let’s try something new by making your own Valentine treat bags with custom stamps. 

Why should you use custom stamps?

Low-cost, space saving and eco-friendly are why we think stamps are ideal to craft Valentine treat bags. With one stamp, you can customize your bags to include the designs you want. Therefore, this method instantly removes the need to use a large volume of printed packaging.

Moreover, by simply stamping the design onto each bag, you can save a lot of time when decorating your numerous treat bags. 

Where to buy custom stamps for Valentine treat bag decoration?

To find and purchase custom stamps, you can explore online retailers that specialize in craft supplies. Besides, many online platforms (such as RubberStamps, The StampMaker, SimplyStamps, …) offer a wide range of choices, including customizable stamps that allow you to add your own text or images.

How to craft Valentine treat bags using custom stamps?

To create the treat bags, gather the necessary materials such as: 

  • Plain bags
  • Custom stamps
  • Ink pads


  • Clean the bags to ensure a smooth surface for stamping. 
  • Ink the stamp evenly by pressing it onto the ink pad, making sure the entire design is covered. 
  • Firmly press the stamp onto the bags, applying even pressure to ensure a clear impression. 
  • Repeat the process for each bag until you’ve achieved the desired quantity. 

Want to create an even more creative and unique look? You can combine this method with the 2 methods above (using stickers and using washi tape).


Making beautiful, simple, and economical Valentine treat bags in large quantities by yourself is not difficult. Let’s try out our above methods and give these great gifts to your loved ones on this Valentine’s Day. If you are a business, you should also consider these 3 ways to make a good impression on your customers. Let’s get started right away to make Valentine’s gifts more meaningful than ever!

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