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30+ Practical Wedding Favors Ideas that don’t break the bank

30+ Practical Wedding Favors Ideas that don’t break the bank

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Planning a wedding involves countless details, and one important aspect is choosing the best wedding favors for your guests. These favors not only serve as a token of appreciation but also offer a way to make your guests feel valued. However, finding practical wedding favors ideas that don’t break the bank can be a challenge. 

We are here to help you solve this problem! In this guide, we have gathered over 30 cheap wedding favor ideas that are not only practical but also meaningful. So, let’s dive in!

Edible Delights as Practical Wedding Favors Ideas

Edible delights make particularly popular and enjoyable favors for every wedding party. Here, we will showcase some wedding favors ideas featuring edible delights:

1. Mini jars of locally sourced honey or jam

Mini jars of locally sourced honey or jam are a sweet and thoughtful choice for wedding favors ideas. They are not only delicious but also support local businesses. 

2. Gourmet chocolates or truffles

Gourmet chocolates or truffles are a classic and indulgent choice. You can opt for high-quality ones in various flavors, package them in elegant personalized wedding favors boxes or favor bags for weddings.

Gourmet chocolates or truffles is a popular idea for wedding favors
Gourmet chocolates or truffles is a popular idea for wedding favors

3. Personalized tea or coffee packets

The tea or coffee packets allow your guests to enjoy a warm and comforting beverage long after the wedding day. They make for practical wedding favors ideas.

4. Homemade cookies or baked goods in decorative boxes

Cookies, brownies, cupcakes, or even mini pies! You have the freedom to choose your favorite recipes to create homemade cookies or baked goods as wedding favors.

Give your guests homemade cookies wrapped in decorative boxes
Give your guests homemade cookies wrapped in decorative boxes

5. Gourmet popcorn with unique seasonings

Classic options like butter, caramel, or cheese popcorn are always popular, but you can also consider more adventurous flavors like spicy jalapeno, sweet and salty kettle corn, or chocolate-covered popcorn.

6. Mini bottles of wine or champagne

Mini bottles of wine or champagne used as classy wedding favors are small, individual-sized bottles of wine or champagne. 

Overall, most edible delights can be customized by applying stickers. For this kind of favor, circle stickers are often popular and versatile. Additionally, clear stickers can provide a clean and elegant look. 

The content can include the names of the bride and groom and a simple “Thank You” message. You can also consider adding the wedding date or a personalized message.

Useful Keepsakes for Wedding Favors

Keepsakes used as wedding favors are practical and thoughtful gifts that your guests can use and appreciate long after the wedding day. These favors provide a functional purpose in the recipients’ lives.

7. Personalized keychains or luggage tags 

Keychains or luggage tags customized with wedding quotes, the bride and groom’s initials, or the wedding date are practical and sentimental favors.

8. Compact mirrors or pocket mirrors

Compact mirrors or pocket mirrors are commonly used as wedding favors ideas because they can be easily carried in a purse, pocket, or handbag. 

9. Reusable shopping bags with wedding logos

Reusable tote wedding favor bags are versatile and practical gifts that can be customized with your wedding logos. Your guests can use them for grocery shopping, beach outings, or as an everyday carryall.

10. Coasters with a sentimental message

You can customize coasters with a monogram, wedding motif, or a sentimental message. Coasters are budget friendly and practical wedding favors ideas which can be used at home or in the office.

11. Mini notebooks or journals

These items make for useful keepsakes that guests can use to jot down notes, ideas, or memories. 

Pampering Treats

Pampering treats are indulgent and luxurious wedding favors ideas that allow your guests to relax and pamper themselves. Here are some of these wedding favors ideas:

12. Mini scented candles or essential oil diffusers

Fill the air with delightful fragrances by gifting mini scented candles or essential oil diffusers as wedding favors. These compact and aromatic treats can create a soothing ambiance and bring a sense of calm to your guests’ homes.

Mini scented candles
Mini scented candles from jojococandles.com

13. Handmade soap or bath bombs

These wedding favors ideas are luxurious and nourishing treats for the body and mind. Choose beautifully crafted soaps or bath bombs with enticing scents.

14. Personalized lip balm or lip gloss

Keep your guests’ lips smooth and moisturized with personalized lip balm or lip gloss. Guests will appreciate this practical and pampering favor.

Personalized lip balms with labels
Personalized lip balms with labels

15. Mini bottles of scented lotion or hand sanitizer

Treat your guests with mini bottles of soothing scented lotion or hand sanitizer. 

16. Spa or bath salts in decorative containers

Help your guests create their own spa experience at home with spa or bath salts. Package them in decorative containers such as glass jars or sachets.

17. Customized face masks or eye masks

Provide your guests with a little luxury for their skincare routine by gifting customized face masks or eye masks for different skin types. 

18. Mini manicure or pedicure kits

Give your guests a mini manicure or pedicure kit, including items like nail files, clippers, and cuticle oil, to keep their nails looking their best. 

Like edible delights, pampering treats can be applied with various stickers or labels. Wrapping and adding custom stickers to them not only allow you to add a personal touch to each favor but also make them visually appealing.

Eco-Friendly Options

Eco-friendly options are highly desirable for wedding favors ideas because they allow couples to make a positive impact on the environment while celebrating their special day. 

19. Seed packets for guests to plant flowers or herbs

Giving guests seed packets allows them to plant their own flowers or herbs, contributing to a greener environment.

20. Bamboo or reusable stainless steel straws

Encourage guests to reduce their plastic waste by gifting them bamboo or reusable stainless steel straws. 

21. Organic cotton tote bags

Provide guests with organic cotton tote bags that they can use for shopping, reducing the need for single-use plastic bags. 

22. Wooden coasters or utensils

Wooden coasters or utensils are sustainable and biodegradable alternatives to their plastic counterparts. They add a rustic touch to your wedding favors.

Wedding wooden coasters
Wedding wooden coasters on eBay

23. Cloth napkins or tea towels

Offer guests cloth napkins or tea towels made from sustainable fabrics (ex: organic cotton). These serve as practical keepsakes guests can use in their everyday lives.

Photo Memories are meaningful Wedding Favors

Photo memories are a heartfelt and personal way to share cherished moments with your guests. These wedding favors ideas allow your guests to relive the joy and happiness they experienced.

24. Photo frames with a thank-you message

Provide guests with photo frames that are personalized with a thank-you message. These frames can be pre-filled with a photo from your wedding, or you can leave the frames empty for guests to fill with their own favorite memories. 

25. Mini photo albums or scrapbooks

Create mini photo albums or scrapbooks filled with a selection of your favorite wedding photos..

26. Photo coasters with messages

Personalized photo coasters with memorable images from your wedding, along with heartfelt messages or quotes. 

Home and Kitchen Goods

Home and kitchen goods are practical and functional items that are given to guests as tokens of appreciation. 

27. Mini succulents in decorative pots

There are no maintenance requirements with succulents, so they make a great addition to any living space. Guests can take these mini succulents home and display them in decorative pots.

28. Mini potted herbs like basil or rosemary

Give guests small potted herbs that they can use in their own culinary adventures. Basil and rosemary are popular choices for this.

Mini potted herbs
Mini potted herbs

29. Tealight candle holders

Tealight candle holders can be used to create a cozy and romantic ambiance in guests’ homes. 

30. Infused olive oils or flavored vinegar sets

Offer guests sets of infused olive oils or flavored vinegar that they can use to enhance their cooking. These can be beautifully packaged and customized with labels featuring a special message.

31. Engraved wooden spoons or spatulas

Wooden kitchen utensils, such as spoons or spatulas, are useful for anyone and for everyday cooking.

32. Customized cutting boards or cheese boards

Cutting boards or cheese boards personalized with the couple’s names or symbol of love make elegant and functional wedding favors. 

Make Custom Stickers Your Way 1

33. Salt and pepper shakers with the couple’s initials

Provide guests with salt and pepper shakers that are engraved or labeled with the couple’s initials. These small wedding favors ideas can be used daily.


Finding practical wedding favors ideas that don’t break the bank is possible with a little creativity and thoughtfulness. We have explored over 30 budget-friendly wedding favors ideas that are both practical and meaningful, ensuring that your guests will appreciate and enjoy them long after the celebrations are over.

So, go ahead and choose the perfect wedding favors ideas that will make your guests feel cherished and leave them with beautiful memories of your special day.

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