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9 Wedding Stickers for Favors that Show Your Appreciation

9 Wedding Stickers for Favors that Show Your Appreciation

As one of the Brides to be or Grooms to be, there are many things you have to plan before your big day. Above all, preparing a favor to show your appreciation to your cherished guests is a must. On these favors, incorporating wedding stickers for favors are the perfect touch to express your gratitude. These little adhesive wonders not only personalize your gifts but also convey heartfelt messages to those who share with you the tears of joy.

In this article, you’ll find 10 charming and unique wedding stickers for favors, allowing you to share your love and say “thank you” in the most meaningful way. Let’s explore!

Why Choose Wedding Stickers for Favors 

Adding custom stickers to your wedding favors is a thoughtful detail that makes your gifts more memorable to the guests and your big day more elegant. Let’s take a closer look to see how these small wedding stickers for favors enhance your wedding experience and why you should use them. 

1. To personalized the wedding favor 

Stickers are an easy yet efficient way to personalize things, including wedding favors. 

By attaching these small pieces on the gifts and giving them to your guest, you make those favors uniquely yours. Everyone who attends your wedding will bring a piece of celebration to their homes that remind them of your beautiful celebration. 

Moreover, these personalized stickers also tell the story of you and your groom (or bride) as a couple, creating memorable keepsakes for your guests.

2. To add elegant touch to the wedding 

Wedding stickers for favors also act as a decorating element to your celebration. Whether you choose classic designs of your and your loved one’s monogram, or intricate details of patterns, or opt for luxurious foil finishes, custom wedding stickers contribute to an elevated aesthetic, enhancing the overall visual appeal of your wedding.

3. To say thank you to your guests

Most importantly, you want to express gratitude to those who attend your big day, not only with the favor gift inside but with a heartfelt message on the outside. It is when wedding stickers for favors become the art of sophistically saying “Thank You”. These stickers serve as a charming gesture to let the guests know how deeply you appreciate their presence and leave a lasting impression on your family and friends.

So, it’s no doubt that you – the bride or groom to be, should incorporate wedding stickers into your favors to bring a memorable and heartfelt experience for everyone sharing your special day.

9 Wedding Stickers for Favors that Show Your Appreciation 

Here are the 9 ideas for wedding favor stickers we’ve rounded up. From traditional, unique, personalized to interactive stickers, these thank you stickers for wedding favors can help you turn normal wedding favors into a symbol of gratitude that every guest will love.

1. Thank You message stickers 

Let’s start with the most straightforward choice: a wedding sticker for favors with the phrase “Thank you”. 

Thank You message stickers on wedding favors
Thank You message stickers on wedding favors

There are many versions of thank you notes for wedding favors, such as:

  • Thank you for celebrating with us
  • Thank you for sharing our special day
  • Thank you for making our wedding day so sweet
  • Thank you for being a part of our unforgettable day.
  • Thank you for the love and joy you brought to our day!

When it comes to the overall style of these wedding stickers for favors, opting for classy minimalistic designs is the great idea. Besides, you can pick a style that blends seamlessly with your wedding theme. These thank you note stickers are usually combined with wedding flower images printed around. And because the text is relatively long, two are the quantity of labels fonts we recommend you to use. 

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2. Stickers in Handwritten fonts 

Similar to Thank you messages, wedding stickers for favors in handwritten fonts are a way to show your appreciation. These fonts create feelings like you’ve written each thank you note yourself, bringing a genuine gratitude but also ensuring the perfect appearance at the same time.

The handwritten fonts you can try are:

  • Learning curve
  • Cursive Standard
  • Always in my heart
  • Matilde
  • Pacifico
  • Lavanderia
  • Grand Hotel
  • Alex Brush
  • Dancing Script
  • Great Vibes

However, you should include other information, such as your and your beloved’s names or the date of your wedding. Use other types of fonts for these texts to make your wedding stickers for favors harmonious.

3. Quote or Saying Stickers 

Lovely quotes for wedding favor stickers
Lovely quotes for wedding favor stickers

Take a step further in the way you express your appreciation, you will want to use more meaningful and unique quotes or sayings on wedding stickers for favor. Look for gratitude quotes or adding humor puns to your thank you note. Try these ideas:

  • Grateful hearts for sharing in our happily ever after
  • Our day was brighter because you were there.
  • Meant to bee (best wedding favor labels for honey jars)
  • Mint to be (place on mint candy wraps)
  • Love is the spice of life (great ideas if you plan to give your guest spice jars)
  • A sweet ending to a new beginning
  • In sickness and in health 
  • Please take a tissue for your happy tears
  • Please take one home and let love grow

If these thank you labels for favors are used on suitable favors, they will not only show the bride and groom’s appreciation but also spread your love throughout the celebration.

4. Photo Stickers 

Share your love story on wedding favors to spread happiness.

Take time to sort out your photos from the day you met, on your first date, from a favorite vacation, or on the proposal day, til the day you get married, turn all of them into custom photo stickers and place them randomly on the wedding favors.

On wedding favors, these personalized photos stickers act as a visual and sentimental element at the same time.

5. His, her and our Favorites

Let your guests try out yours and your loved one’s favorite tastes with stickers saying “his, her, and our favorites”. These kinds of favors usually are food, light snacks or candies, so you just need wedding labels for favors in small sizes. We recommend 1.5 inch or 2 inch circle stickers. For an elegant touch, incorporate handwritten fonts and stickers base materials in pastel colors.

6. Personalized Initial Stickers 

Monogram stickers with the groom and bride initial are the timeless ideas to add to wedding favors. These wedding stickers for favors bring a classic appearance, creating memories in the guests mind. Search for wedding labels templates on the internet to brainstorming your own design. Besides, the key to create great personalized initial stickers is choosing 2 matching fonts and ensuring that they complement your wedding theme.

7. Date and Venue Stickers 

Leave the memory of your special day with wedding stickers for favors featuring your wedding date and venue. These subtle yet significant details enhance the sentimental value of your favors, and mark the joyous celebration in guests’ minds.

8. Wax seal stickers 

Use wax seal stickers on wedding favors
Use wax seal stickers on wedding favors

Elegant wax seal stickers are the common choice for letters, gifts, or party favors, so it’s not a bad idea to use them as favor stickers for expressing gratitude to your guests. Choose designs that harmonize with your wedding theme, incorporate your names, or your wedding days, or a simple thank you message. We highly recommend opting for metallic finishes to add an extra layer of elegance.

9. Wedding Hashtag Stickers 

How about a hashtag printed on wedding stickers for favors to encourage your guests to share the moments at your wedding to social accounts? You can repost the photos and videos taken by guests and say personal thanks to them, or to create an online album of memories. 

Just remember to use creative and catchy hashtags that capture the spirit of your wedding day.

Where to Create Wedding Stickers for Favors

Whether you go for a classic thank you note sticker or prefer a touch of humor and creativity, the wedding stickers for favors above both offer the chance to show appreciation for family and friends who attend and celebrate your wedding day.

To turn these ideas into real-life stickers, ensure you order from a reliable printing company. So, to create dream wedding stickers, look no further than our website. 

CustomAny is an user-friendly platform where you can effortlessly print any design for any occasion, especially for the wedding day. Understanding that these stickers are the way you express your gratitude and personalize your favors, we offer customization options in a wide range of materials, shapes and sizes to suit your unique needs.

Go to our website to explore various stickers types and their top quality.


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