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Glossy vs matte sticker: Which finish should you choose?

Glossy vs matte sticker

Today, there are many types of sticker finishes: matte, glossy, semi-gloss, hologram, glitter, clear, and so on. Depending on the type, each one has its own features as well as its own uses. However, the two most commonly used kinds are glossy finish vs matte finish stickers.

As mentioned above, glossy vs matte sticker have different characteristics and advantages. Therefore, choosing between glossy vs matte sticker needs to consider many factors to ensure both the appearance as well as the durability of the finished sticker. With that in mind, we have created this article to help you better understand the difference between glossy and matte stickers. From there, you can give yourself the best answer to the question: “which is better glossy or matte?”

Glossy sticker vs matte sticker finish explained

1. What is glossy finish? 


Glossy/high-gloss finish sticker is very reflecting and shiny sticker paper, giving off an almost satiny appearance. So, glossy stickers, sometimes called gloss stickers, have a shiny, reflective surface. It’s a fun aesthetic touch for your personalized stickers because of its attention-grabbing appearance.


There are some main features of a glossy finish stickers

  • Waterproof.
  • Prevents fading from UV rays.
  • Protects printed graphics from scratches and scuffs.
  • Can be used outdoors and indoors in any weather condition.
  • Enhances the durability and lifespan of stickers.


  • The colors are vibrant, intense, and accurate.
  • Bright and dark colors have a high contrast.
  • Professional, high-quality appearance.
Glossy finish is very reflecting and shiny
Glossy finish is very reflecting and shiny

2. What is matte finish? 


When it comes to glossy vs matte sticker, you’ll see that matte finish is the opposite of a glossy one, describing a dull or surface finish. Matte coatings don’t reflect light as glossy ones do; instead, they absorb it.


  • Weather resistant.
  • Prevents fading by blocking UV rays.
  • Prevents prints from scratching or scuffing.
  • Outdoor and indoor use in any weather condition.
  • Makes stickers more durable and longer-lasting.


  • An overlay of satin matte diffuses shine.
  • An accurate, good-looking color appearance.
  • A slight reduction in contrast in comparison to glossy finish.
  • Gives a premium, elegant look, often used for product labels or logo stickers.
Matte coatings absorb light
Matte coatings absorb light

Glossy vs matte sticker: Which finish should you choose?

1. Glare

A glossy sticker finish makes your sticker seem bright and causes light to reflect off of it. When light is directed straight at this, it will produce a great deal of glare. But when light reaches the matte sticker finish, it diffuses in a way that creates a subtle sheen. This matte coating eliminates glare and makes the text clear in any situation.

2. Contrast

Colors on matte stickers may seem less vibrant than they really are because they don’t let as much light through to the surface. The color contrast isn’t very strong. Stickers with a glossy finish, on the other hand, show off brilliant hues. Their color contrast is so strong that it is almost blinding in bright light.

3. Color Appearance

Stickers with a high gloss sticker paper will seem more vibrant and deeper than their matte counterparts. Stickers with a matte finish have a lower degree of color saturation than stickers with a glossy finish. The matte sticker becomes visually subdued as a consequence. A glossy sticker gives the impression of having a great deal of color saturation and appears highly vivid. In most cases, the hues are very intense and stand out dramatically against the background.

Gloss stickers seem more vibrant and deeper in color
Color Appearance of glossy vs matte stickers

4. Durability

Whether you choose a gloss laminate vs matte laminate finish for your laminated sticker, you won’t notice any difference in its longevity. The lamination shields their ink from the effects of the sun and other elements, and both variants make use of the same high-quality vinyl. In any situation, your stickers will continue functioning for years, even when exposed to the elements.

5. Popularity

On our website, glossy stickers sell better than our matte stickers. However, it doesn’t mean that among all customers worldwide, the glossy stickers are preferable to the glossy ones. The popularity of matte sticker vs glossy is entirely up to its intended use. There is a certain purpose that goes along with them. Therefore, there is no exact answer to the question of which type of sticker is more popular. 

6. Cost

Due to the kind of material and the simplicity of distribution, glossy stickers provide a more inexpensive option. We use glossy stickers for marketing and campaigns to make an effect.  Matte stickers are fantastic for adding flair and marking locations due to their high quality. Both glossy sticker vs matte sticker have tailor-made costs based on the amount.

Word to the wise

Matte stickers feature a finish that is non-reflective and is often utilized for applications in the business. Because they are simple to write on, they are an excellent choice for personalized labels and name tags. Stickers with a matte finish seem not only more sophisticated but also gentler than stickers with a glossy finish. On the other hand, stickers with a glossy finish are the total opposite of stickers with a matte finish. They have a shiny, reflected appearance. Stickers with a glossy finish are often more playful, colorful, and attention-grabbing than the matte finish sticker.

So, matte sticker vs glossy: which is the more effective? Is glossy better than matte? It is very dependent on the characteristics that you want in a sticker. 

Stickers with a matte finish, for instance, are not as reflective as stickers with a glossy finish. They have a finish that is dull, which gives them an appearance of being flat. So, stickers with a matte finish are an excellent choice for any design that requires a low-key or understated look. Because matte stickers have very little of the impact of glare, they are an excellent option for creating a sticker, label, or decal that has a vintage, professional, or sophisticated appearance.

On the contrary side, glossy stickers have a surface that is particularly polished and have a high degree of reflectivity. They work well for designs that use several colors. It all ultimately boils down to your individual taste, as well as the level of quality that you’re searching for!

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