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How to Keep Stickers from Fading: 7 Game-Changing Tips

How to Keep Stickers from Fading

The fun thing about custom stickers is that they can add personality to any surface, from your laptop, phone cases, to suitcases and bags. Nevertheless, they may start to fade over time, losing their vibrant colors and crisp designs. It reduces your stickers’ beauty and makes them less appealing. What a disappointing experience, right?

So, is there anything we can do? How to keep stickers from fading?

In this article, we will explore 7 tips to keep stickers vibrant and maintain their appearance for a longer period of time. Keep reading to discover how to keep stickers from fading and keep your favorite stickers looking fresh for years to come.

Why do my stickers fade?

How to keep stickers from fading? We should start by learning why our stickers fade. The reasons leading to a faded sticker are very diverse, some common ones are:

UV Exposure (and other weather elements)

One of the primary reasons for sticker fading is prolonged exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light. Sunlight and artificial light sources can cause the colors in stickers to fade over time. UV rays break down the pigments in the inks, leading to a loss of color intensity and vibrancy.

Additionally, other weather elements such as rain, wind, and extreme temperatures can also contribute to the deterioration of stickers.

Abrasion and Wear (caused by chemical factors)

When stickers come into contact with harsh chemicals, such as cleaning solvents or abrasive substances, the protective layer of the sticker can be damaged. This damage can cause the colors to fade or the adhesive to weaken. As a result, your stickers will lose their vibrancy and adhesion over time.


In this case, humidity can be caused by either weather factors or environmental conditions where the sticker is placed.  High levels of humidity can cause the sticker material to absorb moisture, leading to warping, discoloration, and eventual fading of the colors. 

Furthermore, exposure to moisture can promote the growth of mold and mildew, further compromising sticker quality.

How to Keep Stickers from Fading in the producing process

You can print stickers yourself at home or buy them from a printing shop. No matter which method you use, there’s a way to prevent stickers’ fading from the production process. To do it, you need to ensure that your stickers have the following elements:

1. Use high-quality print base

Choosing the right print base helps keep your stickers from fading
Choosing the right print base helps keep your stickers from fading (Photo source: SMALL SMILE)

Choosing the right print base is a crucial step on how to keep stickers from fading. Let’s use waterproof materials since they provide resistance to moisture and humidity, as well as other environmental factors. 

Additionally, if you plan on using stickers outdoors or on items that will contact with liquid, waterproof paper or vinyl is a good choice.

Some recommended types of sticker paper or custom vinyl stickers that offer excellent resistance to fading include:

  • Vinyl with UV protection: This type of vinyl is specifically designed to withstand exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays, which can cause fading over time.
  • Synthetic paper: Made from tear-resistant and water-resistant materials, synthetic paper is durable and fade resistant paper, making it ideal for long-lasting stickers.

2. Opt for Pigment-Based Inks

How to keep stickers from fading? Yo should choose pigment ink to print them.

Pigment ink contains solid, opaque particles of color suspended in a liquid medium. It is vibrant, fade-resistant, and durable. Because pigment ink sits on top of the paper rather than being absorbed by it, pigment ink dries slowly.

The pigment ink bonds more strongly with the surface of the sticker material, resulting in a stronger resistance to fading. Due to this unique feature, using this ink for sticker production is how to keep stickers from fading.

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3. Let the print dry properly before doing anything else

Let the print dry properly before cutting or laminating
Let the print dry properly before cutting or laminating

You must allow the print to dry properly before laminating or using customs tickers because:

  • Proper drying time allows the ink to set and adhere well to the print base, preventing smudging or smearing.
  • Allowing the print to dry completely before laminating prevents color shifts or alterations.
  • A properly dried print provides a stable foundation for other coating layers to adhere to. 

4. Apply UV-Resistant Lamination

Lamination enhances the durability and resistance to fading of printed stickers by applying a thin layer of protection. Besides, UV laminate for stickers specifically helps to protect stickers from the harmful effects of ultraviolet (UV) rays, which can cause colors to fade over time.

These laminating sheets are available in various finishes, including glossy, matte, and satin, allowing for customization to suit the desired aesthetic and level of protection.

When choosing UV-resistant laminating sheets, it’s essential to look for products specifically labeled as “UV-resistant” or “UV-blocking” to ensure optimal protection against fading caused by sunlight exposure. 

How to Keep Stickers from Fading while using

Even when you know tips for “how to keep stickers from fading” right from the production step, you still need to know how to protect stickers from fading when they are being used. Here’s what you should do:

5. Place your stickers in shaded areas

Sunlight is one of the most common causes of sticker fading. So, you should protect your stickers from excessive exposure to sunlight when learning how to keep stickers from fading.

If possible, avoid exposing your stickers to direct sunlight by keeping them indoors or in places away from the sun. You can still enjoy your stickers while shielded from direct sunlight by displaying them on interior walls or in glass cabinets. In this way, UV rays can be minimized and the colors can remain vibrant for a longer period of time. 

6. Use UV protecting spray

Use UV protecting spray is a way to keep stickers from fading
Use UV protecting spray is a way to keep stickers from fading

For stickers that are intended for outdoor use or will be exposed to sunlight, applying a UV protecting spray can provide an additional layer of protection. These sprays are designed to shield stickers from UV rays and other environmental factors that may cause fading. 

You will not notice any difference in the appearance or clarity of your UV resistant stickers when using UV-blocking coatings.

Krylon UV-Resistant Clear Gloss, for example, can help prolong the life of outdoor stickers and maintain their quality even in challenging weather conditions.

7. Clean the stickers 

Cleaning and maintaining custom UV stickers regularly is another great way you can explore how to keep stickers from fading. Doing so will remove dirt and chemicals that can stick to the stickers and cause them to fade. Hence, your stickers will remain vivid for longer.

When cleaning, you can use a soft cloth damped with a mild cleaning solution. Then, carefully wipe the sticker. Remember to avoid using harsh chemicals because this could damage the sticker material.

Last thoughts

When being kept vibrant and long lasting, your stickers appear more attractive and convey messages more effectively. CustomAny team hope that the tips provided in this guide can help you in learning how to keep stickers from fading. 

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