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Laptop Decoration Ideas: 8 Stylish Ways to Protect and Personalize

8 Laptop Decoration Ideas to Protect and Personalize

Beyond its functionality, your laptop can also be a canvas for personal expression. Do you think your laptop is begging for a makeover? We bet it is! A suitable and high-quality laptop decoration idea can work as a means to personalize and protect your laptop at the same time.

To help you in safeguarding your laptop but also injecting your individuality into its design, in this article, we’ll introduce you to 8 Stylish Laptop Decoration Ideas, including trendy laptop skins, custom decals, and more.

Get ready to explore creative ways to protect, personalize, and make a statement with your laptop.

1. Custom Laptop Skin – One of the most popular Laptop Decoration Ideas

When it comes to protecting and jazzing up your laptop, custom laptop skins are usually the first choice. So, what is laptop skin? A laptop skin is like a cool cover that you can stick on your laptop’s surface. And guess what? There are a ton designs of this laptop decoration ideas to choose from. Here CustomAny has some suggestions for you:

Custom Laptop Skin
Custom Laptop Skin (Photo source:
  • Artwork: Turn your laptop into a masterpiece with iconic artwork like Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night‘ or Da Vinci’s ‘Mona Lisa’. It’s not just protection; it’s art! 
  • Funny Designs: Why not brighten your day with a laptop skin featuring cute animals, hilarious memes, or clever jokes? Your laptop can be a daily source of laughter. 
  • Motivational Quotes: Stay inspired with motivational quotes like “Dream Big” or “Work Hard, Play Hard.” They’ll keep you motivated during those long work or study sessions. 
  • Patterns: If you’re into abstract or elegant aesthetics, intricate patterns like mandalas or geometric shapes can add a touch of sophistication to your laptop. 

However, custom laptop skins aren’t just about looks – they offer practical benefits too. These laptop decoration ideas shield your laptop from scratches, minor dings, and even the occasional coffee spill. So, choosing high-quality laptop skins or making your own laptop skin that not only expresses your personality, but also extends the life of your laptop. It’s a win-win.

2. DIY Sticker Bomb

Just like personalized laptop skins, DIY sticker bombs offer the same result in protecting and decorating a laptop. Moreover, through a collage of stickers, this decoration idea showcases a collection of your interests, memories, and favorite things. So, how to decorate laptop with stickers? By choosing the sticker on your own, DIY laptop sticker bombing lets you unleash your creativity and personality, turning your decorated laptops into an one-of-a-kind masterpiece. 

What kind of stickers should you use to sticker bomb your laptop? 3 common types of laptop sticker ideas you should try are:

  • Regular Stickers: The easiest way to start your sticker bomb adventure is by collecting regular stickers in themes that resonate with you: favorite bands, iconic movie characters, or breathtaking landscapes,… 
  • Personalized Photo Stickers: Print out memorable photos, snapshots of loved ones, or images from your favorite journeys, and turn them into custom photo stickers. This adds a heartwarming touch to your laptop, keeping cherished memories right at your fingertips. 
  • Motivational Quotes Stickers: Need a daily dose of inspiration? Adorn your laptop with motivational quotes stickers. Words have the power to uplift and energize, so why not surround yourself with positive affirmations like ‘Never Give Up,’ ‘You’ve Got This,’ or ‘Create Your Sunshine’?

For more in-depth information on sticker bombing, be sure to check out our blog post titled “What Is Sticker Bombing and How to Sticker Bomb Properly“. It’s a comprehensive guide to help you master the art of sticker bombing like a pro.

3. LED Laptop Decals

In the world of laptop decoration ideas, LED laptop decals are the shining stars that take personalization to a whole new level.

LED laptop decals actually are light-up stickers. They are equipped with tiny LED lights and a battery pack that can be easily attached to your laptop. You can customize the color, intensity, and even the pattern of the lights, allowing for a unique and dynamic visual experience. 

The charm of LED laptop decals lies in their ability to switch from a soft, calming blue to a vibrant, attention-grabbing red. These laptop decoration ideas give you the power to tailor your laptop’s look to your mood, the occasion, or even your favorite color scheme.

Whether you’re working late at night, attending a video conference, or simply showcasing your laptop, LED laptop decals are a fantastic choice to illuminate your style. 

4. Let your creative run wild with Spray Paint

Spray painting your laptop might seem a rare laptop decoration idea, but it can result in a striking and personalized design. 

If you find this idea interesting, here’s how to do it:

  • Start by thoroughly cleaning your laptop’s surface. Cover the screen, keyboard, and ports with masking tape.
  • Hold the spray can about 6 to 8 inches away from the laptop’s surface. Apply light, even coats in a sweeping motion. 
  • You can create gradients, stencils, or even freehand designs. Use stencils or masks to add intricate patterns or shapes.
  • Allow the laptop to dry completely between coats and after finishing. 

Spray paint offers limitless design possibilities. Moreover, it’s cost-effective, and you can easily change the design whenever you like.

However, remember that making a custom paint laptop can be messy and might require disassembling your laptop for a thorough job, so we recommend you proceed with caution:

  • Keep your laptop’s important parts like screen, keyboards and ports covered during painting to prevent any damage to internal components.
  • You should use a mask and paint your laptop in a well-ventilated area to avoid inhaling the paint fumes.

5. Laptop Sleeves with Art

Express your personality and shield your laptop with artistic laptop sleeves.

This laptop decoration idea provides essential laptop protection: their thick, cushioned interiors safeguard your device from bumps and scratches. Some laptop sleeves even offer reinforced corners for extra protection. Many sleeves offer pockets for chargers, cables, or documents, making them handy for everyday use.

Beyond protection, they enhance your laptop aesthetics with various designs. Some websites like, or,… allow you to customize laptop sleeves, selecting artwork, colors, and materials to match your style. They also allow you to upload your own designs for a truly personal touch.

When selecting an artful laptop sleeve, ensure it fits your laptop model, provides ample padding, and is easy to clean.

Laptop Sleeves with Art
Laptop Sleeves with Art (Source:

6. Laptop Stand Makeover – Do not miss it when looking for laptop decoration ideas

Elevating your laptop for a more comfortable viewing angle is a practical choice. But why not transform your laptop stand into a stylish accessory?

A laptop stand makeover offers a dual benefit: personalization and protection.

  • Personalization: Decorating your laptop stand with adhesive vinyl stickers, washi tape, or paint. These small changes bring color and flair to your desk setup. Opt for patterns, motifs, or colors that resonate with you.
  • Protection: Using a laptop stand elevates the laptop off your desk, allows for better airflow, reducing the risk of overheating. 

When doing your laptop stand makeover, choose materials that are easy to work with and easy to clean. Ensure that your laptop decoration design doesn’t obstruct any cooling vents or hinder the stand’s functionality.

7. Keyboard Decor with stickers – This Laptop Decoration Idea is on trend

Keyboard decoration is one of the trendiest ways to customize your laptop. It is a quick and hassle-free laptop decoration idea to make your device stand out. You can try 2 popular options for keyboard decor:

Regular Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl stickers are versatile and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. They’re easy to apply and can be removed without leaving residue if you ever decide to change your laptop’s look.

Consider decorating specific keys with icons or symbols that resonate with your interests or personality. For example, music notes, gaming icons, or floral patterns can add a unique touch to your keyboard.

Epoxy Stickers

Epoxy stickers are known for their durability and high-quality look. They’re typically used for decorative purposes and can be applied to individual keys. Epoxy stickers provide a 3D effect and a protective layer to your keyboard, guarding against daily wear and tear.

When decorating your keyboard, ensure that the stickers won’t interfere with keypresses or functionality. Take your time during application to achieve a polished look.

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8. Colorful/cartoon animal Cable Protectors

Cute cartoon Cable Protectors
Cute cartoon Cable Protectors

While focusing on your laptop’s aesthetics, don’t forget about your charger cables. Colorful and cartoon animal cable protector is one of the creative laptop decoration ideas, which offers a fun and practical way to extend your laptop’s style to its accessories. 

Cable protectors come in various designs, including adorable cartoon animals, vibrant colors, and quirky characters. These accessories add a playful touch to your charger cables, making them stand out from the crowd. 

Cable protectors help protect your charger cables from bending, fraying, or breaking at the connector ends. By adding an extra layer of protection, you extend the lifespan of your charging cables, saving you the hassle and cost of replacements.

Most cable protectors are simple to install. They typically slide onto your cable and stay securely in place. This means you can switch them between cables as needed, allowing you to maintain a consistent theme across all your chargers.

If you have multiple devices and chargers, these colorful laptop decoration ideas can also help you quickly identify which cable belongs to your laptop. 


Now you can elevate your laptop’s appearance and safeguard it from daily wear with these 8 inventive laptop decoration ideas. Whether it’s custom skins, expressive stickers, or clever cable protectors, these methods transform your device into a canvas of self-expression. Give these creative ideas a try and let your laptop shine while staying protected in style. 

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