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Anime stickers for cars: 5 trending types to make your vehicle standout

5 trending Anime stickers for cars

If you are a fan of anime, having some anime stickers for cars is like bringing your personal interest onto the stage. These stickers can turn cars into attention-grabbing artwork that showcase your own style. 

If you are not a fan of this Japanese style, you may still find that anime stickers for cars have become way more than just a fandom thing – they are somewhat a trend for customizing automotives.

So, in this blog post, CustomAny will walk you through 5 exceptional types of anime stickers for cars, which are awesome additional elements for your vehicle. With our comprehensive guide in choosing anime stickers for cars, you don’t even need to be an anime expert to make your driving a creative and individual art form which can turn heads on the road.

Let’s start that journey right now.

About anime stickers 

What are Anime stickers
What are Anime stickers

Anime stickers are specific adhesive decals featuring characters, drawing styles, colors or themes from Japanese animation. These iconic images serve as a popular form of expressing personal interest or symbol of being a fan.

Anime stickers have gained their popularity in the sticker world not only due to a large number of anime fans but also for their unique Japanese vibe designs. People use anime stickers for personalizing various items, from small items like laptops, notebooks, helmets, to bigger surfaces on cars or boats. 

Among all, anime stickers for cars are the latest trend, turning vehicles into movable masterpieces. 

If you find these Japanese stickers interesting and want to start with anime stickers for cars, the ordinary vinyl stickers that feature a random character or mass produced ones with just a style of drawing are just fine. However, to make your car sticker art more than a decoration but a reflection of your personality, we highly recommend customizable anime stickers for cars that bring a special effect. These stickers even create a joyful experience for the other drivers on the road. 

5 trending types anime stickers for cars 

In this section, just go straight to the point: we will discover 5 trending and unique types of anime stickers for cars. What are they?

1. Anime Peeker Stickers for Cars

Anime Peeker Stickers for Cars
Anime Peeker Stickers for Cars

Anime peeker stickers, or peeking stickers for cars, are funny and mischievous sticky pieces featuring just the upper half of anime characters’ faces. They are peeking with their big, sparkling eyes. 

These anime stickers usually feature cute characters, such as:

Anime peeker stickers for cars bring passersby a feeling of being sneakily glanced at, inviting their smiles and second glances.

This unique feature makes peeker stickers ideal for placement on car bumper, rear window or on the door as well. When placed on these spots, anime stickers for cars create a delightful surprise for those sharing the road with you.

Consider a mix of kawaii anime stickers that show related characters to create a reasonable decoration on your car.

2. Vinyl Stickers for Cars Sexy Anime Edition

Vinyl Stickers for Cars Sexy Anime Edition
Vinyl Stickers for Cars Sexy Anime Edition

For enthusiasts who love a bolder, more daring decorative option for anime stickers for cars, sexy anime characters are what you are looking for. 

These stickers often feature characters in alluring poses or attire, appealing to fans who appreciate the sexy side of anime. The popularity of sexy anime girl stickers for cars stems from their ability to inject an edgy, eye-catching element into your vehicle’s appearance. 

Common characters that featuring on seductive anime stickers are:

If appropriateness of sexual content is your concern, you can opt for custom stickers with censored or adult warning to cover the sensitive parts of the stickers. This addition brings a touch of uniqueness to your choice of anime vinyl stickers for cars decoration. 

3. Anime Rear Window Stickers for Cars

Cute Anime Rear Window Stickers for Cars
Cute Anime Rear Window Stickers for Cars

The back of your car, especially your rear window is a big canvas waiting to be adorned by anime stickers for cars. 

For this type of placement, you can use anime rear window stickers featuring cute or funny characters. These stickers create the interesting illusion that anime figures are playfully observing those following your car.

When applying anime die cut stickers for cars on your rear window, make sure they don’t obstruct your view. In this case, chibi versions of popular anime characters or comical scenes are optimal.

4. Anime Motion Stickers for Cars

There is an advanced version of anime stickers for cars: anime motion stickers. 

These stickers bring your favorite characters to life thanks to their 3D anime stickers special effects. Anime motion stickers for cars can create dynamic images that change as you view them from different angles. 

These stickers are perfect for cars as they provide surprise for other drivers on the road.  

Common designs include characters with changing expressions – open eyes to closed, smiles to serious, and more. 

Imagine an anime character winking or waving as you drive by. This not only adds a unique visual to your car but also brings surprise to other drivers. 

5. Reflective Stickers

If you want to turn heads at night, reflective stickers are the optimal choice that go beyond the ordinary. 

In normal lighting, these stickers may appear black and white, but under the illumination of streetlights or the glow of other cars, these anime stickers for cars come to life with a brilliant shine. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these stickers enhance visibility, contributing to your safety on the road. 

Different from the previous anime stickers which showcase the characters, this sticker type works well for simple designs. You can use them for images that feature landscape, patterns, or iconic symbols from anime, such as:

If it’s hard to find reflective stickers, you can opt for a similar type: anime holographic stickers for cars, which also shine but in both day and night.

Notable things when using anime stickers for cars 

Just like any other style of car stickers, when using anime stickers for cars, there are some notable things you need to keep in mind.

1. Quality Matters

When selecting anime stickers for your car, prioritize their quality. Because they are under harsh conditions of the outdoor environment, you need to choose waterproof, weather-resistant, and UV-resistant stickers to ensure they maintain their vibrant appearance over time. 

2. Visibility is key

While showcasing your taste of anime is exciting, it’s crucial to prioritize safety. Only place anime stickers for cars in areas that do not obstruct your driving view. Avoid applying large stickers on windows or mirrors.

3. Legal Compliance Check

Before applying a large decal or sticker bombing your car with too many anime stickers, check the local regulations regarding car decals. Ensure that the placement of stickers on your car complies with traffic laws.


When it comes to automotive decoration, anime stickers for cars are the effective, exceptional and trending option to transform your vehicle into a personalized statement. With 5 awesome types we discussed in this article, we hope that you can determine the best anime stickers for cars that suit your taste.

Whether you opt for playful peeker stickers or dynamic motion decals, remember to order them from reliable vendors to ensure quality and long lasting use. 

If you have a personalized design in mind, access so we can turn your idea into real-life vinyl anime stickers for cars.

Otherwise, you can explore more exciting articles about sticker niches and decorative guides on our blog page.


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