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Where to Put Stickers: 35 Terrific Places for Decoration and Personal Expression

Where to Put Stickers 35 Terrific Places for Decoration and Personal Expression

You got a bunch or even a collection of pretty stickers? You’ve kept them unused for too long, it’s time to let your huge collection make a statement. Wondering where to put stickers? Haven’t found a place to give them the spotlight they deserve?

Fear not. In this blog post, we’ve got you covered with 35 terrific spots to showcase your sticker. Whether you’re an enthusiastic sticker hobbyist or new to this adhesive art, we’ve rounded up a list of various locations that will ensure your stickers will be turned into personalized masterpieces. 

Let’s explore where to put stickers!

Where to Put Stickers: On Personal Items

Personal items – first things to put stickers on. Applying stickers to personal items is a simple way to express your individuality and personal style. 

Personal items are always around. Just a small piece of sticker can transform ordinary belongings into unique statements that reflect your tastes and interests. Using stickers on personal belongings even helps you make some new connections with people who share similar style and interest.

So, the things you should put your desired stickers on are:

1. Laptops and Computers

Stickers for laptops
Stickers for laptops

Where to put stickers? What to put stickers on? Your laptops and computers. Should I put stickers on my laptop? Yes. Personalizing your devices with stickers makes your work or study space more enjoyable.

Aside from pre-made stickers, consider using custom photo stickers featuring you, your family, your girl group or your pet to make the laptop uniquely yours.

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2. Headphones and speakers

Look at what is next to the laptop or computer. Stickers can turn your headphones or speakers into stylish extensions of your personal brand.

You should use small stickers to make sure they don’t obstruct these devices’ functionality.

3. Kindles

If you have an e-reader, it is where to put stickers. 

Choose stickers that reflect your reading preferences, or you can try BookTok stickers on our website.

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4. Phone Cases 

Your smartphone can get a makeover: Decorating its case with stickers.

For phone stickers, it’s better if you mix and match different small stickers. This creates a collage effect, or an exceptional sticker bomb.

5. Powerbank and charging

Where to put stickers? Your charging accessories. Styling them with stickers not only adds visual interest but also helps distinguish them from others.

6. Water Bottles and Travel Mugs

Water bottle stickers
Water bottle stickers

Water bottles or travel mugs are one of the best places to put stickers.

You may want to explore our stay-hydrated-themed stickers and other water bottle stickers.

Quick tips: Choose water bottle stickers or vinyl stickers for water bottles with water-resistant properties to withstand your frequent use.

7. Luggage

How to easily find your luggage at the airport carousel? – Personalizing it with stickers. Your suitcase becomes not just a practical item but a declaration of your unique identity.

You should use name stickers or travel-themed designs to make your luggage stand out. Remember to choose durable materials. 

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Using stickers on suitcase
Using stickers on suitcase

8. Calendar

Where to put stickers? It can be said that adding stickers to your calendar help organize your schedule in a interesting way. 

Use small, decorative stickers to mark important dates and never forget a special occasion again. 

9. Notebook or planner

Notebook stickers and planner stickers are popular among others.

Consider simple, aesthetic designs but still have a strong impact on reminding or inspiring you.

When it comes to self-expression, all of these personal items are the ideal place to place stickers, especially custom or personalized stickers on. However, these personal items are just the beginning, let’s explore more good places to put stickers in the next section.

Positive stickers for Notebook
Positive stickers for Notebook

Where to Put Stickers: On vehicle or sport gears

Applying stickers to your vehicle or sports gear offers an exciting opportunity to showcase your style and individuality, reflect your interests and passions  on the move.

10. Car’s exterior

Give your car a personalized touch with stickers on its exterior parts. Here are the ideal parts and our sticker suggestions that suit each spot.

  • Bumper: Large space that you can put big size decals and bumper stickers featuring bold statements.
  • Side Mirrors: Use tiny, detailed stickers.
  • Windows: Opt for window clear stickers featuring your favorite quotes or designs.
  • Car door: Let your creativity go wild with die cut stickers in any shapes and sizes.

11. Car’s interior

What to decorate with stickers? Your driving space also matters. Where to put stickers in car’s interior:

  • Dashboard: Choose small, minimalist designs to avoid distraction.
  • Steering Wheel: You can use matte stickers to enhance the grip.
  • The inside of the window: Front-adhesive stickers work best for these surfaces.

12. Skateboards and Sports Equipment

Cool up your sport gears with custom stickers:

  • Skateboard Deck: Suitable for vibrant designs or custom artwork. Sticker bombing is also a popular choice when it comes to personalizing skateboards.
  • You can put stickers on baseball gloves, baseball bats, golf club, etc
  • Sports Equipment Bags: Add small logo stickers.

13. Helmets

Where to put stickers? Your helmet is one of the best things to put stickers on. Durable vinyl stickers can enhance this item. 

Besides, try special types of stickers like clear stickers, holographic stickers or transfer stickers to make your art different.

Stickers for helmets
Stickers for helmets

14. Bicycles 

Your bicycle, especially its frames, is a good place to put stickers. Look for trendy bike sticker logo or artwork stickers. Choose weather-resistant, durable stickers for this placement.

15. Boat

How about a bigger thing: your boat (if you have one). You can personalize your boat with stickers on:

  • The hull: Choose large and waterproof stickers for durability. You should opt for large and eye-catching artwork. Consider lettering stickers that feature your name.
  • The deck: Choose stickers with nautical themes.
  • The paddles: Add small decorative stickers on them.

For outdoor and sports gear like the things we’ve mentioned above, you will need high-quality stickers which are waterproof, weatherproof, and UV-resistant. Durable adhesion is also a must to ensure your personalized stickers stay vibrant and intact under use.

Where to Put Stickers: For Home Decor

Things to do with stickers? Use them for decoration. You can extend your sticker placements to your home. These adhesive pieces offer an affordable way to decorate your living space.

16. Walls

Themed or custom name decals work best for the walls in your home, from the living room to the bedroom, from the kitchen to the bathroom.

Custom Name Baseball Wall Sticker Decal for Kids
Custom Name Baseball Wall Sticker Decal for Kids

17. Floor

Also, stickers can enhance your floor with aesthetics. They are perfect for adding fun to the kids’ playroom.

18. Windows

Whether it’s a holiday (Christmas, Easter, New Year, etc), or a party, window stickers are an effective and affordable decorating element.

You should choose vinyl stickers with removable adhesive or elegant clear stickers to welcome natural light into the room.

19. Mirrors

Where to put stickers? Use clear stickers or transfer stickers on your home mirrors. For the best appearance – bruce up your mirrors with simple, elegant text stickers in white for a sophisticated look.

20. Refrigerators

Turn your plain and boring fridge into an artwork with removable adhesive stickers. From cute stickers to reminder stickers, they all add character to your kitchen.

21. Furniture

Consider revitalizing your furniture (wooden table, wooden chairs, leather sofa, etc) with removable stickers. Choose the designs that match your decor style.

22. Bookshelves

Where to put stickers? Your bookshelves. Consider using organizing labels or name tag stickers to create a tidy and organized system.

23. Storage Bins

Label and beautify all storage bins in your home. You can choose pre-made organizing stickers or plain but writable labels for keeping your space neat and stylish.

24. Plant pots or garden tools

Naming your plant pots is one of the best ways to use stickers and labels.

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25. Baby’s stroller or car seat

Personalize your little one’s ride with cute and durable stickers. This brings a playful touch to your baby and you in everyday outings.

Where to Put Stickers: On Fashion and Accessories

In this section, let’s bring your stickers to your wardrobe and style your accessories.

26. Hats and Caps

Personalize your hat can caps with stickers, opting for small and durable designs that add a unique touch. Look for those which can adhere to fabric.

In case you have a hard hat, it’s perfect to put stickers on.

27. Tote Bags, Backpacks

Where to put stickers? It’s not a common place to put vinyl stickers on but transforming your fabric tote bags and backpacks into style statements with artistic stickers is also an interesting idea.

28. Shoes and Sneakers

Put one (or some) small stickers on your footwear. Choose durable and waterproof stickers.

Remember that stickers put on these items may not last for long.

29. Sunglasses and Their Cases

Decorate your sunglasses and their case with small stickers for a fashionable touch. 

We highly recommend using our UV transfer stickers as they bring a 3D effect that makes the design look like they are printed on your sunglasses frame and cases.

Stickers on sunglasses
Stickers on sunglasses (Photo source: Fab Allens)

30. Wallets and Purses

Where to apply small, elegant stickers? Try your wallets and purses. You’d better use stickers on those that have a relatively smooth surface.

Where to Put Stickers: Art and Craft Projects

Showing off your artist skill by using stickers on craft projects. 

31. Craft Storage Containers

Organize your craft supplies in style by adding labels or colorful stickers to your storage containers.

32. Handmade Gifts

Your handmade gifts will show even more of your personal taste with stickers. Using custom stickers also adds a thoughtful and unique touch to each creation.

33. Party decorations or balloons

Decorative stickers bring a festive vibe to your celebrations. For these special applications, glitter stickers, clear stickers, metallic stickers are the best choice. You can use them on the backdrop, on balloons, or on the party’s cups or cutlery.

34. Party favors or invitations

Where to put stickers? Adding personalized stickers on party favors and invitations is the great choice. This sets the tone for a memorable event and shows your hospitality.

35. Thank you cards

Express gratitude in a personalized way by embellishing thank you cards with decorative stickers. Consider using thank you stickers, monogram stickers, lettering stickers, symbol stickers, etc to express your sincere messages.

Last words

In the journey to discover where to put stickers, personal expression and decoration are the most common purposes. Thanks to the versatility of stickers, especially custom stickers, there’s endless options for where to put stickers. We hope that our blog provides you with interesting suggestions for stickers placements.

Whether you choose to use stickers for enhancing your personal items, outdoor gear, for decorating or crafting, remember to choose the suitable sticker type and design. You can print custom stickers at our website. Our platform offers a wide range of options, from shapes, sizes and finishes to suit your specific sticker needs.


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