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23 Easy Decoration Ideas For A Colorful Mexican Themed Party

23 Easy Decoration Ideas For A Colorful Mexican Themed Party

Are you hoping to host a Mexican themed party, but feeling unsure where to begin? Don’t worry! Celebrating a vibrant and imaginative fiesta theme party is simpler than you think. The key is to be colorful and creative.

This guide will provide you with 23 easy and creative decoration ideas to transform your party into a lively and unforgettable Mexican-themed celebration. Let’s explore!

Mexican themed party entrance

All guests will pass through the entrance when they join your parties. Therefore, let’s bring a festive and vibrant atmosphere to your Mexican themed party right from the start by decorating the entrance with the following Mexican themed party ideas:

1. Fiesta Sombrero balloon arch 

Making a balloon gate is the easiest way to bring in the fiesta atmosphere. 

This arch can be made with:

  • Colorful balloons like red, orange, green, blue, and white. 
  • Different types of balloons, such as maracas or cactus shapes
Fiesta Sombrero balloon arch 
Fiesta Sombrero balloon arch 

2. Fiesta flower doorway

How about decorating the entrance with a fiesta flower doorway? 

We recommend using bright and oversized paper flowers in red, yellow, and orange. 

Along with making doorways, these flowers can be arranged to create a stunning border display, fiesta flower wreath, garland hanging, or any other decorative elements.

3. Mexican signage 

Another interesting idea is to use Mexican-themed signage to greet guests at your Mexican themed party. In this case, we recommend using UV DTF transfer stickers

This sticker type allows you to transfer any intricate designs onto signage. Because they adhere well to various surfaces, transfer stickers are commonly used in decoration.

  • Consider using transfer stickers to apply phrases like “Bienvenidos” (Welcome) or “Fiesta Time” to a chalkboard or wooden sign at the entrance.
  • You can use whole words in 1 color, or print them as a full-color design. Sticker around any symbol or patterns you like to create colorful signage.

Colors always highlight the Mexican theme, right?

Mexican signage made with transfer stickers
Mexican signage made with transfer stickers

4. Large Mexican flag backdrop

Hanging a large Mexican flag as the backdrop is perfect to complete a Mexican-themed party. This iconic symbol of Mexico, with its green, white, and red colors will instantly bring your guests a Mexican fiesta atmosphere as they enter the party.

5. DIY cactus props, sombrero, and guitar for check in area

If you’re looking for an interesting idea for the check-in area, set up a check-in area with DIY cactus props, sombreros, and guitars. Your guests can go there to pose with these elements and take fun photos. 

Decorations inside the party

After you have decorated the entrance, it’s time to move to the next step, which is decorating the main parts inside the party. 

6. Sombreros and ponchos as wall decor

Sombreros and ponchos are iconic symbols of Mexican culture, often seen in traditional Mexican clothing. You can easily find these items at party supply stores or online.

Use hooks to hang them on the wall:

  • Hang ponchos to create a bat-like shape
  • Place sombreros higher and in the center

7. Piñata as a focal point

A piñata is a must-have decoration for a Mexican themed party.

They are often filled with candies and treats. That’s why when hanging a piñata in the center of the room or above the party area, you can both decorate and create a game for guests to participate in. 

Hang a piñata at the center of a Mexican themed party
Hang a piñata at the center of a Mexican themed party

8. Hang papel picado banners

Papel picado, the Mexican folk art, are intricately cut paper decorations that feature elaborate designs and patterns. Why don’t we hang these colorful banners throughout the party space to create a festive atmosphere?

9. Paper lanterns with Mexican patterns

Beautiful lanterns are special additions that give a warm glow. They can be customized to fit the Mexican theme with appropriate patterns and colors.

You can purchase or create DIY paper lanterns decorated with Mexican patterns such as:

  • Floral designs
  • Geometric shapes
  • Images of cacti and sombreros.

Then, hang them at varying heights from the ceiling to create depth.

10. Hang Mexican pinwheel decorations in bright colors

Hang Mexican colorful pinwheels at your party
Hang Mexican colorful pinwheels at your party

Why should you use pinwheel decorations? – Because the vibrant colors and interesting shape of pinwheels reflect the joyous and lively mood of Mexican celebrations.

Besides, their spinning motion and bright colors will capture the attention of all the party-goers.

So, don’t hesitate to place them along the walkway or mount them on the wall to enhance the festive atmosphere.

11. Chili pepper lights

Chili peppers are a staple in Mexican cuisine, and string lights shaped like chili peppers highlight this connection when you are celebrating a Mexican themed party.

It’s a great idea to string chili pepper lights along:

  • Walls
  • Doorways
  • Across the ceiling 

Table setting ideas for Mexican themed party

We’re now getting close to the end of the planning process for your Mexican-themed party. Next is to prepare for the table setting. Regardless of whether the party is formal or casual, here are some suggestions:

12. Mexican blankets as table runners

Mexican blankets, known as “serapes” or “zarapes”, with their bright colors and intricate patterns, can add a vibrant and traditional look to your table settings.

If you use them as table runners, choose vibrant ones in red, blue, yellow, green, etc.

Everything you need to do is to lay the blankets across the center of the table as runners. And, it will be better if you pair them with neutral tablecloths to let the blankets stand out.

Use Mexican blankets as table runners
Use Mexican blankets as table runners

13. Cacti as table decorations

Cacti have become a popular pick for Mexican themed decor. They are iconic symbols of the Mexican desert landscape and can serve as charming table fiesta party decorations. 

You can use small potted cacti as centerpiece or arrange them in groups of different sizes and types.

14. Sarape fabric as chair covers

Sarape fabric is traditionally woven with bright colors and patterns. That’s why using sarape fabric as chair covers can add a colorful look and showcase Mexican artistry.

Let’s cover the backs of the chairs with vibrant sarape to live up the seating arrangement.

15. Terracotta plates for serving food

If you want to offer a rustic and traditional touch for your Mexican dishes, terracotta plates are an excellent choice. 

Because the main colors in your Mexican themed party are vibrant colors, natural tones of terracotta plates will be the perfect combination among your decorations.

16. Mexican terracotta pots or Mexican soda bottles as vases for flower

No party decoration is complete without flowers, right? 

So, why don’t we fill the Mexican terracotta pots or bottles with colorful blooms or traditional Mexican flowers like:

  • Marigolds
  • Sunflowers
  • Bougainvillea
  • Laelia orchid

You can mix and match different types and sizes of pots and bottles for a more unique look.

17. Mexican glassware labeled with metallic gold clear stickers

Mexican glassware labeled with metallic gold clear stickers
Mexican glassware labeled with metallic gold clear stickers

To enhance the table setting, use Mexican glassware labeled with metallic gold clear stickers. This adds a touch of elegance and sophistication while still maintaining the Mexican theme. 

Simple glassware designs are a wise choice when using clear stickers, as these stickers can seamlessly integrate and become part of the overall aesthetic. These stickers will be the focal point by choosing the interesting content designs, such as:

  • Party names
  • Festive and cheerful phrases: “¡Viva la Fiesta!”, “Bienvenidos”, “¡Salud!”
  • Celebratory expressions: “Fiesta time! 

Mexican themed party Food and Drink decorating ideas

Food and drink is also an important part that you must set up to create a great experience for everyone. This is not only preparing dishes but also planning decorating ideas to make them colorful, flavorful. Here are some creative decorating ideas for Mexican themed party food and drink:

18. Custom banner for taco bar

Tacos are a beloved Mexican dish. So, a taco bar will be a great way to attract guests to your Mexican-themed event and introduce them to Mexican cuisine.

And, a colorful, custom banner will enhance the theme and draw attention to the taco bar. You can design a banner with bright colors and traditional Mexican patterns or images, such as cacti, sombreros, or chili peppers. 

After that, include playful text like “Taco Bar” or “Build Your Own Tacos” in bold, festive fonts and hang the banner above your taco station.

19. Include bowls of colorful fruits

Fruits like mangoes, pineapples, and papayas are commonly grown in Mexico and are in many traditional dishes and beverages. So, it would be great if you could provide bowls of  these colorful fruits. 

To do that, you can arrange the fruits in large, decorative bowls or platters. However, we recommend slice the fruits into bite-sized pieces for easy serving and eating.

Garnish with fresh mint leaves or edible flowers can serve as an extra beautiful touch of color for your food.

20. Serving Mexican street corn 

Mexican street corn, also known as elote, is a popular and flavorful dish of Mexican street food culture. Serving it wrapped in green paper makes them look like real corn, which adds creativity to the dish. 

21. Mexican sugar skulls cake

Sugar skull cake as a stunning dessert
Sugar skull cake as a stunning dessert

How about using sugar skulls as a stunning dessert for your Mexican themed party? Sugar skulls will be a decorative centerpiece with their intricate and colorful designs. 

You can decorate the cake using bright colors and traditional flavors like:

  • Cinnamon
  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla

What to wear in a Mexican themed party? 

Do you pay much attention to your outfit when attending any parties? Along with clothes, accessories are important when you participate in a fiesta themed party, elegant Mexican themed party, table Mexican themed party, Mexican themed birthday party or normal Mexican themed party.

So, let’s create DIY easy flower crowns and DIY sombrero headbands for these celebrations. These accessories are simple to make and can be customized to match your Mexican party attire.

22. DIY Easy Flower Crowns and DIY Sombrero Headbands

Here are how you can DIY your flower crowns or sombrero headbands to suit all outfits:

DIY flower crowns:

  • Materials needed: Artificial flowers, floral wire, green floral tape, scissors
  • Measure the floral wire around your head to determine the crown size.
  • Attach the flowers to the wire crown and secure them with green floral tape.

DIY sombrero headbands:

  • Materials needed: Mini sombreros, headbands, hot glue gun, decorative items (optional)
  • Use a hot glue gun to attach the mini sombrero to the top of the headband.
  • Add decorations such as ribbons, sequins, or pom-pom.

Favor ideas

23. Mexican themed party favors in maracas 

Use maracas to carry tiny party favors
Use maracas to carry tiny party favors

Are you ready for the final step in preparing for the perfect Mexican themed party? Let’s thank your guests with adorable favors in the iconic maracas. Here’s what you can DIY:

  • Customized maracas: Personalize the maracas with the guests’ names or the date of the party by painting or adding small vinyl die-cut stickers, clear or transfer stickers to the handles
  • Make mini maraca keychains
  • Maraca shakers: Fill the maracas with small candies, chocolates, or confetti

Last words 

In conclusion, with these 23 easy fiesta party decor ideas, your Mexican themed party is sure to be a vibrant and memorable event.  

For more party planning inspiration, consider visiting our website to check out our other articles on various party themes, such as Halloween, Beach Themed party, Bridgerton Themed party, etc.

Be creative and imaginative as you plan your next themed party and transform it into a memorable and visually stunning experience for everyone.


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