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Preparing for Baptism: A Comprehensive Guide for Your Infant’s Special Day 

Preparing for Baptism A Comprehensive Guide for Your Infant's Special Day 

If you are the newly Christian parents, you may have the desire to have your child baptized and make it a meaningful experience. But are you wondering “What do I need to do when preparing for baptism?”

If you are questioning yourself about this, you’re in the right place. In this blog post, CustomAny will provide you with a comprehensive guide to prepare for your infant’s special day. With these steps, you’ll know exactly what to do when it comes to preparing for baptism

Keep reading to find out how to create a beautiful and memorable baptism for your little one.

When to begin preparing for baptism?

Worrying about what to do when preparing for baptism? Don’t rush. Before going into the actual steps of preparing for baptism, it’s necessary to determine the right time to have your child baptized. 

When do babies get baptized? According to saintlukemclean.org, infant baptism is usually conducted between 3 to 6 months of the child’s age. Most families have the infant baptism occurring as early as 8 days after the kid was born. This decision may vary among different families. However, you should know that the process of the baptism remains quite similar for children under the age of 7. So, feel free to choose the right time for your infant or baby. 

After determining the right time to have your baby baptized, you need at least a month of preparation for baptism. With this information in mind, let’s move to the main section of finding out What are the steps you need to take when preparing for baptism throughout this period of time.

When to begin preparing for baptism
When to begin preparing for baptism

A step-by-step guide of Preparing for Baptism

Preparing for baptism, especially for your infant, is a priceless journey as you, the parents, take time to fulfill significant steps and add meaning to this sacred ceremony. You will ask yourself what do you need for baptism or what to do before getting baptized?

To help you with this, we bring you a baptism checklist to ensure a perfect ceremony for your little one and a memorable experience for those who witness it.

1. Name Your Little Blessing

First of all, you need to select a Christian name for your baby. 

Christian name is a symbolic aspect of the religious ritual and is used to formally recognize your baby within your Christian community. Although the naming process is during baptism, it’s still better to choose it first hand.

You can select one from the list of Saint names that are commonly used or name your infant by the name of the godfather or godmother. Besides, consider names with special meanings or connections to your faith. Take time to reflect on the significance each name holds and how it aligns with your aspirations for your child’s future.

2. Select Godparents

Select Godparents for your child
Select Godparents for your child

As mentioned above, the Christian name for your child can be taken from his or her Godparents. As a result, choosing godparents is one of the steps in preparing for baptism. 

Considering those from your close friendships is a wise thought. You should choose someone who shares your values, commitment to faith, and a genuine connection with your child. Express your wishes to them and show your sincerity if they agree.

3. Decide Time and Place for the Baptism

When preparing for baptism, the exact date and church are significant things needed for baptism ceremony. Getting these choices done, you’ll be easier to set up the overall atmosphere.

The place for baptism can vary based on your desire. It can be a local church, a baptistries, or an outside location such as a serene garden, or even your private home. Whether you choose, ensure the setting aligns with the spiritual tone you desire.

To ensure the best place for baptism, you should discuss your options with your religious leader.

4. Create and send out invitations

Using personalized photo stickers on Infant Baptism Invitations
Using personalized photo stickers on Infant Baptism Invitations

Spend months preparing for baptism and do it silently in private? We don’t think so. At least invite family and close friends to your infant baptism. You should make personalized invitations to share this sacred occasion with the guests. 

The most important: Ensure that you include all the important details in the invitation. They are the date, time, and venue of the baptism. 

Then, you need to decorate it. Opt for designs that reflect the solemnity and joy of the event. It’s a good idea to add some beautiful Christian custom stickers or some custom photo stickers of your baby to make the invitation more appealing and heartfelt. 

5. Choose the perfect Baptism dress for your baby

What do you need for a baptism? When it comes to preparing for baptism, do not forget the baptism dress for your little angels. The baby or infant baptism dress, commonly in white, is the symbol of purity and can be seen as the beginning of the child’s spiritual journey.

If you have something special in family heirlooms, take it. Otherwise, you can opt for custom-made gowns, or buy some simple yet elegant white dress. 

Incorporate details made from lace or embroidery will make the baptism dress perfectly when being worn by your Christian baby.

6. Baptism Favors

Express gratitude to those who come and witness your infant baptism with favors
Express gratitude to those who come and witness your infant baptism with favors

Preparing for baptism is like preparing for other celebrations, you should express gratitude to those who come and witness your infant or baby’s ritual ceremony with baptism favors. Consider these ideas:

  • Personalized candles with the baby Christian names on them
  • Customized cookies in the shape of crosses, angels, etc
  • Mini rosaries that can be used for prayer
  • Small, pocket-sized Bibles
  • Small angel figurines as a symbol of protection

To make these baptism favors even more special, you should add custom stickers with a sweet message or a photo sticker of your baby on them. These small stickers can create long lasting memories in your guest mind, allowing them to cherish the special baptism of your child.

Notable tips when preparing for Baptism

When preparing for baptism, there are some things you need to keep in mind to ensure it occurs successfully.

1. Start Early

As we’ve discussed above, you need to start preparing for baptism at least 1 month before the special date. This time frame is for choosing the place, the godparents, the dress and the favor for those who come. Taking the preparation process in advance to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience, leaving you some spare time for any obstacle that comes along the way. 

2. Consult Your Religious Leader

As new parents of the first infant, you’d better seek guidance from your religious leader. With wide knowledge and experience, they are the ones that provide helpful advice about religious customs and important requirements for the baptism ceremony.

3. Photo Shoot and Keepsakes

You should have a photo shoot project to capture the sacred moments of your baby baptism. Opt for a dedicated photographer or have someone from your family and friends to take responsibility for it.

Besides, keepsakes such as beautifully designed baptism certificates or personalized candles are great reminders of your little angel’s special day. These small items will hold sentimental value over a lasting time.

4. Make it personalized

The baptism is for your baby, so don’t stay ordinary. You can make it especially for your child and about your child only by incorporating custom baptism stickers as the key decoration. 

Consider adding custom stickers onto elements such as invitations, venue decoration, and baptism favors. These small but versatile adhesive pieces add a unique and heartfelt touch to the entire baptism, making it distinctly your baby’s.

For high-quality and customizable stickers, consider using our printing service. Our website is the place where you can turn designs of joy into unique baptism stickers personalized to suit your needs. So, go ahead to explore the printing option we are providing.


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