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9 tips to save money and make custom sticker printing cheap

9 tips to save money and make custom sticker printing cheap

Are you looking for ways to make custom sticker printing cheap? Do you want to stretch your budget without compromising on the quality and effectiveness of your printed materials? You’re not alone. Many businesses and individuals face the challenge of finding cost-effective solutions for their sticker printing needs.

In this article, we will provide you with 9 practical tips and strategies to save money when ordering custom stickers and labels. By implementing these money-saving techniques, you can achieve high-quality results while keeping your expenses in check. Let’s dive in!

1. Compare prices to make custom sticker printing cheap

When you’re looking to make custom sticker printing cheap, it’s important to compare prices from different printing companies. To get started, determine the specific requirements for your stickers, such as the size, shape, and quantity you need. Then, visit several sticker printing websites and gather the price range for your project. Pay attention to any additional costs, such as setup fees, shipping charges, or customization fees.

However, keep in mind that while price is an important factor, it shouldn’t be the sole determining factor. Consider the quality, reputation, and customer reviews of the printing companies as well. You want to ensure you’re getting a good balance between cost and quality.

2. Standard sizes and shapes for cheaper custom sticker printing

Opting for standard sizes and shapes for your custom stickers can significantly reduce costs. Standard sizes and shapes are widely available and often come at lower prices compared to custom or intricate designs that require special die-cutting. Besides, a size that is too big or too small also requires more detailed cutting techniques and scarcer materials, so the overall cost will be higher.

To determine the best size for your specific needs, refer to our blog post: “Sticker Size Guide: Best Sticker Size for Popular Uses” This article provides you with recommendations and insights on the ideal sticker sizes for various applications, such as water bottle stickers, car stickers, or business logo stickers, based on our research on thousands of CustomAny‘s orders.

Standard sizes and shapes are often come at lower prices
Standard sizes and shapes are often come at lower prices

3. Simplify the design for cheaper custom sticker printing 

When aiming to save money on custom sticker printing, simplifying the design can be a cost-effective strategy. Intricate and complex designs require more time, effort, and resources, which can drive up the printing costs. By simplifying the design, you can streamline the printing process and reduce expenses. Here are a few tips:

  • Minimize the number of colors: Printing with fewer colors is generally cheaper than using a wide range of colors. You should consider using a specific color palette that still effectively represents your brand or message.
  • Avoid excessive details: Fine details or intricate patterns can increase printing costs. Opt for clean and straightforward designs that can be reproduced accurately and economically.
  • Use vector graphics: Vector graphics are scalable without loss of quality, allowing for smooth printing at different sizes. They can make the printing process more efficient and prevent printed stickers from being blurred or in bad quality.

However, it’s important to strike a balance between simplicity and meeting the requirements of your brand or personal preferences. Find the sweet spot where simplicity meets your desired outcomes, resulting in cost-effective and visually appealing custom stickers.

4. Utilize online design tools

To create stunning custom sticker designs that allows cheaper custom sticker printing, make use of various online design tools that offer user-friendly interfaces and advanced features. These tools empower you to unleash your creativity and produce professional-looking designs. Here are a few highly recommended design tools:

  • Canva: Canva is most suitable for users who want to design custom printed stickers with ease. It offers a versatile platform with a wide range of design elements and customization options, making it ideal for small business owners, freelancers, and individuals.
  • Adobe Spark: We recommend Adobe Spark because it is the tool of choice for users specifically looking to create visually engaging printed stickers. Its simplified design interface and extensive library of design templates and customization features make it well-suited for users who need high-quality stickers for marketing campaigns, product labeling, or creative projects.
  • MidJourney AI: MidJourney AI is a great choice for those who want to leverage AI technology in the design process. While it may not be specifically tailored for printed stickers, MidJourney AI-powered algorithms can provide creative ideas and design suggestions that you can adapt for printing purposes.

5. Choose cost-effective materials

Selecting the right materials for your custom stickers can make custom sticker printing cheap and significantly impact the overall cost. Here’s our checklist and recommendations:

  • Using paper stickers rather than vinyl stickers for Indoor Use: For indoor applications with low exposure to elements, using paper-based materials can be a cost-effective choice. They are generally more affordable compared to synthetic or vinyl materials.
  • Waterproofing: Waterproof stickers are ideal for outdoor or high-moisture environments, but they can be more expensive. Evaluate if waterproofing is necessary for your specific application. If not, choosing non-waterproof materials can help reduce costs.
  • Lamination Coat: While lamination can enhance durability and longevity, it adds an extra cost. Assess if your stickers require lamination based on their intended use. For indoor or short-term applications, you may opt for unlaminated stickers to save money.
  • Holographic Effects: Holographic stickers offer an eye-catching appearance but typically come at a higher price. Consider if holographic effects are essential to achieve your desired visual impact or if a simpler design can suffice.
Using paper-based materials for indoor application is a cost effective choice
Using paper-based materials for indoor application is a cost effective choice

6. Request samples before ordering to make custom sticker printing cheap

When aiming to save money on custom sticker printing, take advantage of websites that offer sample orders at affordable prices. 

Many printing companies provide the option to purchase sample packs for a nominal fee, often just a few dollars. These packs typically include various sticker and label products, allowing you to assess their appearance, durability, and overall suitability for your specific needs. 

By ordering samples, you can evaluate the quality, materials, and printing results. It’s an effective way to gauge the printing quality and assess if the printing company meets your expectations, ultimately saving you from potential disappointment or wasted expenses.

7. Proofread before printing

Before finalizing your custom sticker design for printing, it’s crucial to proofread it thoroughly. Errors or mistakes can lead to costly reprints and delays. Follow these steps to ensure accuracy and avoid unnecessary expenses:

  • Review the Design: Take the time to carefully examine your sticker design before sending it. Are there any spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, or formatting issues. Pay attention to contact information, URLs, or any text that needs verification.
  • Request Soft Proofs: Many printing companies provide a soft proof file after you upload your design and complete the order. This file allows you to preview the final product before printing. Review it meticulously and make any necessary revisions or corrections.
  • Utilize Editing Services: If needed, take advantage of editing services offered by printing companies. At CustomAny, we assist in adjusting your design to ensure it meets your specifications, making edits until you are satisfied with the final result.

8. Bulk orders for cheaper custom sticker printing

When looking to save money on custom sticker printing, consider placing bulk orders. Ordering stickers in larger quantities often results in discounted prices per unit, providing significant cost savings. The more stickers you order, the lower the cost per sticker, resulting in substantial savings.

If you anticipate needing stickers in the future, bulk ordering ensures you have an ample supply on hand. It saves you from having to place smaller orders more frequently, which may incur additional setup or shipping costs.

However, ensure you have adequate storage to keep the stickers in optimal condition until they are needed.

If you find this solution are the suitable way to make custom sticker printing cheap, visit our website for bulk sticker ordering.

9. Take advantage of discounts and promotions

To further reduce costs on custom sticker printing, keep an eye out for discounts and promotions offered by printing companies. These special offers can help you save money and maximize your budget.

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Making custom sticker printing cheap and saving money is not only feasible but also essential for businesses and individuals alike. By implementing 9 tips outlined in this article, you can maximize your budget without compromising on the quality and effectiveness of your printed materials.

So, take the first step towards affordable and impactful sticker printing today and watch your savings grow while achieving impressive results with your custom stickers and labels.

Remember, for all your custom sticker and label printing needs, CustomAny offers professional printing services tailored to your requirements. Visit our website to explore our competitive pricing, exceptional quality, and outstanding customer service.


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