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3 Stylish and Affordable Stuffs to use as Laptop Camera Cover

3 Stylish and Affordable Stuffs to use as Laptop Camera Cover

With privacy breaches on the rise, it’s crucial to shield your camera from prying eyes. In this case, laptop camera covers are the perfect solution to this problem. They protect our camera from unwanted surveillance, give you privacy, and have stylish designs that will make your laptop stand out.

So, in this article, CustomAny presents 3 best webcam cover options that not only provide security but also elevate the aesthetic appeal of your device. Whether you prefer sleek, intricately designed, or trendy options, these affordable choices will satisfy you. Let’s find out!

Why do we need a Laptop Webcam Cover?

A laptop webcam cover or a laptop camera cover is a small accessory that can be placed over the built-in webcam on your laptop. Our laptops need webcam covers for a number of reasons, including:

Privacy Protection

In an age where hacking and unauthorized surveillance of your private life are becoming easier, covering the webcam ensures that your privacy is safeguarded. It acts as a physical barrier against potential problems of your images and webcam being attacked without your knowledge.

Peace of Mind

Using privacy covers can give you peace of mind. Knowing that your webcam is physically covered when not in use can alleviate concerns about being watched or recorded without your consent. It allows you to have a sense of control over your own privacy and security.

Enhancing the laptop’s visual appeal

Many webcam covers come in sleek and stylish designs that can add a touch of personalization to your device. These personalized webcam cover items can be a small but noticeable accessory that complements the overall aesthetics of your laptop.

3 Stylish and Affordable Stuffs to use as Laptop Camera Cover

Here are 3 stylish and affordable options to use as laptop camera covers. They’re convenient due to their small size, peel-and-stick design and adaptable because of their removable nature. Besides, these camera covers can be purchased inexpensively in many colors and designs to add an aesthetic touch to your laptop.

1. Customized Stickers

Stickers are often the top choice for covering laptop cameras due to their convenience, and wide variety of designs. They are a common way of personalizing laptops, so why not experiment with using them to cover the camera on your laptop?

Tiny stickers to cover laptop cameras
Tiny stickers to cover laptop cameras

Here are some notes and tips to choose custom stickers as a cost-effective option for laptop camera covers:

Choose Reusable Stickers: You should opt for reusable stickers that can be easily peeled off and repositioned without leaving residue on your laptop. This way, you can use them again after getting done with the camera.

Buy in bulk for variety: Another way is to buy custom stickers in bulk, which gives you the flexibility to change them according to your mood or preferences. 

Proper size selection:

The camera is a very small party, so choosing the cover’s size is an important step. You need to  pay attention to the size of the stickers.

If the stickers are too small, they won’t be able to provide full coverage, potentially compromising your privacy. On the other hand, if the stickers are too large, they might not fit well and could look unappealing or collect dust and debris.

Measure the size of your laptop camera and ensure to choose stickers that are slightly larger than the camera but still fit within the camera bezel.

Recommended type:

Besides, look for themed sticker sheets, die-cut stickers, or stickers in regular shapes that can easily fit over the laptop camera. Themed sticker sheets often include various designs that can be mixed and matched. While die-cut stickers have unique shapes that can add a fun element to your camera cover, regular-shaped stickers are great for a simple and clean look.

2. Colorful Small Sticky Notes

Sticky notes have a wide range of designs and styles: you can find them in various colors, patterns, and even with cute illustrations or inspirational quotes. That’s why using colorful small sticky notes as laptop camera covers helps your device more stylish

Moreover, colorful sticky notes offer an affordable option. It is easy to find them in stationery stores, online marketplaces, or even make your own by cutting larger sticky notes into smaller sizes. 

Sticky notes offer an extra level of personalization. You can write or draw on the notes to make them even more special. Create a camera cover that is truly one-of-a-kind by adding your name, a favorite quote, or a small doodle.

When purchasing, make sure you pick sticky notes that are the right size to cover the camera on your laptop. Ideally, the sticky note should be slightly larger than the camera, so it provides full coverage. 

Colorful Small Sticky Notes are easy to find in stationery stores and online marketplaces
Colorful Small Sticky Notes are easy to find in stationery stores and online marketplaces

3. Cute Band-Aids

Band-Aids are designed to be adhesive and are readily available in a variety of fun and creative designs. Using them as laptop camera covers provides a practical solution to protect your privacy while adding a touch of playfulness and personal style.

One of the advantages of using cute band-aids as camera covers is the ease of replacing them.

If you want to change the design or color of your band-aids laptop camera cover, simply remove the existing (definitely leaving no residue and causing no damage to your device) and replace it with a new one. Moreover, band-aids are readily available in most households and are inexpensive to purchase. 

Band-aids are inexpensive to purchase
Band-aids are inexpensive to purchase (Photo source: Amy on Etsy)

When it comes to choosing band-aids for your laptop camera cover, there are various types of band-aids available in the market that cater to different preferences:

  • For those who love cute and adorable designs, kawaii band-aids with cute illustrations or cartoon characters can add a playful touch to your laptop. 
  • If you prefer something more aesthetically pleasing, there are band-aids with beautiful patterns or artistic illustrations that can elevate the overall look of your device. 
  • Additionally, band-aids with funny texts or quotes can bring a smile to your face every time you open your laptop.

Last thoughts

3 stylish and affordable options listed above provide an excellent solution as laptop camera covers ensure your privacy and security while adding a touch of style. Yet, using any of these 3 options should come with some important considerations: 

  • Before applying the cover, you need to clean the surface properly. 
  • Removing the cover should be done gently, ensuring any residue is wiped clean. 
  • Additionally, avoid frequently peeling off and reapplying the cover unnecessarily. 

If you follow the advice above, you’ll be able to get the most use out of these easy, cost-effective, customizable, and aesthetically covers. However, if long-term functionality takes priority over aesthetics, it may be worth investing in a standard laptop camera cover. 

For more tips on laptop decoration and other accessories, feel free to visit our blog. CustomAny provides you with many great ideas and advice to make your customized journey more easy and effective.


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