5 Benefits of using Full Color Transfer Stickers for Logo Promotion

5 Benefits of using Full Color Transfer Stickers for Logo Promotion

In the world of logo stickers, full color transfer stickers, just like their name, can be said to be the crown jewels, allowing your logo design to burst to life with vibrant color and intricate details.

But what brings them this unique feature that not every sticker type has? How does this advantage have the potential to transform your logo from ordinary to extraordinary? What else do they have to become the attention-grabbing logo stickers that leave a memorable mark on your customers?

If you are wondering all these questions, you are at the right place. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the world of full color transfer stickers and show you 5 reasons why they can make your business logo stand out like never before.

Get ready to discover with us.

Introducing Full Color Transfer Stickers

Full color transfer stickers from CustomAny are products of a cutting-edge advancement in sticker printing technology called UV DTF printing. Their full-color prints are also gained by this technique.

Specifically, this process involves the utilization of a UV printer to print the design directly to a film using UV-curable ink. 3 layers of ink, including: a white ink base, a full-color ink layer and a varnish is applied onto the film layer, one after another. Then these ink is exposed to ultraviolet light (UV light) from the printer and dry quickly. 

  • The white base allows any color to be printed onto it, then results in a full-color printed sticker.
  • The ink dries instantly, so there is no possibility of ink leakage or diffusion, this creates clearer printed details of images and text. 
  • The multi-layer of inks create a remarkable three-dimensional print effect and outstanding durability for our transfer stickers.

In essence, full color transfer stickers offer a stunning combination of vibrant, detailed printing and robust construction. They excel, especially when you want your logo or design to have a profound and long-lasting impact.

Introducing Full Color Transfer Stickers
Introducing Full Color Transfer Stickers

Benefits of Full Color Transfer Stickers for Logo Promotion

In this section, let’s discover the benefits that make our transfer stickers the ultimate solution for making your business logo stand out.

1. Vibrant and Eye-Catching

Full color transfer stickers are, without a doubt, the show-stoppers of the sticker world. 

Thanks to their full-color printing capability and 3D print effect, these stickers burst with life and color. Your logo will radiate vibrancy, ensuring it captures the attention of anyone who glances in its direction. The visual appeal of full-color transfer stickers makes them a fantastic tool for drawing attention and making lasting impressions to your brand logo. 

2. Professional Appearance

Many logos feature intricate details, typography, and small design elements that need to be highlighted for maximum impact. Full color transfer stickers are experts at this. By meticulously cutting out the shape of each detail, these stickers ensure your logo looks not just sharp but supremely professional.

Whether your logo boasts elegant typography or intricate graphics, our transfer stickers bring out the best in it. 

Professional Appearance of Full Color Transfer Stickers
Professional Appearance of Full Color Transfer Stickers

3. Durability

When it comes to logo promotion, longevity is key. After all, you want your logo to represent your brand consistently over time.

Full color transfer stickers are built to withstand the test of time. Their multi-layered structure and high-quality materials ensure that your logo remains intact and vibrant even in challenging conditions. Be it exposure to the elements, regular handling, or contact with various surfaces, these stickers keep your logo looking as good as new. 

4. Wide Application

Versatility is another strong suit of full color transfer stickers. They can adhere to a wide range of surfaces, from glass windows to car bumpers, from product packaging to promotional materials, from transfer stickers for wood to transfer stickers for plastic or glass transfer stickers. This versatility means you can use these stickers for a variety of promotional purposes. 

Brand your storefront windows with your logo, give away logo-adorned merchandise, or decorate your products’ packaging

5. Memorability

In a world where businesses are vying for attention, being memorable is crucial. Full color transfer stickers offer a unique advantage in this regard.

Since this full-color and print-look-like sticker is not as commonly used as regular flat vinyl stickers, your logo automatically stands out. The 3D print effect creates an embossed feeling when touched, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who encounters it.

Your logo becomes associated with quality, uniqueness, and innovation, ensuring it remains etched in the minds of your audience. When customers remember your logo, they are more likely to think of your brand first when they need your products or services.

In short, full color transfer stickers with their ability to make your logo vibrant, professional, and memorable sets them apart. Their durability and wide application make them the ideal choice for businesses looking to leave a long-lasting impression. 

Designing Your Logo for Transfer Stickers

Creating a logo is not an unusual task, but when designing one for making into transfer stickers, there are a few factors to consider to ensure a seamless outcome:


Transfer stickers are intricate by nature, so it’s crucial to keep your design clean and uncluttered. Overlapping or tiny details can pose challenges during the peeling and application process, potentially causing them to get stuck on the backing layer. Ensure that your design’s details are clear and well-defined. 

Transfer stickers work well for intricate designs
Transfer stickers work well for intricate designs


The colors you choose for your logo play a significant role in how it translates onto a transfer sticker. To make your logo pop, opt for vibrant and contrasting colors. These hues not only make your logo stand out but also enhance the quality of the printing. Rest assured that these colors will be printed out true to their original color in the design file. 


Typography is a crucial element in logo design, and it’s even more pronounced with transfer stickers. It’s understandable that you might want to choose font types that match with your brand’s personality; however, as an expert in this printing field, we have some recommendations for you:

You should try digital fonts that can give your logo transfer stickers a modern, sleek look, or give handwritten fonts a try so they can infuse a sense of authenticity and personal touch. These fonts are ideal for full color transfer stickers, allowing you to apply your logo stickers without parts that are torn or peeled off.


Before committing to a large production run, it’s wise to print a small batch of transfer stickers to test the design.

At our website, there is no minimum requirement when ordering transfer stickers, you can order just one piece to test the quality of the outcome. Testing allows you to identify any issues that may arise during the production process. You can assess the colors, details, and overall appearance of your logo on the stickers. 

So, incorporating these considerations into your logo design process ensures that your logo translates beautifully into full color transfer stickers. 

Where to Order Full-Color Transfer Stickers in bulk

Of course, for top-quality full color transfer stickers in bulk, look no further than our website

Our transfer stickers are renowned not only for their exceptional quality but also for the remarkable vibrancy they bring to your logo, making it truly stand out. But that’s not all. We believe in providing our customers with the best value, which is why our pricing remains highly competitive so you can order our full color transfer stickers in bulk without breaking the bank. 

Moreover, if you’re looking for transfer sticker printing, our commitment to your satisfaction goes beyond just delivering outstanding stickers. As a professional transfer sticker maker, CustomAny offers expert support for editing print files, ensuring that your design is flawlessly reproduced. 


Elevate your brand’s visibility and make a lasting impression with full color transfer stickers. The eye-catching vibrancy, professional appearance, and durability make them the ideal choice for logo promotion. 

When it’s time to bring your design to life, trust us for top-quality full color transfer stickers in bulk. We’re not just about stickers; we’re about making your logo stand out, ensuring your brand gets noticed and flourish. 


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