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Business guide: Top 5 custom candle labels for an exceptional look

Top 5 custom candle labels for an exceptional look

If you are a scented candle crafter or an entrepreneur who brings the delicate scents to every space, sometimes you may find creating custom candle labels for your products a daunting task. These labels must speak to your target customers but also be the perfect complement to the look. 

Understanding how complicated this task can be, in this blog post, CustomAny has listed top 5 custom candle labels that bring an exceptional appearance to your candle business. Join us as we show them to you and walk you through the tips of creating labels that not only look good on your scented candles but also attract your audience. 

Understand candle products and their suitable labels 

How to make labels for candles? Let’s begin with some fundamental understanding about candle products.

Candle containers

Candle containers include glass jars and cups, metal tins, ceramic vessels, concrete holders...
Candle containers include glass jars and cups, metal tins, ceramic vessels, concrete holders…

A finished scented candle product can be brought to the market just wrapped in a plastic shrink. However, for a professional look, they are usually packed in some specific kinds of containers:

  • Plastic cups as a cost-effective option
  • Glass jars to offer a clear presentation
  • Metal tins for durability and portability
  • Ceramic vessels for elegance
  • Concrete holders that create a modern look

These containers offer their own benefits when it comes to candle packaging and also influence your consideration for suitable custom candle labels.

Common Candle Dimensions

Determining your candle’s dimensions is a crucial step before making custom candle labels. These days, scented candles come in various sizes measured in ounces and their height. Common candle sizes include:

  • 2 oz: great to use as small gifts or for those who love samples
  • 8 oz: this size is a popular choice for standard scented candles
  • 16 oz: big candles that are suitable for large space or long uses such as Christmas or New Year

What need to mentioned on a custom candle label

Custom candle labels are not just a pretty and eye-catching design; the best labels for candles must be an informative canvas that shows all the essential details.

  • Includes all the necessary information on your custom candle labels: brand name and logo, candle’s fragrance, volume, burning time, and special features (like eco-friendly ingredients or handcrafted elements). 
  • Make sure your clearly state safety instructions on the label, such as keeping the wick trimmed and avoiding burning continuously for too long, etc.
  • If your candles are parts of a themed collection or limited edition, highlight this on the custom candle labels.

Top 5 custom candle labels for an exceptional look 

In this part, let go straight into the top 5 picks of custom candle labels so that you can find out which candle label ideas perfectly match the vibe of your candle products.

1. Traditional rectangle or square labels 

Rectangle or square is the classic for custom candle labels because they work well on almost all candle containers like cups, jars, metal tins or ceramic vessels. These labels provide a clean and seamless canvas to framing your candle information, branding elements and contributing to the overall aesthetic at the same time. 

These traditional candle stickers are ideal for you if you don’t want to place the label but the candle itself, not the label at the center stage.

Traditional rectangle or square candle labels 
Traditional rectangle or square candle labels 

2. Circle labels for the lid 

In case you opt for jars or metal tins as containers, you need circle labels for the lids. These perfectly round labels are specifically made to fit the top of the lid, creating an elegant and polished look. The candle tin labels bring a distinctive look, so you can emphasize your brand names and logo on it to draw customers’ attention. 

Circle labels particularly work well for high-end or luxury candle products, because they evoke a sense of your refinement and attention to small detail. 

3. Elegant clear labels 

When you want the candle inside to take the spotlight and speak for itself, elegant and minimalist candle labels in clear are your choice. These labels are made from transparent vinyl which allow customers to see through. When they are used on glass candle jars, the beauty of your candle within will shine through and catch the attention of your customers.

Moreover, you can try clear custom candle labels with metallic foil to give a luxurious vibe to your candle products. 

Elegant clear candle labels 
Elegant clear candle labels 

4. Creative die-cut labels 

Die-cut labels are not only used for some kind of food and beverage products, they are also a possible idea for custom candle labels. These cut-to-the-shape pieces bring true creativity into your label design. You can try any shape that you can imagine about, breaking away from the common rectangular or square shapes. 

Die cut candle labels work well on most of the candle containers with a regular shape and smooth surface, allowing their unique label shape to stand out. This label type is perfect to use on candles which have unique and novel scents as this combination makes a bold statement about creativity.

5. Transfer sticker labels for a tactile touch

How about bringing a tactile and luxurious feel to your candle packaging with transfer sticker labels? 

The transfer labels from our website are produced using UV printing technology, in which inks are directly printed onto a special film, creating a raised surface for the labels. Thanks to that printing technique, then the stickers are transferred to the candle container and adhere to it seamlessly. 

These custom candle stickers bring a smooth, printed-on effect. There is no background layer or any border around the labels, creating a high-end, custom-printed feel, enhancing the overall value of your candles. 

Transfer sticker labels add a tactile touch to your candle
Transfer sticker labels add a tactile touch to your candle

Transfer sticker labels can be used on jars, cups, or any smooth candle surface. They are the luxury candle labels, ideal for candle businesses that opt for a minimalist yet notable design.

We’ve just discovered each type from the top 5 custom candle labels that can complete your products. To choose the perfect one that truly illuminates your scented candle business, remember to consider what are your brand characteristics, what are the main features of your candles, and which is the impression you want to leave on your target customers.

Notable things when creating custom candle labels 

However, selecting one out of five label options is not the last step in your label journey – you need to print your candle label design out. To assist you in bringing your label idea into life, we listed 3 crucial things that you may need to consider when taking the final step.

1. Size 

Select the right label size. Below is a table that outlined our label size suggestions to ensure a perfect fit.

Candle SizeMain LabelLid Label (diameter)
4 oz small jar1.5″ x 3.75″
6 oz candle tin1” x 4”2”
8 oz candle tin9.75″ x 1.75″2.5″
8 oz jelly jar2.5” x 4”
8 oz mason jar1.5” x 1.5”
12 oz jar2.25″ x 7.75″
16 oz jar (apothecary)2.25″ x 7.75″

2. Design 

Unlike designing labels for products like food, beverage or chemicals which require detailed ingredient tables and regulation-followed information, designing custom candle labels should be prioritized aesthetic appeal. 

Focus your design on capturing attention through beauty and uniqueness. Consider a harmonious color scheme, eye-catching graphics to emphasize the exceptional scent. Consider suitable fonts that highlight your candle’s or brand’s story. 

Do your best in creating a label design that is a visual representation for the sensory experience your candles can offer.

3. Print quality

Printing quality is one of the most important things when it comes to turning the design into real custom candle labels. You must work with a reliable printing company that understands the special requirements in producing labels for candles such as durability and heat resistance. 

Our recommendation? It is working with us. CustomAny‘s specialized printing ensures your labels withstand the heat without affecting their aesthetics. The high-quality print not only enhances the visual appeal but also reinforces the professionalism of your brand.

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