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Custom I Voted Sticker: 10 design inspirations that boost your campaign

Custom I Voted Sticker 10 design inspirations that boost your campaign

The I Voted sticker is a familiar element each time an election occurs. These kinds of stickers have evolved into a powerful means of expression for candidates, campaign teams, supporters, and voters alike. For candidates and their teams, these stickers are used for easily reaching voters and reinforce their name or campaign. For voters, I voted stickers are like the badges of civic pride which signifying that they have contributed to shaping their community or nation. 

However, mass produced or general I voted stickers templates are so familiar; and not everyone knows how to get the best out of these election stickers to serve their election purpose. So, in this blog post, let’s explore 10 innovative designs that empower both candidates and individual voters to make their compelling I voted stickers.

1. I voted stickers for candidates

Custom I Voted stickers are active channels for candidates in an election. Let’s see why.

Why candidate should design their own Custom I voted sticker

Enhanced Visibility

If you are a candidate in an election, creating your I Voted stickers during the campaign allows you to enhance your visibility. Personalized stickers featuring your name, image or logo create a distinctive and memorable identity.


You can reinforce your own brand consistency by incorporating your colors, logos, or slogans into the sticker design. These factors strengthen your overall election campaign recognition.

Directly Engage with voters

Custom I voted stickers provide a direct engagement between candidates and voters or supporters. Those wearing your candidate-designed stickers become a guarantee for your reliability. These stickers create a sense of enthusiasm.

Campaign Messaging

I Voted stickers shouts out for your campaign messaging. As a candidate, you can use them to state your slogans, promises or solutions for important issues.

Positive Candidate Image

Designing your own stickers and distributing them to people shows your determination and enthusiasm for the election, as well as reflects your creativity and attention to detail. All of these things contribute to a positive image for you as a candidate. 

Design suggestions

What are the elements you should put on your custom I voted stickers?

1. Center your name

Your name is the first thing to mention. Using bold and dynamic typography, transforming it into a compelling visual element. 

  • Consider an elegant font which is suitable for your campaign’s overall aesthetic.
  • Talk loud with the I voted stickers. For instance,  turning “John Smith” into a commanding “VOTE FOR JOHN SMITH”.

This design choice ensures that your name becomes an unforgettable centerpiece on the sticker, leaving a lasting impression on voters.

2. Emphasize your image

Select a positive and captivating image of yourself. It may be a moment of:

  • Genuine interacting with the community 
  • Conversing with constituents
  • Engaging in community service 

A high-quality photograph is a must.

Using suitable and consistent images on a I voted sticker not only personalizes your campaign but also establishes a connection with your voters to-be.

3. Use your logo or iconic color

If your election campaign features your own distinct logo or color scheme, incorporating these elements to the sticker reinforces the overall visual identity of you as the candidate.

Consider adding the campaign logo into your I voted sticker’s design. When using logos on I voted stickers, ensure it is strategically placed. They should be used as a watermark or in a corner of your stickers. 

You also can use your campaign’s iconic color as a vibrant backdrop. 

4. Statements, messages or promise

What you can do for the voter or the community is the most important, so show it on the front. Infuse your I voted stickers with a compelling campaign message or promise. 

For instance, if you are in an election for the mayor, and you prioritize education, the sticker could feature a powerful message such as “Empowering Education for a Brighter Tomorrow.” This approach ensures that the sticker becomes a billboard for your core values.

5. Funny quote or expression

Another way to leave a lasting impression through I voted stickers is to add a touch of humor to them. 

You can incorporate a witty quote or a funny expression of yours (or your competitor’s). For example, use a humorous phrase like “Vote for [Your Name], because who said politics can’t be fun?”. A I voted funny sticker like this not only lightens your election message but also establishes a unique and memorable identity for you as the candidate. 

Wisely incorporating these elements into your custom I voted stickers to enhance your visibility and establish a personal connection with voters during the election you are in.

Election stickers work well in type of circle stickers; however, you can try other shape like square, oval or die cut stickers to make them more unique and eye-catching.

2. For supporters and voters

Custom I Voted stickers not only stand as a symbol of civic engagement but also offer an exciting avenue for supporters and voters to personalize their democratic participation. Beyond a simple vinyl sticker, this section delves into why crafting these symbols becomes an enticing choice, accentuating the distinct advantages they bring to those actively contributing to the democratic process.

Why supporters and voters should design their own Custom I voted sticker

I voted stickers are more popular to voters as they stand as a symbol of civic engagement. You may see I voted stickers for schools, I voted stickers for companies, etc. 

Meanwhile, if you support a certain candidate, these custom stickers even more necessary because they showcase your opinion. 

Let’s discover the benefits that a I voted sticker can bring to you in these situations:

Personal Expression

If you are a supporter or voter, a custom I Voted sticker allows you to express your individuality and unique perspective about this election.

Symbol of Pride

Wearing a custom I voted sticker is a symbol of your pride. These stickers, which featuring your own name, for example, signify your active participation in the election process.

Create a Sense of Community to Support the Candidate

When a group of supporters wear custom I Voted stickers, a sense of community are created. Nothing is more meaningful for your desired candidate than this action. 

Design suggestions

These stickers bring the chance for using your creativity. There’re even i voted sticker competitions that have occurred in years. So, to help you with this, we rounded up the next 5 things that we should put on these stickers.

For Voters:

6. National or Organization’s Symbol, Color:

For general voters, you can use the patriotic colors of your national flags or the organizational colors on the I voted sticker.

Iconic Voting Symbol:

Iconic voting symbols, such as the checkmark, ballot box, or voting booth are ideal for election stickers. 

7. Election Date and Location:

To customize your I voted stickers, including the election date and location. This element also reminds others to be ready for the specified election day.

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8. Your Image:

If you have voted, use an image of yourself with an expression of pride to make a “I voted early” sticker for yourself.

For Supporters:

In case you are an enthusiastic supporter seeking I Voted stickers, your purpose is clear: to champion your chosen candidate. To achieve this, consider strategically incorporate:

9. Humorous Elements

A delightful dose of humor can make these stickers standout and be memorable. Whether you opt for a playful quote or a funny expression of the candidate, they all bring positive results.

10. QR Code or Additional Information

You should show additional information on the I voted stickers to help your chosen candidate to enhance visibility. Do it by incorporating a QR code or relevant details on the sticker. 

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These design suggestions empower voters to transform I Voted stickers into personal keepsakes, resonating with their civic responsibilities and creating lasting reminders of their democratic engagement. For supporters, these personalized emblems serve as visual symbols of loyalty, nurturing a feeling of community and shared dedication to the candidate or cause. By strategically featuring essential elements, such as campaign symbols and engaging details, these stickers become powerful tools that not only meet the needs and interests of voters but also actively contribute to the supporters’ collective efforts in advocating for their chosen 

Last words

When it comes to elections, whether it is national level or in a smaller community, I Voted stickers are useful elements for both candidates, supporters and voters alike. The 10 design inspirations we’ve talked about here can help you in enhancing your identity and engaging with others as a candidate. Simultaneously, you will find creative expression and community pride if you are a voter.

If you want to create your own custom I Voted stickers inspired by these suggestions, and wondering where can I get I voted stickers, consider printing them on our website. Our platform offers a user-friendly experience to ensure your unique designs are printed fast and with best quality. 


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