Can you recycle bubble mailers? 3 reasons why we don’t offer this custom packaging

Can you recycle bubble mailers

The growth of online shopping has led to an increase in questions concerning the proper disposal of packing materials like bubble mailers. The rules surrounding recycle bubble mailers might differ depending on the kind of material and the region. By properly recycling or reusing packaging, we can lessen the environmental toll of online shopping and keep unwanted materials out of landfills and water resources.

We’re here to assist you in figuring out whether and how you can recycle bubble mailers. As an added bonus, we detail the three primary reasons why our firm does not provide such options and suggest four different eco-friendly packaging alternatives. Let’s find out!

What are bubble mailers?


The term “bubble mailer” refers to an envelope with bubble wrap. These mailers may have either a paper or plastic exterior. Mailers made of bubble wrap are intended to shield delicate items from damage during transit. This is due to the fact that air bubbles filled with air offer superior cushioning compared to regular envelopes.


Bubble mailers provide superior protection for your products with their tough outside and airy inside. This kind of mailer is ideal for transporting flat, solid objects that need little cushioning during shipping. You may safely ship your precious books, CDs, DVDs, jewels, tiny gadgets, car parts, and plaques with the help of a bubble mailer. Bubble mailers are the best alternative if you need to transport delicate things without spending a fortune on postage.

Safely ship your precious books, CDs, DVDs, jewels, tiny gadgets with a bubble mailer
Safely ship your precious books, CDs, DVDs, jewels, tiny gadgets with a bubble mailer


  • They come in a variety of sizes to suit a multitude of needs.
  • Because they can simply be placed inside the majority of mailboxes, consumers do not have to go to the post office to pick up their items.
  • The plastic covering on bubble mailers protects the goods from rain, snow, scratch, and tear, minimizing the possibility of damage during delivery.


  • Almost all of it is made out of plastic, which is not decomposed and is harmful to the environment. Because it takes so long for the plastic polymer film that makes up bubble wrap to biodegrade, it contributes significantly to landfill overcrowding across the globe.
  • It might take a long time to cut and tape bubble wrap.
  • The plastic air bubbles in bubble wrap, which are often kept wound around a cardboard spool, are a waste of storage space.

Can you recycle bubble mailers?

Are bubble mailers recyclable? Can you reuse or recycle bubble mailers?

Are bubble envelopes recyclable? The answer depends on the material made of the bubble bags.

Due to the bubble wrap used in their composition, bubble mailers are infrequently reused or recycled and hardly decompose. Mixed-materials like envelopes lined with plastic are not recyclable unless the plastic can be removed from the paper.

However, if the inside bubble and outside wrap are both made of plastic, recycling bubble mailers is a straightforward process. They may be collected at facilities that also process plastic shopping bags, produce bags, and food wraps.

Are bubble mailers recyclable
Mixed-materials like kraft envelopes lined with plastic are not recyclable

How to recycle bubble mailers

You can recycle bubble mailers by dropping them off at a retailer with a soft plastics recycling container. All labels, stickers or stamps must be removed by cutting them out and throwing them away. To recycle bubble mailers, take the bubbler wrapping paper or bubble mailers to a recycling drop-off station, which can be located in most groceries and pharmacies around the country.

Sorry, we don’t offer bubble mailers. Here are our 3 reasons why:

Even though they are convenient, bubble mailers nevertheless pose several environmental risks. Ecological harm might occur right at the source of production with these products. So as to not contribute to the degradation of our natural habitat, our website does not provide the option to purchase bubble mailers.

We don’t offer bubble mailers for the following three reasons:

1. Bubble mailers can’t be recycled at home

The bubble envelope can’t be recycled in your curbside trash since its bubble-cushioned envelopes are plastic. All-plastic padded envelopes must be emptied of their contents, cleaned, and allowed to dry before being repurposed. You must bring them to a recycling center, a collection site, or a grocery shop to be recycled together with other plastic bags.

2. It’s hard to recycle Mixed-materials packaging

Most bubble mailers aren’t suitable for recycling. Even though they’ve been a cause of worry due to the quantity of waste they generate, recycling bubble mailers requires a significant amount of setup time and effort. This is because bubbler mailers consist of 2 pieces: The first is the bubble wrap that goes inside the envelope, and the second is the envelope itself. It is a hard, time-consuming, and expensive task to separate the bubble wraps from the outside envelope covers when you recycle bubble mailers. Consequently, they are more likely to end up in the trash.

3. Eco friendly poly mailers are better choice

It is strongly recommended that you choose environmentally friendly packaging rather than recycling bubble mailers. They are eco-friendly since they are made from renewable resources. You may be certain that it will help keep your package safe even if it is made from all-natural materials. 

Consider these four environmentally friendly envelopes for your company:

Eco friendly poly mailers are better choice
Recyclable poly mailers are better choice

Recycled and recyclable poly mailer: 

The recycled mailers were created with environmentally responsible shipping in mind. This poly mailer is an excellent alternative to disposable plastic mailers since it is made from recycled plastics. After its useful life is through, it may be recycled at any facility that takes soft plastics.

Recyclable mailer bags are made from materials that may be collected and repurposed into new products. They are slightly different from recycled mailers, which are products made from recycled materials.

Recycled and recyclable poly mailers are inexpensive and easy to transport. Compared to cardboard boxes and paper envelopes, eco-friendly plastic mailers are far more lightweight and thin. Even though it’s also constructed of plastic, the recycled mailers may be repurposed with less effort than the bubble mailer. If you’re interested in purchasing any of our recycled and recyclable poly mailers, you may do so at CustomAny.

Kraft mailer: 

Mailers constructed of kraft paper, a kind of paper manufactured from wood pulp, are a common form of eco-friendly packaging. The term “kraft paper” refers to a lightweight cardboard alternative (available in rolls or sheets, similar to gift wrap).

Lightweight and inexpensive, kraft paper mailers are ideal for mailing out small things. Small items of jewelry or fashion accessories, books, papers, chargers, computer USBs, goods already wrapped in blister packs, and anything else that doesn’t need a lot of protection may be sent without difficulty.

Compostable poly mailers

Compostable packaging items are a wonderful alternative to traditional plastics since they provide the same convenience as plastic mailer. And, they are produced using renewable resources like wood pulp, corn starch, and other biologically based polymers.

This manufacturing method ensures that the finished goods are frequently suitable for recycling in home waste bins or composting. 

Biodegradable mailer bags

There are a variety of businesses that produce bags that are fully biodegradable. These recyclable envelopes are generally constructed from roughly thirty percent recyclable corn starch and about fifty-five percent of a biodegradable copolymerPBAT. Like the aforementioned biodegradable goods, they may biodegrade into compost when left in the right condition, leaving behind only safe, natural remains.

Once the packaging has been opened, it may be thrown into a compost bin or garden. The mailer will not have any negative effects on the local ecosystem. Decomposition is an extended process that requires at least three to six months.

Check out our post of 3 must-tries of eco-friendly mailers if you’re interested in learning more about these eco-mailers.


You have gained an understanding of how bubble mailers may be recycled for other uses. Doing so reduces the quantity of the trash that must be thrown away, which is good for the environment. But unfortunately, not all bubble wrap containers can be recycled. Our company is conscious of this problem and has decided not to sell bubble mailers in an effort to reduce environmental impact. Recycled poly mailers and environmentally friendly mailers may be used in replacement of plastic bubble mailers; the bubble section can be replaced with a paper box and paper lining. This helps your company get closer to sustainability without producing harmful byproducts like microplastics.


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