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11 Garden Labels Tailored for Your Plants and Garden Type

11 Garden Labels Tailored for Your Plants and Garden Type

Owning a large garden or having a seed starting project? What you need to keep all the plant pots organized or track the seed progress is a well-made set of garden labels. These plant labels aren’t just markers to enhance the garden functionality; they’re also decorating elements that create a visual appeal for your greenies. 

Whether you are a professional gardener or just a gardening enthusiast, choosing suitable garden labels should be one of your concerns when it comes to gardening. So in this blog post, CustomAny team will provide you with 11 garden labels types, and clarify their distinctive features which are tailored to specific garden needs. With this knowledge, you’ll find your best match among all.

Why every gardener should use Garden Labels

Garden labels might seem simple, but they’re a smart choice for every gardener. Let’s discover the benefits that a suitable garden label type can bring to your garden.

Never forget what you planted again 

Firstly, garden labels act as markers to your plant pots, especially when they are just seeds under the soil that you may forget what they are. If that happens, the seed may lack your proper care and your plant may never grow.

Track your plant progress: From seed starting to harvest 

You can use garden labels to track the progress by writing down the date of seed-planting, watering and fertilizing. These garden labels become personalized diaries for the seed, providing you data to track their growth. 

Add a characteristic to your garden

Is that anything else? Yes. Garden labels are not just the name tag or the marker, they also add aesthetic to your green space. Plant labels for garden are available in various materials, shapes and colors, so each of them can add a characteristic to a plant pot or to a set of plants in your garden. This delicate addition turns your garden into an eye catching decoration project.

Garden labels can add characteristic to your green space
Garden labels can add characteristic to your green space

So, a garden is still fine without garden labels, but with the right gander label type, this green space will be brought to the next level of functionality and visual appeal.

11 Garden Labels you should consider

To come up with the best selection of garden labels for your own plants, let’s explore 11 types of labels and their best match. 

1. Wood Plant Label Stakes for every type of garden

Wood plant label stakes, just like their name, are shaped like stakes with one sharpened end which is used to stick them firmly to the ground. These labels are made of durable wood, and the names of the plant are engraved or written onto them. 

With a timeless wooden appearance and various sizes, these wooden garden labels stakes don’t just offer stability placement, they are also suitable for many types of garden, from those of large plants to vegetables, flowers or even herbs. 

Wood Plant Label Stakes are suitable for any plant
Wood Plant Label Stakes are suitable for any plant (Photo source: Etsy)

2. Bamboo Signs for eco-friendly garden choice 

Bamboo signs are very similar to wood label stakes. This is a natural-friendly option with a simple design, making it an excellent choice for gardeners who prioritize environmental factors.

However, bamboo may not be a durable material, especially in humid climates. To prevent bamboo signs from cracking and rotting, you should apply a clear sealant layer to cover them.

3. Zinc Hairpin Garden Labels for plants with slender stems 

Hairpin garden plant labels which are made of zinc will ensure the labels’ durability and bring a modern aesthetic to your garden. They come in a slim and long shape, suitable for plants with slender stems, or delicate flowers and kinds of herbs. 

When using these sharp zinc hairpin garden labels, you need to take caution to prevent damage to the stems.

Zinc Hairpin Garden Labels
Zinc Hairpin Garden Labels (Photo source: Amazon)

4. Rusted Metal Garden Labels are the missing things in a cottage garden 

Rusted metal garden labels are the perfect choice which bring rustic charm to a cottage garden. These labels have a weathered appearance and a classic metal structure, so they perfectly blend into an overall vintage vibe.

Most importantly, their robust metal material ensures that these garden labels will last for a long time even under harsh weather conditions.

Rusted Metal Garden Labels
Rusted Metal Garden Labels (Photo soure: Etsy)

5. Cast Iron Labels for a large garden 

Cast iron labels, which come in with a sturdy surface and large size, are the best choice for marking trees, shrubs, or large flower beds in expansive gardens. Their durability ensures that your plants’ name labels will last for a long time in outdoor spaces.

Note: If you want to maintain these cast iron labels’ appearance, you should add a layer of rust-resistant spray to protect them.

Cast Iron Labels for a large garden 
Cast Iron Labels for a large garden (Photo source: Etsy)

6. Plastic Wrap Around for labeling vegetables and herbs 

If you have a vegetable garden, plastic wrap around labels will be the perfect match. These labels are secure and flexible, suitable for any kind of labeling vegetables and herbs.

Made of plastic, wrap around plant labels waterproof and durable, makes them ideal for outdoor use. Their wrap-around structure ensures a perfect fit around plant stems. However, remember to adjust the tightness as your plants grow.

7. Elegant Ceramic Plant Tags for ornamental plants, succulents, cacti 

Ceramic plant tags are not very durable, but they are elegant plant labels. They are available in thin, stick-like shape, and pastel colors that seamlessly blend into gardens with a focus on aesthetics. These plant tags work best for ornamental plants, succulents, and cacti. 

When using ceramic plant labels, all you need to keep in mind is to wipe and clean them regularly to maintain the elegant appearance.

8. Printable Adhesive Labels for herb pots

Printable garden labels are little pieces of sticker that feature an adhesive backing. Their simple rectangle or square shape allows you to easily customize them with any plant name. These customizable plant labels are ideal for herb pots containing basil, rosemary, thyme, and potted flowers. 

As they are usually made of waterproof material like vinyl or BOPP,  printable garden labels provide a relative durability. However, for enhanced durability against water and weather exposure, you may want to laminate them for outdoor use.

Printable garden labels are easy to apply and remove
Printable garden labels are easy to apply and remove

9. DIY Painted Stone for decorative flowers pots 

Painted stones make the most sturdy labels for gardens consisting of plant pots in small to medium sizes. These stones are resistant to sunlight, wet and wind conditions, making them an ideal choice for a green outdoor space.

You can opt for smooth, round and flat pebbles for a polished look or irregular shaped stones for a more natural vibe. Whether which style you choose, these DIY garden labels will add an artsy and creative touch to your garden atmosphere.

10. Simple Plant Sticks for seed starting 

Sticks, with their basic stick design that allow them to be easily inserted into the soil, are one of the straightforward DIY garden labels.

These DIY plant markers work best for small pots of seed. You can use them for various seed starting, including vegetables, herbs, and flowers to track seed progress in your garden.

Simple Plant Sticks for seed starting 
Simple Plant Sticks for seed starting 

11. Metal Hanging Garden Labels for hanging plants baskets

It can be said that metal hanging garden labels are made for hanging gardens. Made of metal, these garden labels ensure their durability and stability, even when positioned at elevated heights. 

Metal hanging labels work best for marking trailing or hanging plants, adding a decorative element to vertical gardens. The hanging design allows for easy visibility and identification of plants in suspended baskets. 

Last thoughts

All these garden labels go beyond just marking plants, they’re like helpful tools that make your garden better organized and tracked. The right garden labels not only fulfill their main use as plant identifiers, they also serve as valuable elements in enhancing your garden appearance.

For a more personalized touch, consider using our custom adhesive labels which can be tailored to your needs. These waterproof labels allow for a long lasting life but also are easy to remove if you want to change into another labeling style.

You can order it fast and sweatfree at our product page here.


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