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How to Store Christmas Decorations: 15+ Creative Ideas for Every Decoration Type

How to Store Christmas Decorations

Are you looking forward to Christmas? Absolutely yes. But when Christmas is over, have you ever struggled with the cleanup, wondering how to pack and how to store Christmas decorations without any hassle?

If it’s the time to say goodbye to twinkling lights, ornaments, and tinsel, CustomAny is always here to help. In this blog, we’ve rounded up over 15 creative ideas and clever hacks for your question of how to store Christmas decorations

Let’s discover them, find out the best stores for christmas decorations, keep your holiday decorations clean, protective and organized with no stress.

How to Store Christmas Decorations – Common Storage Techniques

When it comes to how to store Christmas decorations, the common ways of storing can work wonders. 

Put Items Back in The Original Packaging

The first solution you must think about when it comes to how to store Christmas decorations is to put your decorating items back in their original bags. Those perfectly fitting packaging boxes, bags or containers were designed by the manufacturer, so the decorations can be safe and sound.

Put Christmas decorations back to their original bags for ultimate protection
Put Christmas decorations back to their original bags for ultimate protection

Buy tailor-made storage box 

If you didn’t keep the original packaging, buy some replacement storage boxes. You should invest in those which are tailor-made for holiday decoration types that you have.

For example, opt for boxes equipped with separate compartments, cushioning, and even layers for your tiny ornaments, ensuring even the fragile ones stay secure during the off-season.

Opt for Clear Storage Bags and Bins

Another choice for you is storage bags or bins made of clear material. With the transparent feature, these bags offer you the ability to see exactly what kinds of decorations are inside. So, this is how to store Christmas decorations for easy locating specific items when you’re rummaging through your storage space.

Clear storage boxes allow easy access
Clear storage boxes allow easy access

DIY ideas to Store Christmas Decorations

How to store Christmas decorations? These 3 common storage choices above are the most easy and hassle-free way to organize them.

However, what to do if you want to save some money, or if you simply want to unleash your creativity to turn something old available at home into some efficient kinds of storage for your Christmas decorations? In this section, CustomAny has all the DIY ideas for all kinds of decorations you have in Christmas.

How to store Christmas Ornaments

Firstly, let’s find out how to store your Christmas ornaments.

1. Recycle egg cartons

Your empty egg cartons can be the best ornament storage. The size of each tinkling ornament will fit perfectly to the compartments of the egg tray, which offers a safe and snug spot.

2. Coffee cup holders

Similar to egg trays, coffee cup holders are perfect for keeping small Christmas ornaments safe and sound. It can be said that this is the best way to store Christmas ornaments. You just need to place your delicate decorations into each slot of the coffee holder, and you’ve got a convenient and compact storage solution.

Coffee cup holders are perfect for keeping small Christmas ornaments safe
Coffee cup holders are perfect for keeping small Christmas ornaments safe

3. Wine Box Storage

If there are old wine boxes available in your home, you’re in luck. These boxes come with built-in cardboard dividers, are excellent for storing fragile ornaments and protect them from bumps. Moreover, with multiple boxes with the same shape and size, you can gather them in a safe place without the fear of damaging your decorations.

4. Drawstring Bags

Drawstring bags are easily seen in anyone’s home, as they are often used to wrap newly purchased bags, shoes, or drinkware. So, if you have a stash of these bags, use them to store Christmas ornaments. After putting the ornaments in the bag, you can hang them on hooks or place them neatly in storage bins.

How to store Christmas Wreaths, Garland and Tinsel 

How to store Christmas decorations which are in bigger sizes and bulkier shapes, such as wreaths, garlands, and tinsel? These Christmas stuff are often placed in the center stage during the holidays, so let’s make sure they’re in excellent shape for next year with our solutions.

5. Clothes hanger

It turns out your clothes hangers aren’t just for your clothes. You can drape your wreaths and garlands over a hanger, then hang them in your closet, one by one next to each other. This way, your decorations are kept in good shape and will be ready to shine the next holiday.

Use clothes hangers to hand wreath or garland before put them in storage

6. Dry cleaning bags

Similar to the clothes hanger idea, use your handy dry cleaning bags to store your festive decor. Place your wreaths and garlands into the bags, hang them up for the off-holiday time.

7. Cardboard Tubes

How to store garland? Another solution for the question of how to store Christmas decorations is using cardboard in the tube shape. Gather some of them, such as from used up wrapping paper rolls or paper towels, and wind your garlands around them. It’s an excellent way to prevent them from getting tangled and makes for efficient storage.

How to Store Christmas Trees

Big and bulky – how can we store our Christmas trees after the holiday season? You can try 2 solutions to store your artificial Christmas tree.

8. Use food plastic wrapper to shrink wrap your tree 

Food plastic wrap isn’t just for food. It becomes a very handy solution to wrap a big Christmas tree, just like a giant leftover meal. This shrink-wrapping technique not only keeps your tree safe from dust and damage but also turns it into a compact package that’s easy to store.

9. Garment Bags

The extra-large garment bags that are usually used for your suits or dresses can also be the storage bags for a Christmas tree. These bags protect your tree from dust and at the same time don’t affect the tree’s pristine shape.

How to Store String Lights

Christmas string lights are small and fragile. However, how to store christmas lights will not be a hard task with these DIY Christmas light storage:

10. Used cans or bottles

Reuse your empty cans or bottles to wind your string lights around to keep them safe and tidy without being tangled together. It can be said the best way to store Christmas lights without spending a penny.

Wind your Christmas string lights around cans or bottles
Wind your Christmas string lights around cans or bottles

11. Pieces of cardboard 

Cardboards have limitless ways to use, so utilize them to wind your string lights. To make it more secure, you can create some notches in your cardboard pieces and put the ends of your lights in these notches. 

12. Plastic Pipes or Wooden Spool

Plastic or wooden spools, such as water pipes or firewood around your home, make perfect organizers for storing Christmas lights. Simply wrap the strings around them to keep these festive lights in order.

How to Store Wrapping Paper and Craft Supplies

After a season of gift-giving, your house could be a mess. How to store Christmas decorations if they are wrapping paper and craft supplies? Our creative storage ideas will help you keep everything tidy at no cost.

13. Special foldable clothes hangers

Foldable clothes hangers with multiple bars or clips are the hero, not only for your closet but for your wrapping paper. You can hang your craft paper rolls on these hangers to keep them wrinkle-free and also save space.

14. Shoe Racks

Again, shoe racks are not just for your shoes! Use these shoe racks or shelves to neatly store your rolls of wrapping paper, ribbons, and other small crafting items.

15. Wall Pegboard 

A pegboard mounted on the wall of your bedroom is perfect for storing wrapping paper and your craft items like scissors, tape, and more. 

16. Stackable Drawers

Do you have stackable plastic or wooden drawers at home? Using them to organize your craft supplies is a smart choice. Label each drawer with name stickers so you can quickly find what you need. 

Use cloth boxes to organize your craft supplies
Use cloth boxes to organize your craft supplies

Tips for Effective Storage

Creative storage solutions have no meaning if they are not effective. Understanding this, we got you some tips to ensure everything stored in above ways stays in great condition:

Choose a suitable storage space

With all the Christmas decorations intact in their suitable storage bags or boxes, select a storage space that is dry, cool, and away from direct sunlight to put them. Consider your attics, basements, or a designated closet. 

Clean the decorating items before put them in storage

How to store Christmas decorations efficiently? – Before packing your decorations away, make sure to clean them. Wipe down ornaments, remove any dirt or dust from garlands, and ensure your Christmas tree is in tip-top shape.

Keep everything organized with labels

How to store Christmas decorations neatly? Using organizing labels on your storage containers will save you a lot of time when it’s time to decorate again. Knowing what’s inside each box or bin will help you quickly locate what you need.

You can use our printed custom stickers (die cut stickers made from vinyl, or clear stickers with text printed on) for this step. For vinyl stickers, you can print them with text or leave the stickers blank to handwrite on later.

Safety precautions

  • Place your storage boxes in a high position, far from power and water sources.
  • Be cautious with hazardous materials, such as solvents, acids, gasoline and alcohol. 
  • Put fragile items away from children or pets.

Unpacking and testing

To prevent your decorations from any issues before the next decorate time, you should unpacking your items and checking for any damage before Christmas. Test your string lights to ensure they are still working. This way, you have time to address any problems that could happen to your decorations during storage time, before it’s too late.


Sometimes and somehow, how to store Christmas decorations can be a challenging task to us. However, proper storage doesn’t require a costly professional solution. They can be the items you already have at home, so take advantage of them at no extra cost. With our 15+ ideas for the concern about how to store Christmas decorations, we hope that now you can make them last for many joyful holidays to come. 

Remember that CustomAny offers custom stickers and labels printed in any shape and size, perfectly to use as storage and organize labels for your packages. 


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