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5 Things To Prepare for a Thrilling Super Bowl Watch Party

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As the iconic Super Bowl event is coming, there’s no denying that the excitement is filling every corner. To emerge yourself into it, are you planning for a thrilling Super Bowl watch party that you are hosting right at home? This Super Bowl watch party will not only be about the joy of cheering for your favorite team but also the gathering, games and delicious snacks.

We get it. So, in this blog post, CustomAny team has rounded up all essential steps for a memorable Super Bowl Watch Party. These 5 key things will ensure your gathering is a touchdown of fun and happiness.

1. Time and place for the Super Bowl Watch Party

First things first: you must nail down the time and the perfect spot for your Super Bowl Watch Party.

Firstly, you need to know “when does Super Bowl start” or “what time the super bowl start”. Carefully check the kick-off time and consider using a Super Bowl props sheet or a super bowl props betting as you will not want to miss a single moment of the big game. Research the Super Bowl picks beforehand and become a sports analyst during the party. Your little insight can make the watch party even more engaging.

Also, check the timeline for the pregame festivities and what time is the super bowl halftime show to ensure every part of your party is in the suitable time range.

When it comes to where to hold the party, remember that it must be large enough for your guest list to stay together. You also need to make sure that your chosen spot comfortably accommodates everyone, with a clear view of the screen. 

You can try your living room, your backyard, or ask to borrow your friend’s place. Whether this place is, it must be equipped with the essentials – ample seating, good vibes, and, of course, the necessary tech to catch all the game-day action. 

2. A large screen (and channels)

Now, it’s time for the MVP of your Super Bowl Watch Party – the screen.

Firstly, size matters. Ensure you have a large screen, which doesn’t just elevate the viewing experience but also make your watch party guests feel like they are seated at the stadium.

Next, the question is where can you watch the Super Bowl game? How to watch the super bowl 2023 for free?

  • If you are using cable, major networks like CBS, NBC, or Fox usually broadcast the game. Double-check the TV schedule to confirm which channel will be hosting the event in your area. 
  • If your choice is streaming, platforms like CBS All Access, Hulu + Live TV, or YouTube TV often provide live streams of the Super Bowl. Just make sure you’ve got your subscription sorted well in advance.
  • Pro tip: test your setup beforehand to avoid any last-minute hiccups. You wouldn’t want to miss a crucial play because of technical difficulties. 

3. Decoration for the Super Bowl Watch Party

Now that you’ve got the place, it’s time for creating the perfect Super Bowl decoration for the party.

Fill the space with excitement with Super Bowl images. These symbols instantly amp up the energy and set the tone for a spirited Super Bowl Watch Party. 

Besides, consider these Super Bowl party supplies:

  • Add your team’s color to anything, including tablecloths, napkins, or even balloons..
  • Hang up some flags and hand out Super Bowl hats to your guests so you can all wave the flags and wear the hats proudly to showcase team spirit.
  • Add banners featuring your team slogans or iconic phrases to bring in the sporty atmosphere.

If you are looking for a centerpiece for the Super Bowl watch party, consider placing a helmet adorned with your team’s logo. You can use custom vinyl die cut stickers or 3D UV transfer stickers featuring the logo so you can even stick them to other objects.

4. Setting the table

Serving food on football-themed tables that will bring the mood to your Super Bowl Watch Party.

Start by draping a football tablecloth over your serving area. 

Next, put on Super Bowl-themed tableware like plates, cups, and napkins.

You can use transfer stickers in designs like footballs, helmets, or even the Super Bowl logo to turn any plain tableware into a Super Bowl thing. Transfer stickers adhere seamlessly to surfaces, ensuring your tableware is both visually appealing and practical. These sturdy and vivid adhesive pieces can make a big impact and contribute to the overall Super Bowl watch party experience.

Besides, you can add a touch of humor into your setup by incorporating funny Super Bowl memes. Whether it’s on napkins or coasters, these playful touches add a lighthearted element to your Super Bowl Watch Party.

With a well-set table, your guests are in for a visual treat as they dig into the game day snacks. 

5. Food, Drink and Snacks

Don’t forget food, drinks, and snacks. These things can keep your energy high and the taste buds happy. 

In such a Super Bowl watch party, choose dishes that won’t distract you from the screen. Try go for crowd-pleasers like:

  • Buffalo Chicken Wings
  • Cheeseburger sliders
  • Nachos
  • Pulled Pork Sandwiches
  • Tacos, etc.

These options are not only delicious but also let you and your buddies focus on the screen during the game.

When it comes to drinks, opt for the classic like beer, sodas, and soft drinks. In case you want to level up the experience, consider mixing up some cocktails or mocktails.

How about the snacks? Look for crunchy delights:

  • Popcorn
  • Pretzels
  • Caramel corn
  • Candied nuts

You can use snacks like chips, dip, veggies and arrange them to resemble a Super Bowl stadium. 

Also, a cheese board is a classy addition. You can mix and match cheeses, cured meats, and other accompaniments.


With our suggestions on screen setup to customized decorations and table settings, let’s make your Super Bowl Watch Party more than just a gathering. Host a party that will become  a shared experience and lasting memories about the thrilling Super Bowl games. The cheers and laughter made it clear – a thrilling Super Bowl Watch Party is about more than just the game; it’s about coming together and celebrating the love of the sport. 

If you want to throw a themed-party but haven’t had any idea or haven’t known what to do yet, our guide here may help.


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