Reward stickers: How to excite and engage children’s learning

Reward stickers How to excite and engage children's learning

These days, reward stickers are a popular way for adults (nurses, parents, teachers, etc.) to encourage good behavior in children. They are a proven tool for positive reinforcement, an approach to child development that are particularly beneficial in retrospect.

This post will provide you with the information you need to start using reward stickers with your kids. You will deeply know about reward stickers by understanding what they are and their different types. We also highlight why they’re helpful and provide suggestions for making them more appealing to your kids.

What is a reward sticker?

What are reward stickers and their purpose?

Reward stickers are a popular form of reinforcement for good conduct in kindergartens and primary school classes. These custom stickers are most often used as a tailor-made incentive system in accordance with specified behavioral targets. 

When a kid successfully completes a task or exhibits desirable behavior, that kid is praised and given a reward sticker. Providing praise for good behavior encourages the youngster to repeat the behavior.

What is a reward sticker?


  • When it comes to motivating your pupils, school stickers are likely to get the fewest questions from worried parents. Stickers are the safest “gifts” to give since they cannot be mistaken for sweets or tiny toys, both of which may be seen as bribes.
  • Since reward stickers can easily be purchased in bulk, they are much more affordable. It is even possible to print and buy stickers online on full-size label paper.
  • They work well as a means of managing a classroom, whether the goal is to address behavior issues or just to get the cooperation of young pupils.
  • A school sticker provides youngsters with something to strive for, as well as a goal that is within their reach.

Suggest ways for using reward stickers

Classic star 

Create a reward sticker chart for kids and put the kids’ names along the left-hand side. Stick a star under their name if they’re good or the first person completing the task. Using this sort of public reward effectively requires diversifying the types of behavior you recognize and applaud beyond only school performance. 

When they’ve collected 10 stars, let them choose a gift at random. They’ll put in a lot of effort to get that award!

Sticker albums

Give the children a sticker album that they may keep throughout the semester. You may create them on your own, and they can be as basic or complex as you choose. Each child receives a sticker as a reward and places it in their album; after collecting five stickers, they get a bigger, rarer sticker. The albums are the students’ to keep, and the method is far less public than a chart posted on the wall. Each student may select whether or not to share their sticker total with the class.

Sticker exchange

This may be used with either a wall reward sticker chart or a personal sticker album. Put up a variety of rewards, ranging in value, in a visible location in the classroom. When a student acquires a certain amount of stickers, say 5, they may exchange them for a small reward, like candy. The alternative is to wait until they have enough, say 20 stickers, to exchange a bigger reward. 

Make Custom Stickers Your Way 1
Teachers use reward stickers on a reward chart

In order to keep track of which stickers have been exchanged, teachers may simply mark them off on a sticker reward chart or album and do a quick check. As a bonus, kids will learn the value of saving and some valuable lessons in planning and self-control.

Custom stickers

Use school stickers with custom shape and particular messages, such as those promoting good behavior on the playground, teamwork, correct spelling, etc., to provide more personalized reinforcement. In this approach, you may give kids additional opportunities to earn stickers, and you can recognize them for specific achievements or improvements.

Why reward stickers can excite and engage children’s learning

Easy to show off and then boost mood

Stickers are a proven tool for positive reinforcement, an approach to child development that has been shown to be particularly beneficial. The more positive behavior youngsters exhibit, the more stickers they will get as a reward.

Stickers may be applied on almost any surface. It makes kids feel accomplished and proud. It’s solid evidence that the work was done correctly. This way, kids may proudly display their accomplishments to the world. It’s a given that they’ll be encouraged to keep up the excellent work.

Reward stickers excite and engage children's learning
Reward stickers excite and engage children’s learning

To compare with friends

All kids will be able to see how many stars each one has earned, thanks to the award stickers displayed on the wall.

Using these stickers as encouragement might develop into a friendly competition among classmates. The class cup goes to the student who has collected the most stickers at the end of the semester. Therefore, stickers may be employed as effective motivational reinforcers in the classroom to elicit desirable actions. This will still improve the pupils’ confidence and drive them to keep working hard, especially if they have a lot of stickers for being awarded.

Stickers may be used to reward kids for doing well in school, in extracurricular activities, in the arts, in their praiseworthy actions, etc. This way, there’s no way children will get any stickers. So, when comparing good kids, there isn’t much difference.


A reward sticker is an attention-grabbing and adaptable way to commemorate any and all accomplishments. They are available in many different shapes and hues.

Further, there is a wide variety of styles available for use as reward stickers. Flower stickers, animal stickers, and cartoon figure stickers are just a few examples. Not only are these stickers complimentary, but they are also appealing and eye-catching to children.

Stickers are a favorite among kids. They love the bright colors and fun designs of stickers and will happily adhere them to any available surface. These stickers may be used on walls, refrigerators, or even as decorations on school supplies and backpacks. That’s why the kids would do their hardest to accumulate a large collection of stickers.

3 ideas to make sticker reward sheets for parents and teacher

  • Use cute images: You can use images of animal or kid’s cartoon characters, super heroes, … to create the reward sticker.
  • Use specific text: like WOW, EXCELLENT!, Great job!, Amazing work!, Proud of you!, You’re a star!,….
  • Try to use the die-cut sticker instead of the circle or square. This will make the sticker more beautiful and practical. They perfectly fit the printed images and can be used on numerous surfaces, such as windows, refrigerators, notebooks, planners, school bags, etc.


Custom stickers are a fun and useful teaching aid if used appropriately and imaginatively. Be sure your children know how important it is to study something for its own sake, not only to receive a reward or sticker. You may prevent pupils from feeling disheartened when they cannot earn reward stickers by defining in advance the behaviors and standards for which they will be awarded stickers. We hope that you will be able to make efficient use of reward stickers and that you will be able to successfully apply them to your kid.


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