How Custom Clear Stickers from CustomAny outshine the regular ones

How Custom Clear Stickers from CustomAny outshine the regular ones

Custom Clear Stickers – you’ve probably heard of or seen them. These transparent background adhesive pieces are the exceptional choice if you are looking for a sticker type with an elegant look, whether you’re a business owner looking for innovative branding solutions or an individual seeking to add a touch of creativity to your personal projects. 

However, if you’re not already sure exactly why, when and where you should use them, you’re in for a treat.

In this blog post, we’ll introduce to you our modern custom clear stickers with highlight features that outshine the regular ones. Also, we’ll go into details about the advantages of these remarkable stickers, how to get your hands on them, and all the essential details you need to know.

So, let’s get started!

Introducing CustomAny’s Custom clear stickers

Custom clear stickers are unique in their transparency as they are printed on clear vinyl material, which gives them that distinct see-through appearance. These see through stickers offer a sleek and elegant appearance that can enhance branding, personal projects, and more.

CustomAny’s custom clear stickers overview

At CustomAny, we take clear stickers to a whole new level.

We use 2 distinct printing methods to create custom clear stickers that suit your specific needs: Offset Printing, ideal for regular designs, and UV Printing, perfect for designs with white elements. This is because printing white on clear vinyl is a challenge, but UV Printing is one of the 5 ways to print white on clear materials, which excels in preserving the vibrancy of white elements on clear backgrounds.

Separating choice in printing methods helps us in making clear stickers in extraordinary levels of detail and clarity.

CustomAny's Custom clear stickers
CustomAny’s Custom clear stickers


Our production process is designed for precision.

When it comes to regular designs, we utilize offset printers. These printers use the traditional method of transferring ink to the clear vinyl, resulting in crisp, high-quality sticker prints.

For more complex designs that include white elements, we turn to UV printers. UV printers use ultraviolet light to dry and cure the ink almost instantly as it’s applied to the clear vinyl. This rapid curing process ensures that white elements, which can be challenging to print on a clear background, maintain their vibrancy and clarity. The end result is remarkable custom clear stickers that capture every detail of your design with precision.


A finished custom clear sticker consists of 2 layers: backing paper and the custom transparent stickers layer. When applying, you simply peel the backing paper, stick the sticker to a clean, dry surface, gently press to remove air bubbles and it’s done. These stickers blend seamlessly with the surface, providing a sleek, polished appearance that’s perfect for various purposes.

What makes CustomAny’s Custom clear stickers better than regular clear stickers?

When it comes to stickers with no background, CustomAny‘s stands out in compelling ways that make them superior to regular clear stickers.

Full-Color Printing

One of the standout features of our custom clear stickers is the ability to print in white. 

Conventional digital printing on clear vinyl simply can’t achieve this, restricting your design options. However, we employs UV printing, which breaks these constraints. Now you’re not limited to transparent and colored designs only. Whether it’s a vibrant photo, intricate artwork, custom clear logo stickers, our full-color printing can bring your ideas to life with clarity and detail.

High Quality

Printed on high-quality clear vinyl, our waterproof clear stickers can withstand wet or humid conditions. Also, our custom clear stickers boast exceptional durability. Thanks to the use of advanced printing technology, these stickers maintain their sharp and vivid appearance, even in the face of environmental challenges. This ensures that your stickers remain visually striking and long-lasting, whether you’re applying them outdoors, indoors, or on products that may be exposed to various conditions.

Vivid and Sharp Look

Our clear stickers offer a vivid, sharp, and premium appearance. These stickers attract the viewer’s attention with their brilliant hues, ensuring your designs pop with stunning clarity.

CustomAny's clear stickers offer a vivid, sharp, and premium appearance
CustomAny’s clear stickers offer a vivid, sharp, and premium appearance

Professional Finishes

We offer both glossy and matte finishes for custom clear stickers. The glossy finish provides a shiny look that brings out the vibrancy of your design, while the matte finish gives a subtle, elegant appearance.

With these outstanding features, our custom clear stickers elevate your projects to a professional level that standard clear stickers can’t match.

How can CustomAny’s custom clear stickers be used?

Thanks to their unique transparency, custom clear stickers are best suited for smooth and transparent or semi-transparent surfaces. However, it’s not their limitations. You can utilize them to any hard and smooth surface, no matter how transparent it is, as long as you want to showcase what’s beneath.

Here are the recommended uses for clear stickers:

Product Labeling

One primary use of these clear stickers is product labeling. Ideal for businesses that want to label their products without obstructing the item’s appearance, especially for glass containers. For example, they are commonly used as labels for products such as homemade jams, handmade candles or cosmetics.

Clear stickers shine when beign used as product label on glass packagings
Clear stickers shine when beign used as product label on glass packagings

Window Decals

CustomAny‘s custom clear stickers work wonders as window decals. They are perfect for office spaces or store windows, helping you convey important information, promotions, or add a decorative touch to your space. You can also use them to adorn your home’s windows and doors.

Custom clear stickers work wonders as window decals
Custom clear stickers work wonders as window decals

Vehicle Decals

If you’re looking to personalize your vehicle, these stickers can be applied to car windows as car stickers, providing a stylish and personalized touch. Display your unique designs or promote your business while maintaining an unobstructed view from the inside.

Wedding and Special Occasion Decor

These clear stickers add elegance and personality to your special occasions. Use them on wedding invitations, favors, or any other special event. They provide a sophisticated, customized touch that makes your celebrations truly memorable.

Identification and Organization

Beyond celebrations and businesses, clear stickers in texts or symbols can also be used to label your kitchen jars and containers, making it easy to identify contents. Also, they are great for organizing your office or home as the transparent nature allows you to see what’s inside while keeping things neat and tidy.

How to Order custom clear stickers from CustomAny?

How to make clear stickers? You can simply order it online, such as from CustomAny, as ordering custom clear stickers from us is a simple process.

Begin by visiting our product page where you’ll find a variety of sticker types, then choose “Clear stickers”. On the page for clear stickers, tailor the size and quantity to your specific needs. Our real-time pricing system will immediately show how much you need to pay. 

Next, upload your design file, select “Add to Cart,” and proceed to checkout. Your order will then be processed. Our production time typically takes around 5-7 days, with shipping times varying based on your location and chosen delivery method.

This order process is the same for any type of stickers that we are offering. So for detailed steps and a comprehensive guide to order from our website, you can check out our article named “How to order custom stickers from CustomAny”.


How are clear stickers different from regular stickers?

Regular stickers often have a white background, while clear stickers stand out for their transparent background, allowing the underlying surface to show through.

What is clear vinyl for?

Clear vinyl is incredibly versatile, primarily used for clear stickers and other see-through applications like window decals or glass product labels.

What is the difference between clear stickers and transparent stickers?

Clear stickers and transparent stickers are, in fact, the same. Both refer to stickers with a see-through background.

What are clear stickers good for?

Clear stickers are excellent for applications on smooth, transparent, or semi-transparent surfaces, making them perfect for product labeling, window decals, and more.

Can clear stickers be used outdoors?

Certainly! Clear stickers are well-suited for outdoor use. Our high-quality clear vinyl makes them durable and resistant to various environmental conditions including rain, sun, or snow.

Are clear stickers more expensive than regular stickers?

Clear stickers are typically slightly more expensive than regular stickers with white backing, but they deliver exceptional value due to their unique characteristics. The exact price depends on the size and quantity you want, and you can easily check the pricing on our clear stickers page.

Can I order clear stickers in different shapes and sizes?

Certainly! We offer customization options for clear stickers, allowing you to select the size that suits your needs and in any design you have, all that you need to do is upload it on the website.

It’s time to create your own clear stickers

At CustomAny, our custom clear stickers are your gateway to a world of possibilities. With the ability to print in white by using UV printing technology, we offer full-color printing, providing sharp, durable, and exceptional quality prints.

So, are you ready to enhance your branding, personal projects, or creative expressions? 


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