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Last Minute Baptism Gift Ideas: 18 Impressive Christening gifts for Every Age

18 impressive Last Minute Baptism Gift Ideas

Baptism, whether for a newborn, a child, or an adult, is a significant ceremony in his or her spiritual journey. If you’re invited to witness this special occasion, be sure that you bring with you a gift.

But how can we find a meaningful and impressive gift if the time is ticking away? Understanding that looking for last minute baptism gift ideas can be overwhelming, CustomAny is here to help with 18 impressive Christening gifts that are not only easy and fast to buy but also very practical for the recipients, including both children or an adult. 

Last Minute Baptism Gift Ideas for Children 

In the first section, let’s discover last-minute baptism gift ideas for the little ones. 

1. Children’s bible

A special version of the bible for children is one of the most meaningful baptism gift ideas from godparents, or anyone who shares the special moment with the child.

Look for eye-catching bible books with colorful illustrations and engaging stories tailored for the little one’s age. Parents can read the bible for their kids and show them the beautiful illustrations before bed times. These activities do nothing but promote spiritual growth and transform learning about faith into an exciting adventure for kids.

You should choose the paperback edition, because sturdy hardcovers may not be safe for young children in some cases.

To add your personal touch, you can handwrite a note for the kid on the very first page of this bible.

Children's bible - Special Illustrated version
Children’s bible – Special Illustrated version

2. Keepsake box

A keepsake box is one of the ideal last minute baptism gift ideas for baptism boy or girl, because it’s easy to buy at any local store and suitable for children of all ages. The box will help parents and their baptism kids to their precious mementos.

Opt for an exceptional wooden box, which is engraved with the child’s name and baptism date. This personalized gift serves as a meaningful keepsake for commemorating this special occasion.

3. Angel wing wall decal

If this is an infant baptism, nothing makes a better gift idea than a nursery wall decal. This practical and meaningful gift will elevate the aesthetic of the space. We recommend you buy a vinyl wall decal featuring a dedicated angel wing to add a touch of heavenly charm to the room of the newly baptized little angel. 

When purchasing nursery wall decals, you should look for a printing company that allows for personalized the decal with baby name. Besides, make sure the Christening gifts come in with an appropriate adhesive so the family can easily remove it if they need to, without causing any damage to the walls.

Angel wing wall decal
Angel wing wall decal

4. Photo frame

There may be a small project of photoshoot at the baptism to capture special moments of the little one. So the last minute baptism gift ideas you should go for is a photo frame. 

The frame is way better if it features a cross or religious symbol. You should look for a durable and stylish frame because it will not only showcase the baby’s first photo but also complements their room decor.

5. Religious name puzzle

A wooden puzzle with the kid’s religious name on it not only encourages their early learning but also drives their spiritual connection. This engaging present is recommended for children aged from 2 to 4.

Opt for a puzzle with smooth edges and made of non-toxic materials or finishes, safe for young children’s health. Aside from the child’s name, you can look for a puzzle that comes with religious symbols in vivid colors to catch the eye of the little ones.

When you choose a name puzzle as your last minute baptism gift ideas, you need one that is aligned with the child’s age and developmental stage.

Religious name puzzle
Religious name puzzle (Source: Etsy)

6. Baptism quilt

A baptism quilt is one of the last minute baptism gift ideas which wrap the child in warmth and love. It is suitable for children who have recently had their baptized. It is one of the most practical Christening gifts for girls, Christening gifts for boys or baby Christening gifts. It also can be saved for later daily use, such as for snuggles or bedtime.

Look for the baptism quilt that is made of soft and hypoallergenic fabric to ensure the comfort for a child, especially infants. Personalize it by embroidering name and baptism date on it. 

However, there is a noticeable difference if you choose a baptism quilt as a gift: you should give it to the parents before the ceremony or tell them what you will give to ensure the baptism quilt will be used for this sacred ceremony.

7. Baptism Elephant Keepsake

Give the newly baptized an elephant as the symbolism of lifelong companionship with God. Kids can say no to a lovely and soft elephant made from plushies, no matter what age they are in.  When selecting a plushie elephant as a last minute baptism gift or christening gifts from godparents, you can add an extra step by choosing one that is embroidered with the baby name or a religious symbol. This charming and personalized gift offers the kids who receive it not only cuddly comfort but also a meaningful memory of their special day.

Soft reminder: Put safety first by ensuring the elephant’s quality and its suitability for children of varying ages.

8. Religious name night light

Night light with the kid’s Christian name is a great choice for last minute baptism gift ideas. Look for LED night lights with a calming glow for creating a comforting and soothing space for their bedtime. You can scroll through various design options available on online marketplace where the provider offers personalized name service.

Religious name night light
Religious name night light (Source: Etsy)

9. Cross name bracelet

Give the newly baptized child a beautiful cross name bracelet made of silver or gold. This timeless jewelry piece, great baptism gift ideas for girl, acts as an unique and meaningful last minute baptism gift.

10. First communion necklace

Also a type of jewelry, first communion necklace is an elegant baptism gift for any child. Choose the one that is made of high-quality metal or gemstone. This kind of gift also can be personalized by engraving. Put the child’s name and his or her baptism date on the necklace, ensuring a lasting memory. 

11. Silicone weaning set with religious name

If the baby is at a very young age, a silicon weaning set is the most suitable baptism gift. With the help of a weaning set, mealtime turns into a happy journey for parents and a convenient experience for the child.

Order from suppliers that allow you to personalized the set with the child;s name. But most importantly, make sure it is BPA-free, dishwasher-safe and in a gentle color. 

All the careful selections above are great as last minute gift ideas for children. They are both practical and sentimental, acting as the companion as well as the cherished keepsakes for the little ones along their spiritual journey.

Silicone weaning set for the baptized baby
Silicone weaning set for the baptized baby (Source: Etsy)

Last Minute Baptism Gift Ideas for Adults 

How about last minute baptism gift ideas for adults? Let’s explore the next 7 suggestions:

12. Devotional book 

When it is about baptism gifts for adults, we always come up with a devotional book. With daily devotionals or spiritual readings, this book becomes distinctive for its inspiration.

When ordering one, you need to make sure that its content is deeply rooted in the recipient’s faith, aligning with their spiritual journey. Besies, consider the durability, and the potential for personalization, such as putting custom transfer stickers featuring the recipient’s name and date of baptism on it.

13. Baptismal candle 

A baptismal candle usually is a symbol of the light of Christ. When being lit during significant moments, it serves as a tangible reminder of the baptism sacred vows.

The great options for baptismal candles are those with beautiful craftings, for a practical yet deeply meaningful gift.

Baptism candle 
Baptism candle 

14. Personalized ceramic baptism water bowl 

Ceramic water bowl is also a must have for baptism. This elegant and practical gift not only serves a functional purpose but also adds a distinctive and meaningful aspect to the sacred ritual.

Put the name, the date and the venue of baptism on this special bowl, making it a thoughtful and enduring gift for adults. Remember to choose high-quality ceramic to ensure longevity and aesthetic appeal.

15. Personalized elegant holy water bottle 

One of the best christening gifts is a personalized holy water bottle. It is a portable design that allows people of all ages to carry holy water in a convenient way. It serves as a practical yet beautiful gift for anyone who is getting a baptism. 

Look for holy water bottles made of durable glass or stainless steel. You can get them personalized by engraved or much more easier by adding a custom clear sticker for the most visual appeal touch.

Personalized elegant holy water bottle 
Personalized elegant holy water bottle 

16. Personalized bible cover 

A personalized bible cover with the name on it will complete anyone’s sacred bible book, providing both protection and a personal touch. Leather or canvas are the ideal material when it comes to bible cover. 

17. Junior Saints magnets 

Gifting junior Saints magnets will bring creative options for adults to decorate their home with the stories of saints. These magnets are their daily inspiration, great on fridges or any magnetic surface.

18. Personalized Saints sticker set

Similar to the saint magnet set, personalized saints sticker set is nothing but a delightful and interactive gift. With these playful yet inspirational last minute baptism gift ideas, recipients can decorate their daily items such as phones, laptops, bible book, notebook, etc. Moreover, these baptism stickers but are in large size can be placed on walls, closets, kitchen cabinets and more, creating visual tributes to their home.  

You can look for pre-printed stickers that are available on online marketplaces or order custom printed stickers that are tailored to your own design from custom printing companies like us.

When selecting last minute baptism gifts for adults, whether which idea you choose, consider the recipient’s preferences and the durability of the gift to ensure they last long after the baptism ceremony.


So, the key in looking for last minute baptism gift ideas is to opt for something easy to buy but still practical thanks for its use and sentimental thanks for the personalized element. Take our suggestions as impressive and thoughtful gift ideas for both children and adults who are going to have their baptism, bring them the truthful companion for their spiritual journey.

You can scroll on our blog page here for more creative gift ideas and inspiration for many other events. If you need custom stickers and labels for special occasions, look no further than our product page. We’re really honored to help. 


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