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How to Store Stickers? 6 Best Ideas for Unused Sticker Storage & Organization

How to Store Stickers - 6 Best Ideas

Are your stickers a growing collection with too many unused ones? You are worrying about them being torn or faded after time if you still keep them in that negligent way? You are wondering how to store stickers and or feeling not quite sure how to organize them? 

Look no further than our article. In this post, we’ve got you 6 effective ways to store and organize unused stickers, keep them safe and ready to shine when the time comes. Moreover, there are creative solutions that allow you to keep stickers organized and to showcase them at the same time.

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How to Store Stickers: 6 Ways for Protecting and Showcasing 

Stickers are the way to express oneself, so it’s understandable if you have a large sticker collection that keeps growing over time. But, how to store stickers? When it comes to storing these priceless stickers, the protection and organization must be taken into account. 

So firstly, we have 6 recommendations of protecting (and in some cases, showcasing) your collection for those who still wonder how to store stickers.

1. Display Cases or Pegboard

Display cases that are made for storing stickers are usually made from acrylic or glass. These cases containing small and similar compartments, provide space for sticker protection. They come in various sizes and styles, including tabletop display cases and wall-mounted cases. 

About pegboards, they are panels with multiple holes. You use these holes to hang the pegboards on a wall or to place them in a frame. Pegboards usually come equipped with an assortment of hooks and baskets. Hang sticker bags on the hooks, allowing easy access to your stickers when needed. Meanwhile, you can neatly arrange individual stickers or sticker sheets within the baskets, keeping them organized and readily visible. 

Another answer for the question of how to store stickers is combining display cases and pegboard. Place your sticker inside the cases, then attach the cases onto the pegboard.

Whether you decide to use display cases, pegboards, or the combination of them, these DIY sticker organizers can keep your stickers from unwanted physical damages while making them visible and easily appreciated. 

Make Custom Stickers Your Way 1
Pegboard and tray to store your stickers

2. Large picture frames

Large picture frames are not just for pictures and photos. With various options for materials and sizes, they can be the best way to store stickers.

CustomAny recommend buying a frame that has glass or plastic cover, as this detail is crucial for protecting your stickers from dust or fading. Furthermore, transparent materials allow great vision, so your collection not only stays safe but also turns into a creative display. 

How to store stickers inside a picture frame? You first put them lie flat on the surface of the frame, use soluble side tapes to secure their place. You can put them in your desired order, then seal the frame. This method is perfect for creating sticker collages or showcasing individual sticker designs that hold special meaning for you.

Just like using display cases or pegboard, storing stickers on large picture frames are versatile options because they also serve as creative ways to display stickers. We’ve published a related blog before, which is named “How to Display Stickers: 6 Practical & Artistic Ways to Showcase Your Collection”. So if you are eager to know more imaginative sticker display ideas, check out this blog.

3. Sticker Binder or Sticker Book

How to store stickers? Using a sticker binder, or a sticker holder book, which is specifically designed for these sticky pieces. A binder for storing stickers typically features clear plastic pockets or sleeves. Simply slide your stickers inside to keep them dust-free. You can use one pocket for an individual sticker or a group of stickers in the same theme. 

Using a sticker binder is a straightforward and organized way to store your collection, making stickers easy to find and enjoy by anyone whom you show the binder to.

Clear sticker binders are convenient to carry unused stickers
Clear sticker binders are convenient to carry unused stickers

4. Photo Album

Similar to sticker binder but easier to find, using photo albums equipped with blank, clear pages for storing stickers is one of the great and affordable sticker organization ideas. 

How to store stickers in an album? Use stickers to fill the pages, one by one with your stickers. The transparent allows you to protect and organize your stickers in order, preserving them for future use. These albums can keep your priceless stickers both protective and visually pleasing.

5. Craft Drawer

How to store stickers? – Try craft drawers. 

Sticker organizer drawers, typically made of plastic and are available in a range of shapes and sizes, are a great way to keep your stickers safe and organized.

Dividing your stickers into groups according to their shape, size or theme is the best way to organize stickers. Consider putting these groups of stickers in plastic bags before storing them in drawers to further shield your stickers from any possible adhesive transfer. Then, arrange the bags in separate compartments of the drawer. These craft drawers not only keep your sticker collection protected and organized but also allow for convenient and fast access.

Use craft drawer to keep your stickers organized
Use craft drawer to keep your stickers organized

6. File cabinet

How to store stickers in large sizes? While not a conventional choice, a file cabinet is the best choice for your needs, which is how to store stickers without spending too much money. 

In fact, file cabinets are designed for keeping things in the size of documents and files, so they are practical for larger sticker collections. Use some file bags to keep your stickers organized and put them in the file cabinet for protection. Label each compartment of your cabinet so stickers in themes are categorized and separate, allowing easy access.

Remember not to place the cabinet next to windows or any extreme temperature resource, as you never want them to be fading or damaged over time. 

You can find that all the ideas above are practical or artistic in their own ways, some help to keep your stickers organized, preserved, and others even allow your collection ready for display.

Tips for Organizing your Stored Stickers 

When you ask “how to store stickers”, it is not just about putting them in a safe place, it is about “how to organize stickers?”. You need to divide them into groups, then arrange them in order. By doing so, you know where to find each single sticker piece of your sticker when you need them. So, here are some helpful tips for you to create and maintain a well-organized storage.

Categorize stickers based on themes, styles, or designs 

The first thing comes to your mind when looking for effective ways of sticker storage ideas is categorizing them into groups of the same shape, size, or style. 

For instance, you can create categories like circle stickers, square stickers, die-cut stickers; or 3 inch stickers, 5 inch stickers,… depending on your collection’s variety. This method ensures stickers in the same shape and size are put together to become a sturdy stack, which is well-protected. Besides, grouping similar stickers together makes it easier to find specific stickers, saving you time and frustration.

Use labels for effective organization 

To keep the groups of stickers you just divide into separately and easily accessible, consider using organizing stickers and labels. Place them in particular sticker containers. You can use printed stickers to mark sections or pages containing specific sticker themes, or use blank stickers for all the sections to handwrite their names later.

Regularly check and change the sticker placement

We bet that your sticker collection is updated regularly as a collector barely stops collecting. To maintain a well-organized sticker storage system, assign the new ones to appropriate sections and check on them regularly.

Additionally, change the placement of stickers periodically – avoid deforming the stickers if they are left in one position for too long.

Last thoughts

To all the sticker collectors, how to store stickers and organize them are the common questions. To keep your collection protected, try our suggestions, from stylish display cases and picture frames that let you showcase your favorite stickers to the practicality of sticker organizer binders or albums. 

Don’t forget that CustomAny offer custom stickers in any shape and size, so if you have any unique design in mind, go to our website to turn it into personalized stickers that no one ever has. They will be a star to add to your sticker collection.


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