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How to Display Stickers: 6 Practical & Artistic Ways to Showcase Your Collection

How to Display Stickers - 6 Practical & Artistic Ways

You collect stickers not just because it is your hobby, we know that it’s a form of self-expression and a visual representation of your interests. If you find this article, CustomAny bet that your priceless sticker collection is tucked away. This treasure needs to be showcased to the world. But what to do with sticker collection? – You just haven’t known how yet.

So, how to display stickers? In this blog post, we’ll explore 6 ways to display stickers, both practical and artistic. With these ideas and DIY guide, let’s transform your sticker collection into a work of art and bring your passions to life.

How to Display Stickers in a Practical way 

The stickers you collect are adhesive gems which can show who you are, what you are interested in, or what is your passion. Would it make sense to store them in a closed box after all the effort you put into acquiring them? Put them on your everyday items to share your unique style with the outside world.

1. Laptop – How to display stickers on this ideal ‘canvas’?

What to decorate with stickers? The first thing is your laptop. Your laptop is what you can bring to your classes, your office, or even with your trips. By enhancing its appearance with stickers, you not only add a personal touch but also create yourself a conversation starter. 

Quick tip: Before sticking collected stickers to your laptop, make sure that they are laptop-friendly, with the appropriate adhesive that leaves your laptop no marks or scratch if you remove them later. 

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Showcase your sticker collection on your laptop
Showcase your sticker collection on your laptop

2. Skateboards and Helmets

If you do skating or cycling, your skateboard or helmet will be the perfect canvas to feature your collected stickers. How to display stickers on these items? Choose a group of your stickers and place them, one by one on the surfaces. Because you are a sporty type, your belongings can handle more adventurous sticker designs.

3. Guitar and Musical Instruments

If you have music as another hobby, your musical instruments are the things that you should use for sticker display ideas. Sticker bombing them to enhance your instrument’s appearance and provide you with extra inspiration to play. Just ensure that the stickers are easy to remove without leaving any scratches or residue.

4. Cars

Your car can be considered the best place for stickers. It allows you to take your self-expression to the streets. Customizing your car with sticker designs that can turn heads. You can even advertise your favorite bands or support your political candidates. If you ask us how to display stickers on cars effectively, we’ll say that you just use weather-resistant car stickers.

Place your stickers on cars
Place your stickers on cars

5. Luggage

When you travel around, why not think of how to display stickers? For these occasions, your luggage becomes a great chance to showcase your identity. Luggage stickers not only give your belongings a unique look, they also help you easily spot your bag at the carousel. 

Quick tip: use durable stickers, as they will be through frequent travels. 

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So, whether it’s your laptop, sport gears, car, or luggage, each of these practical applications can help you showcase the wide range of stickers with your style and interests. Place stickers on them and transform your belongings into a pride display.

How to Display Stickers: Turn your collection in to art 

Stickers aren’t limited to use on your personal items; they can become a piece of art when they are displayed correctly. We highly recommend 2 innovative ways you can showcase your sticker collection display as a masterpiece.

6. Wall art

The walls are a blank canvas awaiting your creativity of displaying your collected stickers. Whether it is the wall at your home, your office, or even on the street (provided it is allowed), displaying stickers on it allows you to share your collection with a broader audience.

How to display stickers as wall art? As you start to do it, check the type of wall and its condition. You should know that stickers adhere well to sturdy, smooth and clean surfaces. Beside, make sure that your sticker collage has the same theme and style, so they can make the best art to be displayed on the wall.

7. Local Exhibitions

In fact, wall art is just a way to reach a small group of audience. If you are wondering how to display stickers in an even more public way, consider local exhibitions.

To participate in a sticker exhibition, first you have to seek out nearby art galleries, craft fairs, or sticker-related events. Register to those events so you can display your stickers. This opportunity allows you to connect with other art lovers, or more specific, more sticker lovers.

Note that you’ll need a sticker display board for your stickers. To make it, we recommend using foam core board, corkboard, or a wooden panel. Then simply apply your stickers to this board. Arrange them in an aesthetically pleasing order, and ensure they are secure. Lastly, you can attach a hanging mechanism or sticker display stand, this is depending on the event’s requirements.

How to display stickers without using them? In case you prefer to create a display board without actually removing the backing layer and using your stickers, give reusable magnetic display boards a try. With these special boards, your stickers can be taken out after the exhibition, put back again in storage.

Bring your sticker collection to Local Exhibitions
Bring your sticker collection to Local Exhibitions (Photo source:

Tips on How to Display Stickers 

How to display stickers without any mistake or damage? We have some tips that can help in assuring the success of showcasing your sticker collection. 


Before applying stickers, clean the desired surface, ensure it is free from dirt or residue. Stickers are more likely to adhere better when they are applied to smooth and clean surfaces. A perfect application enhances the overall appearance of your sticker display. 

Cleaning the surface is particularly crucial when you want to display your collected stickers as wall art. In this case, any imperfections of the surface can affect the final result.


Arranging your sticker display is the step for you to get creative. Whether you prefer placing your sticker in a symmetrical pattern, a chaotic collage, or covering them in full surface, the entire arrangement is all up to you. 

If you opt for covering entire surfaces with stickers, it means you are sticker bombing that surface. You will be interested in our related blog “What is sticker bombing and how to sticker bomb properly?


When displaying your sticker collection, the last thing you want is it being deteriorated over time. So how to display stickers and at the same time protect these delicate arts? 

You should use a clear protective cover to shield your sticker art from dust. Besides, laminating your stickers is the ultimate way to protect them from UV rays and other potential physical damage. This extra layer not only preserves the stickers’ vibrancy but also extends their longevity.


So, that’s it. You’ve reached the end of our creative journey on how to display stickers. Congratulations! With all the inspiring ideas and tips above, now it’s time for you to start your sticker display. Whether on your personal belongings or as a work of art, It will be an unique and artistic way for you to express yourself.

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