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20 Elegant & Creative Wedding Gift Wrapping Ideas

20 Elegant & Creative Wedding Gift Wrapping Ideas

When wedding bells are ringing, as a guest, picking out the perfect gift is one of your priorities. But, hold on – have you thought about the wrapping? The genuinely perfect wedding gift needs to be wrapped in something as special as it is.

How to wrap a wedding gift? Don’t worry. We are here to introduce you to 20 Elegant and Creative Wedding Gift Wrapping Ideas. With these unique wrapping and decorating ideas, you can say bye to plain and predictable gift wraps and welcome charming wedding presents. 

What else to wait for? Let’s start wrapping!

Wedding Gift Wrapping Ideas: 7 Exceptional Wrappers 

When it comes to how to gift wrap, always look for the wrapper first. Here are 7 exceptional gift wrapping papers and other types of materials to cover your wedding gifts. Let’s take a closer look to see how these wedding gift wrappers can take your gift to a whole new level. 

1. Printed Wrapping Paper

Put plain gift wrapping paper aside and try pre-printed wrapping paper. These wedding gift wrapping ideas come in various patterns so it’s easy to look for a type that resonates with the couple’s style or macht with the wedding theme. Consider choosing wrapping paper that is printed in foil to make your gift look more stunning.

2. Calligraphy Wrapping Paper

Besides printed patterns, you can opt for printed wrapping paper with calligraphy on it. These beautifully hand-lettered text make a statement and make your gift stand out from others.

If your handwriting is beautiful, do not hesitate to create the calligraphy on your own. Your gift wrapper is going to be one of a kind, and, most importantly, this wedding gift wrapping idea allows you to write any blessing or wish for the lovely couples. 

Tips for you: Choose the paper in neutral colors and complete your gift with a contrasting ribbon for a truly outstanding look.

Use printed wrapping paper with calligraphy on it
Use printed wrapping paper with calligraphy on it

3. Painted Paper 

Add an artistic touch to your wedding gift by painting on a kraft paper sheet. You can create contrasting color patches, colorful heart shapes, a wedding flower, or a drawing of the couples if you can. We recommend using watercolors or acrylics to create these wedding gift wrap ideas.

4. Polka Dot Paper

Polka dots are the timeless patterns when it comes to present wrapping paper. You should choose paper with polka dot in colors that match the wedding theme, then add a ribbon that pairs with the paper to complete your beautiful wedding gift wrapping idea.

5. Wrap your present in Calendar and circle the date

One of the most creative wrapping ideas: Use a page from your year calendar to wrap the gift. The page is perfect if ít shows all the day of a month, allowing you to circle the wedding date and add short quotes as your personalized touch. This creative and sentimental idea is sure to make your gift a meaningful one to the couple.

Wrap your present in Calendar and circle the wedding date
Wrap your present in Calendar and circle the wedding date

6. A Map – Adventure Awaits

Congratulations to the newlywed couple by inspiring them with the adventure they will take together. Use a beautiful map-themed wrapping paper to wrap your wedding gifts, and you may want to attach a note that says “adventure awaits”. 

Our tip for you: for this wedding gift wrapping idea, vintage maps will be the extra charm.

7. Fabric

Aside from wrapping paper, you can try the art of traditional Japanese fabric wrapping technique – one of the most creative and unique ways to wrap presents. Choose a beautiful silk in pastel color to wrap around your gift and cleverly tie it. This reusable wrapping option adds a touch of elegance to your wedding gift.

Japanese fabric wrapping technique
Japanese fabric wrapping technique

Wedding Gift Wrapping Ideas: How to tie the gift 

After covering your wedding gift with paper or fabric sheet, you will need to consider tying a bow. A delicate tied bow makes a nice gift to be perfect. You can refer to the 3 ribbon ideas for gifts here:

8. Classic Ribbon & Bow

Select a velvet or satin ribbon for a luxurious feel. If you want a classic appearance, tie a centered bow with loops of equal size. If you prefer a modern twist, you can go for an asymmetric bow, where one loop is slightly larger than the other.

9. Ribbon and Lace

Combining a satin ribbon with delicate lace will bring a romantic vibe to your gift. To make the ribbon and lace wedding gift wrapping idea, wind the lace along with the ribbon or tie it separately around the gift. 

Use lace to tie a bow
Use lace to tie a bow

10. Ribbon and Pearl

Similar to combining ribbon and lace, ribbon and pearl are also a good wedding gift wrapping idea. Choose a bow made from satin or organza for making glamor and elegant threads. Moreover, make sure they match with the paper you used to wrap the gift for an excellent appearance.

To combine these two together, attach the pearl string onto the ribbon and then tying a beautiful bow. Finish it by checking on whether they are evenly tightened together.

Wedding Gift Wrapping Ideas: 10 unique embellishments and Tags 

Your gift will not be completed without an unique gift tag.

11. Floral Wedding 

Fresh flowers are the way to go for nature look. Opt for flowers that are commonly used for weddings such as roses, lilies, peonies, daisies or orchids. And attach them to your gift under the bow tie. These special gift embellishments bring a romantic vibe to your wedding present.

12. Garden Wreath 

Beside flowers, you can create DIY wreath-shaped tags using leaves, vines, or small blossoms. Wedding gift wrapping ideas with natural wreaths work exceptionally well with rustic or vintage-themed wedding celebrations.

Remember to check the wreath sturdiness before handing your gift to the couple.

DIY wreath-shaped tags
DIY wreath-shaped tags

13. Plant and leaf 

Attaching plants or leaves is not a brand-new concept for wrapping a gift. This idea is suitable for both classic and contemporary gift wrapping style. Consider options like rosemary, lavender, ivy, olive branches, etc.

14. Faux flowers made of silk or felt 

Let’s move to non-natural ideas for gift embellishments. Use silk or felt to sew and turn it into a faux flower shape. You can attach this flower to your gifts, replacing traditional bows. The faux flower embellishment provides not only a visually appealing touch but also showcases how much love and effort you put in this gift.

Make sure the flowers are steadily sewn, especially when your gift requires some handling. 

15. Wax seal 

Wax seal is an old-fashioned charm for sealing and adorning a wedding gift. When adding this wedding gift wrapping idea to your gift, consider those featuring the couple’s monogram, wedding symbol, or meaningful short wishes like “Grow old together“.

Ensure that the wax seal is applied securely so your gift stays intact until they reach the hand of the newlywed couple.

Wax seal is an old-fashioned charm for wedding gift
Wax seal is an old-fashioned charm for wedding gift

16. Sparkling Flags 

Sparkling definitely does its job when placed on the wedding gift. To make these cool wrapping ideas, grab a sparkling ribbon roll, cut it into small flags and attach to a string. Then, wind your decorative string around the gift. These embellishments will complete a cheerful theme for the blessing gift.

Quick tip: Select flags that match the color scheme of the wedding.

17. Sparkly Ribbon Weave 

Still using that sparkling ribbon roll, cut it into short pieces. Weave these pieces together and attach them to your wedding gift. This weaving sparkly ribbons create a dazzling effect and pairs well with elegant and luxurious wrapping paper.

18. Star Garland 

Attach a handmade garland with metallic small stars attached on it will make your wedding gift a dreamy and magic wrap. Just make sure that the garland is securely attached around the gift.

19. Monogrammed Tag 

Nothing better to spread wedding vibes more than monogrammed tags that feature the initials of the groom and bride. Choose a font that reflects their style, print the monograms on paper. Another way for create monogram letter prints is using custom monogram stickers. Then, adhere the prints on a cardboard and trim the cardboard to create these letter shapes. You can nhance their look by painting on them or adding sparkling. Create a hole on these DIY gift tags and attach to your gift.

Decorate them in colors that complete the overall color scheme of the wedding gift wrapping idea.

Monogrammed tags that feature the initials of the groom and bride
Monogrammed tags that feature the initials of the groom and bride (Photo source: Etsy)

20. Custom Photo Tags

Make your wedding gift truly personalized to the couple by adding custom photo tags. Print images of the couple as custom photo stickers, place them on a cardboard and cut them out to attach to the gift. The personalized gift tag is the great addition for a heartwarming touch when giving the gift to the bride and groom.

Quick tip: Choose clear and high resolution photos for the best printing result.

When choosing from all the gift embellishments and gift tags above, consider the couple’s style, the wedding theme, and the overall aesthetic of your wedding gift wrapping idea. Also, you should pay attention to the size, durability, and attachment method to ensure a perfect result.

Custom Photo Tags
Custom Photo Tags (Photo source: bagsoflove.co.uk)

Last thoughts

Each of these creative and elegant wedding gift wrapping ideas we’ve walked through is the elegant gesture of anyone when they attend a wedding. No matter what idea you choose, remember that the meaning of wedding gift wrapping is for celebrating a newlywed couple’s happiness, so pay attention to the personalized elements to match their interest and style.

You can explore our blog page for more inspiration on meaningful gifts and creative gifting ideas. We’re happy to help.


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