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How to Throw a Unique Star Wars Valentines Celebration in 5 steps 

Do you and your beloved one share the same passion for Star Wars? Or maybe you want to host a unique party this Valentine and wondering which theme it should be. Look no further. Let’s celebrate love out of this galaxy with a Star Wars Valentines celebration.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll show you a roadmap for throwing an awesome Star Wars Valentines celebration in just 5 simple steps. From dress code, decoration, food, to themed activities, you’ll learn how to create an event that combines the love you share for this series. 

Get ready for all of these!

Step 1: Start Star Wars Valentines Celebration with a Dress code

A Star Wars Valentines celebration must show the spirit of the galaxy right on the outfits you and whoever attends it wear. 

For couples, consider dressing like Han Solo and Princess Leia.

  • Ladies will stand out with an iconic white dress and distinctive hair buns.
  • For men, try a deep v-neck shirt and layer with a black vest with pockets.

Besides, there are more options if you want to dress like a cute Star Wars couple, such as Kanan And Hera, Vel & Cinta, Ezra & Sabine, Bail & Breha Organa, Anakin Skywalker & Padme Amidala, ect.

When you two appear dressed like these matching couples, you instantly set the tone for a romantic evening in Star Wars Valentines theme.

If you are planning for a group celebration, encourage your friends (or those who attend) to choose their favorite characters. 

Star Wars characters include: 

  • Yoda
  • Rey
  • Chewbacca
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • C-3PO
  • R2-D2

There are hundreds of interesting characters from this iconic series to choose from. You can check on StarWars.com to see a complete list.

Whether which character the participants choose, remember to tell them to pay attention to details and add accessories to match a Star War Valentine celebration. You should consider these creative elements to add a touch of love to this themed party:

  • Red or pink lightsabers
  • A Jedi robe with roses tied around
  • Sith capes in heart patterns

Step 2: Jedi-Inspired Decorations

Get the most out of your Star Wars Valentines Celebration with Jedi-inspired decorations. We have some suggestions for you:

For lighting

Use lighting in a strategic way to create a cinematic vibe. While LED candles create a warm light throughout the space, string lights mimic the glow of Star Wars lightsabers.

For backdrop (if you want larger gatherings)

Create a backdrop that looks like the Star Wars universe. For easier crafting, you can apply custom Star Wars wall decals or various Star Wars custom stickers featuring iconic characters, spaceships, and planets on a blank canvas. This way, you create a unique backdrop that no one ever has without spending much effort (and money too).

For table setting

You should opt for:

  • Candles that emit the soft glow of the Force
  • A tablecloth featuring subtle Star Wars elements.
  • Jedi-inspired eating utensils, including towels and glass cup decorated with transfer stickers.

These small details can make a big impact on your Star Wars Valentines celebration, even if it is an intimate dinner for two or a big party for many people.

Step 3: Galactic Invitation or Menu

Prepare themed invitations and menus is an important step for your Star Wars Valentines Celebration. 

Craft Star Wars party Invitations

  • Consider decorating the invitations with iconic Star Wars designs:
  • Lightsabers
  • The Millennium Falcon
  • The Rebel Alliance symbol
  • Star Wars characters in chibi style 

Also, incorporate some cute wordplay such as:

  • You are my Star
  • Yoda best
  • I Chewse You
  • You R2 Good for Me
  • You’re such a Rebel
  • See you at the Dark Side

Print these designs on a plain invitation, or use customized vinyl die-cut stickers for a flexible and convenient application.

Extend the Star Wars theme to the menu

Name all kinds of food and drink after Star Wars characters or the planets and use Star Wars themed fonts for them. Besides, use iconic colors to create a cohesive look on your Star Wars Valetines menu. 

Step 4: Intergalactic Treats for Star Wars Valentines Celebration

No Star Wars Valentines Celebration is complete without special treats.

For a main course, you can try:

  • Baby Yoda Deviled Eggs
  • Use “Hut Doggs” to call hotdogs
  • Bantha Burgers, a delicious blend of ground beef
  • Serving delicious Boba Fett-ucine
  • Trooper Scoopers

For drinks, consider Hoth Chocolate for a sweet dinner, or Yoda Veggie Sticks for a healthy celebration.

For dessert, consider:

  • Rolo Cookies
  • Fruit kabobs
  • Light Sabers in sweet or salty flavor
  • Princess Leia Oreo Truffles
  • Marshmallow Pops that look like Stormtrooper…

Step 5: Star Wars themed games

The last step is to bring fun and laughter to your Star Wars Valentines Celebration with real-life Star Wars games. Take these suggestions:

For Couples

Galactic Trivia Challenge

Create a Galactic Trivia Challenge for your loved one. Preparing a set of questions about Star Wars movies, Star Wars characters, Star Wars planets, etc. Each time your partner gives a correct answer, he or she earns a cute Valentine gift.

Droid Hunt Scavenger Hunt

Organize a Droid Hunt scavenger hunt within your home or celebration space. Hide small Star Wars Valentines gifts, Star Wars Valentines cards, or Star Wars Valentines quotes, and provide your partner with clues or a checklist to find them. This themed hunting game will bring your love the excitement when he or she receives the gifts in a special way.

For Groups

Lightsaber Duel

Set up a lightsaber duel with each participant holding an inflatable lightsaber. The last one standing or the first to score three clean hits on their opponent wins the Lightsaber Duel Championship.

Millennium Falcon Toss

A Millennium Falcon Toss game is also a good idea for group celebration. Set up targets that look like the iconic starship. Participants will take their turns to toss bean bags through the Falcon targets. The one with the highest score becomes the Millennium Falcon Master of the night.

These real-life Star Wars-themed games will bring your celebration to the next level of fun and interactive. So, pick one and be the host.

Last words

Whether you’re celebrating with your special someone or a group of friends, a Star Wars Valentines celebration is a unique and delightful choice. The charm lies in the way you cleverly infuse iconic Star Wars elements in a Valentine event. We hope that our comprehensive guide can help you throw a perfect celebration that blends love, laughter, and Star Wars joy. 

For additional themed party ideas, feel free to explore our other blog posts for creating interesting and unique celebrations for other special events.


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