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How to Remove Stickers from Mirror: Experts Do This for a Flawless Finish

Adding stickers can transform a simple mirror into a personalized piece of decor, reflecting our personal tastes, inspirations, or memories. However, sometimes, the question: “how to remove stickers from mirror” comes to your mind, as after time the stickers may lose their aesthetic, or you want to replace them with other designs.

In this case, to keep the mirror’s clean, glossy finish, we will equip you with 3 professional techniques to handle this issue. Let’s learn how to remove stickers from mirror and get a flawless finish in this article.

Attention when Removing Stickers from Mirror

With their sleek surfaces, glass items like mirrors provide ideal canvases for placing high-quality custom stickers. They can be decorative pieces to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a mirror or they can also be motivation quotes to use on gym mirrors or bedroom mirrors. 

However, there are also some cases where people want to remove stickers from mirrors:

  • Stickers may gather dust and grime over time, detracting from the mirror’s overall appeal. 
  • Mirror stickers lose their purpose, begin to peel.
  • You want to replace mirror stickers with a new one. 

In these cases, you’ll wonder “how to remove stickers from mirror”. Yet, knowing how to get stickers off is not everything.

Since mirrors are made of glass, they can easily be scratched or damaged if not handled carefully. Perhaps you will be impatient and scrape the sticker off with a sharp tool, but doing so can damage the mirror beyond repair. We have some better solutions on how to get stickers off a mirror in the below part. Let’s find out!

How to Remove Stickers from Mirror: 3 Expert Solutions

There are 3 methods you can do to explore how to remove stickers from a mirror safely and successfully:

1. Warm water and soap

Using warm water and soap is a common yet effective way to eliminate mirror stickers (such as custom mirror stickers, vinyl mirror stickers, UV DTF transfer stickers, and any other stickers). Taking the time to understand the proper technique for dealing with sticker residue can make the process smoother and more efficient.

Things you’ll need:

Before knowing how to get stickers off of a mirror, here are the necessary materials you need to gather: 

  • Hot water
  • Mild soap
  • Soft cloth or sponge

Step-by-step guide:

Then, follow this instruction to learn how to remove stickers from mirror with this method:

  • Using a sponge or soft cloth, and soak it in warm, soapy water
  • Put it over the sticker, allowing the water to penetrate the adhesive
  • After a few minutes of soaking, the adhesive should soften, making it easier to be peeled off
  • If there is any leftover residue, you can clean them with additional soapy water or a window cleaner

Note: Avoid using excessive force while rubbing the sticker to prevent scratching the mirror surface. If the sticker is stubborn, let it soak in the soapy water for a few minutes before attempting to remove it.

2. Vinegar

Another household item you can use when learning how to remove stickers from mirror is white vinegar.

With this method, you need the following materials:

  • White vinegar
  • Soft cloth or sponge
  • Blunt tool or razor blade

How to remove stickers from mirror using vinegar:

  • Combine white vinegar and water in an equal proportion. Add the mixture to a spray bottle and spray it directly onto the sticker.
  • For stickers on vertical or standing surfaces, you may need to spray the solution multiple times, ensuring the sticker is fully saturated.
  •  Use a blunt tool or razor blade, gently lift one corner of the sticker. 
  • Grasp the lifted edge with your fingers and slowly peel off the sticker.

Note: If you encounter any resistance during the process, don’t hesitate to reapply the vinegar mixture to the area. This will help soften the adhesive and make the removal process smoother.

3. Strong solvents (like Acetone, WD-40 or rubbing alcohol)

For stubborn mirror decal stickers, you may require stronger solvents like acetone, WD-40, or rubbing alcohol.

Necessary tools:

Before get in how to remove stickers from mirror with this method, you need these following materials and tools:

  • Cotton ball or pad
  • Blunt tool or razor blade
  • Gloves

Following below steps:

  • Use a cotton ball or pad soaked in acetone or rubbing alcohol to rub gently over the sticker.
  • Another method is to evenly spray the solvent over the sticker (this method is for WD-40), ensuring complete saturation.
  • Allow it to sit for a few minutes before using a blunt tool or razor blade to lift the sticker’s edges.
  • Carefully remove the sticker with your fingers, but remember to wear gloves for protection when using strong solvents.

Note: Test strong solvents on a small area of the mirror before using them to ensure they won’t damage it. Do not use strong solvents on antique or delicate mirrors as they may damage them.

Methods you shouldn’t use for removing sticker from mirror

While there are many effective methods on how to remove stickers from mirror, there are also some methods that you should avoid to prevent damage to the mirror, such as:

1. Razor Blade

Using a razor blade to remove stickers from a mirror can potentially scratch the glass surface. The scratches can negatively affect the quality of the glass and the reflective properties of the mirror.

If you decide to use a razor blade to lift the sticker, it’s recommended to wipe the glass with 1 of 3 methods above before using the blade. This helps minimize the occurrence of scratches. 

Furthermore, be careful not to cut yourself while doing this method.

2. Scrape

Using a scraper to remove a sticker from a mirror is not recommended because it can also scratch or damage the mirror’s surface. Mirrors can easily be scratched by the sharp edge of a scraper.

When scraping, be gentle and don’t be aggressive. Avoid getting more forceful if the adhesive does not easily scrape off.

Last words 

Taking the time to properly remove stickers helps maintain the appearance of the mirror. By following the techniques and tips shared in this blog on how to remove stickers from mirror, now you can ensure your mirrors remain flawless, free of unwanted residue and ready for the new stickers.

If you are planning to adorn your mirror with beautiful and high-quality stickers, you should give our clear stickers a try. With a reasonable level of adhesion, CustomAny‘s clear stickers are suitable for decorating your mirror and can be removed easily without causing any damage to it.


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