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Taylor Swift Themed Party: Top 15+ Enchanted Decoration Ideas

Top 15+ Enchanted Decoration Ideas for a Taylor Swift Themed Party

Are you Swifties? Are you planning a Taylor Swift themed party to have fun with friends? 

Here we have the ultimate guide to creating an enchanting party inspired by “Mother”. These 15+ unique and creative decoration ideas will transform an ordinary gathering into celebration of Taylor Swift’s music and style.

So, get ready to throw an energetic Taylor Swift themed party!

Setting the Space for your Taylor Swift Themed Party

Creating the perfect Taylor Swift themed party starts with setting the venue. In this section, we will discover all the things we can use to make your guests instantly feel the “Taylor spirit” once they enter the party venue.

1. Backdrop of Album Covers

A backdrop made from Taylor’s album cover prints is the easiest way to celebrate a Taylor Swift themed party.

You can choose between printing high-quality images of each album cover and arranging them on a large wall of the party or create a file and print as a large custom poster. The backdrop will be your guests’ favorite spot for taking photos throughout the party.

2. Giant Cutout Standees

How about taking a picture with life-size standees of Taylor Swift? You can also make various versions of Taylor from all of her eras. These are sure to be a hit at your Taylor Swift themed party. 

3. Vinyl Record Wall Art

A wall art display using vinyl records works for any party, including Taylor Swift theme.

Use actual Taylor’s records and arrange them in a pattern on the wall or use high-quality prints to ensure they look like real vinyl records. To make it more “Taylor Swift”, let’s add specific album titles and song names on the record surface.

This decor idea does nothing but adds a retro vibe to your Taylor Swift themed party setup.

4. Lyric Banners

Showcase the Taylor Swift's lines that you like as party banners
Showcase the Taylor Swift’s lines that you like as party banners

Taylor’s song lyrics are just like a poetic story. So, let’s showcase the lines you like as banners. 

  • If it’s a party for a cool friend group, or a Taylor Swift themed bachelorette party, we recommend using colorful bold fonts and the line “You can’t spell awesome without me”. Put around this text a portrait of all the members in your friend group who are in cool poses.
  • If it is a fashion party, or a gathering of slay girls, strong lyrics like “Darling, I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream” are the best match. Use a dramatic font on a contrasting background. Also, you should consider banners with a textured look.
  • For a Taylor Swift themed birthday party, no matter what the age, “I’m feeling twenty-two” in vibrant colors is the best choice. Confetti or balloon graphics will add a festive feel for your banner.

So, whether it’s the heartfelt words from “Love Story” or the empowering lines from “The Man”, these banners will speak for what you want to say.

5. Polaroid Picture Wall

A Polaroid picture wall is so easy to make because the guest will help you.

Firstly, provide a Polaroid camera and film, put them near the backdrop area so your guest can easily take their pictures. Next, set up a dedicated wall where your guests can hang Polaroid pictures. 

To make it even more special, we recommend using a frame featuring Taylor Swift themed decorations, like

  • Glitter
  • Mini album covers
  • Small fairy lights.

After the party, you can either keep the pictures or give them back to your guests as a hand keepsake.

6. Customized Signage

Signage cannot be missed. However, this time let’s bring it to the next level with some customized elements. 

If you have signage made from sturdy materials like wood, consider using clear stickers or vinyl stickers to create personalized signs. These stickers will make the process much faster. Especially, you can especially reuse the plain signage for other parties by removing these stickers after use.

Prints stickers to highlight special areas like the dance floor, photo booth, or snack table.

  • Please picture me” for the check-in space
  • The players gonna play, play, play, play, play” for Games area
  • I could show you incredible things” for Food and Drinks 
  • Capture it, remember it” for Photo booth area

7. Guitar Display

Display Guitars at Taylor Swift themed party
Display Guitars at Taylor Swift themed party

Taylor without a guitar? We can’t imagine that. The guitar is Taylor’s symbol right from her debut, so a guitar display will make your party truly “Taylor Swift’s”.

Arrange acoustic guitars around the party space, perhaps on stands or as part of a decorative vignette. 

Decor Ideas for each of Taylor’s Era

What is your most favorite Era? Let’s reproduce it at your Taylor Swift themed party.

Take a look at our recommended ideas for each era:

8. Vintage Props for “Speak Now”

Speak Now era is about vintage props. Consider using:

  • Antique lamps
  • Lace doilies
  • Ornate picture frames
  • Vintage books
  • Gramophones

This decor will transport your guests back to the enchanted era of Taylor’s third album.

9. Neon Signs for “1989”

Taylor’s 1980 era can be reflected through bright neon lights and bold colors.

Use neon signs with iconic phrases from Taylor Swift’s 1989 album, like “Wildest Dreams” or “Shake It Off”. You can hang these neon signs on the walls or place them on tables to create an electrifying ambiance.

10. Snake Motifs for “Reputation”

When it comes to the Reputation era, it’s all about dark and edgy tones with snake symbols. 

If you choose this era to for your Taylor Swift themed party ideas, use snake-themed decor items:

  • Snake-shaped balloons
  • A backdrop with large snake illustration
  • A metallic snake sculpture 
  • Snake die-cut stickers or Reputation Taylor Swift stickers
  • Snake-printed fabrics

Besides, black and silver color schemes and metallic accents will enhance the dramatic feel. 

11. Heart-shaped Decor for “Lover”

Heart-shaped Paper garlands for Lover Era
Heart-shaped Paper garlands for Lover Era

You should opt for dreamy, romantic, and pastel-colored decorating items for a Taylor Swift Lover themed party. Use heart-shaped decor items throughout the party: 

  • Red and pink heart-shaped cushions
  • Paper garlands
  • Balloons with glitter

Pastel colors like pink, blue, and lavender help you create a soft, inviting atmosphere. 

Consider adding fairy lights and delicate flowers to complete the romantic vibe.

12. Cottagecore for “Folklore”

The Folklore era symbolized the cozy, rustic charm, so cottagecore aesthetic is our recommendation.

Let’s utilize natural elements for this Taylor Swift party:

  • Flowers in mason jars
  • Wooden accents
  • Cozy blankets
  • Vintage-inspired tableware (mismatched china plates or linen napkins)

Interactive Decor Elements

Want to make your Taylor Swift themed party even more engaging and fun? These activities can be your party games and some also give you some unique decoration items.

13. DIY Lyric Posters

Set up a place with art supplies: markers, paints, and canvases. This is where your guests can create their favorite Taylor’s lyric posters. 

14. Costume Photo Booth

Prepare costumes and props inspired by Taylor Swift’s music videos (Taylor Swift themed party outfits), and a photo booth for your guests to take memorable photos at the party. 

15. Song Request Board

Prepare Song Request Board for your guests
Prepare Song Request Board for your guests (Photo: Shelby Young on Etsy)

Have a song request board where guests can write down their favorite Taylor Swift songs they want to hear (or sing).

16. Light-up Dance Floor

A light-up dance floor adds an exciting element to your party. Remember to make it a “Taylor party” by including floor stickers and colored dance lights.

Before throwing your Taylor Swift themed party

Let’s try these top 15+ enchanted decoration ideas to host a memorable Taylor Swift themed party that showcases the incredible style of “Mother” music. 

Before starting decoration, remember to plan your decor layout, ensure you have all necessary supplies, and leave time for setup.

For a Taylor Swift themed party or any other celebrations, custom stickers and labels can add a personalized touch to the decoration, so if you need party stickers, try our website. We offer various sticker types that suit your ideas, including elegant classic die cut vinyl stickers, clear stickers, durable 3D UV transfer stickers. These sticky decorating elements will turn your party into a hit without any stress.


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