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How to reuse stickers – The Ultimate Guide

How to reuse stickers - The Ultimate Guide

What can happen to old stickers that you’ve just removed from your laptops, helmets, or so?  What can you do with a sticker that you still want to adorn but sadly already lost their stickiness? It is the time you ask yourself: “how to reuse stickers?

Well, you know, there’s always a way to get those stickers a new life. To help you with this, we’ve rounded up all the methods in this ultimate guide. In this article, we at CustomAny will show you how to select stickers that are easily reusable at first, then share methods to make stickers sticky again, and offer creative ideas for transforming these stickers into entirely new creations.

Which one do you like the most? Let’s dive into them right now!

How to reuse stickers? – Buy the reusable one 

If you want to avoid the chance of having stickers that can’t re-stick or that lose their stickiness easily, the best choice is to invest in stickers that are designed for reuse right from the start. These stickers are not only easy to align when applying, but they also allow you to remove and reapply to another surface without struggling with the adhesive. 

Let’s be straight: there is no chance for a sticker to lose its stickiness if they do not have adhesive in the first place. So, there you have static clings. They are stickers with no adhesive and can stick to surfaces using the static electricity principle.

You can find more inforamtion about this special stickers in our previous blog “Static Clings 101: How do non sticky stickers work?

Static clings allow you to easily remove and reposition. They work well for applications where the stickers must be removed after time, such as window or mirror decorations for the holidays.

Static clings are the special type of stickers that have no adhesive
Static clings are the special type of stickers that have no adhesive

Besides static clings, we have stickers with temporary adhesive. They do have adhesive but can be removed without leaving any sticky residue behind. They are ideal for applications where you need to place stickers on items that will be moved or rotated frequently. 

These two types are designed for flexibility of removal from the applying surface. For static clings, they can be reused whenever you want. However, in the case of using stickers with temporary adhesive, we are not so sure about their ability to re-stick, so it’s time to move to the next section for the question how to reuse stickers if they lost their stickiness. 

How to reuse stickers when they are not the 2 reusable ones mentioned above? 

If your stickers are none of the two reusable sticker types mentioned earlier, how to reuse stickers if they are losing their stickiness, how to make stickers reusable? Let’s make them sticky again by reviving their adhesive.

Use Heat

One method for how to make stickers sticky again is to use heat. Gently heating the sticker with a hairdryer or heat gun can soften the adhesive, making it sticky again. When you heat the adhesive, it’s essential to be cautious and avoid overheating, preventing damage to the sticker. Slowly and evenly apply heat until you notice the sticker can stick again.

Use tape

How to remove stickers and reuse them? Another option is to replace the old adhesive sticker layer with tape. Apply a piece of tape (double-sided tape will act better than other types) to the underside of the sticker. Press down firmly and then peel the backing layer of the tape away. Use this new adhesive to adhere your sticker to any of your desired surfaces.

Use Adhesive Spray

A third solution you can try when wondering how to make reusable stickers is using an adhesive spray bottle. Apply a thin, even layer of this adhesive to the back of the sticker and let it dry. The spray adhesive will create a new, sticky layer on the sticker’s surface, so you can apply your sticker once more.

We’ve discussed all these methods in detail in our previous blog post “How to Make a Sticker Sticky Again: 6 Quick & Easy Solutions”. If you prefer comprehensive instructions and additional methods to give your stickers a new sticky life, just check this out.

How to reuse stickers by turning them into other useful things 

Do not give up on stickers that have lost their stickiness because you can give them a new life. How to reuse stickers? – Reusing them by transforming them into useful and creative items. Here are some innovative ideas you should try:


Bookmarks are a wonderful way to revive your non-sticky stickers. To turn old stickers into unique bookmarks, start by attaching your stickers to a piece of cardstock or laminated paper. You have two options for this step: using glue or double-sided tape. Consider to leave them the original shape or cut them into your desired bookmark shape. Then it’s done, you have a unique and personalized bookmark, not wasting any of your collected stickers. 

Make bookmarks from stickers
Make bookmarks from stickers (Photo source:

Watch ilikediyprojects’s tutorials on Youtube

2. Gift Tags

Can you reuse stickers? Yes. Cute or aesthetic stickers can be transformed into pretty gift tags for any occasion. Similar to making a bookmark, you glue your stickers to a cardstock, cut out the excess parts of the cardboard, and punch a hole for a ribbon or string. These handmade gift tags will add a special look to your presents and leave a feeling of love to your recipient.

Make Custom Stickers Your Way 1
Layering your gift tags with stickers

3. Jewelry

How to reuse stickers? Let’s turn them into eye-catching jewelry pieces. One creative way to make your own necklace is to adhere stickers to pendant settings, and then simply hang them on a chain or cord. This method can also be used to craft bracelets. But that’s not all. Attach non-sticky stickers to earring blanks to create unique and colorful earrings. You can choose stickers in the same theme so you have a necklace, a bracelet and earrings that match. 

Turn old stickers into unique earings
Turn old stickers into unique earings

4. Photo Frames

For DIY photo frame projects, utilize your old stickers. This is also a way of how to reuse stickers. Simply attach various stickers in small size to your plain frame to make it a personalized gift, or cut large stickers into smaller pieces or use them whole to create an artistic mosaic design. Once applied with stickers, your photo frames will be the one and unique pieces of decor for displaying your cherished memories or to use as a gift for your loved ones.

DIY photo frame using stickers
DIY photo frame using stickers

5. DIY Magnets

Turn your stickers into useful and pretty magnets is a way of how to reuse stickers. Put your non-sticky stickers on an adhesive magnet sheet and trim the sheet to match the shape of your sticker. Attach these two and you instantly have DIY magnets. These creative magnets can be used on your fridge, or for displaying photos and artwork in a stylish and personalized way.

These DIY projects create creative ways to use stickers, they not only save your stickers from going to waste but it gives some of your familiar items an artistic appearance. 

Turn your stickers into useful and pretty magnets
Turn your stickers into useful and pretty magnets

Bottom lines

As we can see, when your stickers get old, or when they lose their stickiness, it’s not the end. Just with a few simple steps, you can regain their stickiness, or you can create various visually appealing and useful items for your daily life. The ideas we’ve discovered together are the best answers for the concern of how to reuse stickers. So, if you got some at home, let’s start your project now to give your stickers a second chance to shine.

In case you’re looking for high-quality stickers with exceptional stickiness to replace the old one, don’t forget to access our collection. CustomAny offer a wide range of custom stickers, in any shape and size, with perfect adhesive to ensure your designs stick around just as you want them to.


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