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4 excellent tips to prevent stickers from peeling off

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Many people are interested in sticking beautiful custom stickers on their belongings without them peeling off. Stickers can liven up an otherwise boring space, but peeling stickers are out of style. In fact, there are many reasons for the sticker to peel off such as: use the proper technique, wrong adhesive type, improper application,… You are very likely to make these fundamental errors. So, how do you keep stickers from peeling? The article below will provide you with a four-step checklist for preventing your stickers from peeling off.

1. Choose the right sticker adhesive type

The sticky underside of a sticker is called the adhesive layer. Using right adhesive type minimizing the possibility of your stickers peeling off the surface. There are 4 suitable adhesives you can refer to:

  • Permanent Adhesive: Permanent adhesives can be silicone sealant, film, glue, or any other substance with the necessary properties to function as a permanent adhesive. The elements bound together, it can be used in a variety of materials, including metal, wood, paper, stickers or plastic.
  • Removable Adhesive: Removable adhesives are used in a variety of industrial applications, including stickers. Removable adhesives are used to create so-called removable stickers in the case of labeling. These stickers can be applied to a surface (for example, plastic) and removed without damaging the label or leaving adhesive residue.
  • Repositionable Adhesives: Stickers with repositionable adhesive can be repositioned without causing damage to the label or the substrate. The adhesive holds the stickers firmly in place while leaving no residue when the stickers are removed. Repositionable adhesive is also commonly used in baby wipes, wet wipes, and makeup wipes.
  • Temperature-Specific Adhesive: These label adhesives are excellent for sticker applications. It could be use if a label needs to be straightened, or if a crease or bubble needs to be removed.
Choose the right adhesive type to keep stickers prevent stickers from peeling off
Choose the right sticker adhesive type for the surface and your purpose

2. Choose the right application

Check the the surface 

When you first apply vinyl sticker, there’s a way you can ensure its longevity. Check that the surface, flat or place is clean and free of dust or other contaminants first. This will result in a perfect adhesion with no air bubbles or dust particles which keep your stickers from peeling off. 

Use heat to help dry adhesive 

If your sticker isn’t sticking properly, you can use heat to help it stick. While applying the self-adhesive peeling sticker to your desired surface, use a hair dryer or heat gun on the surface. Heat will help it conform to any uneven surfaces more quickly. After applying heat, rub out any air bubbles or bumps with a credit card or suitable items.

Use heat when apply sticker to curve surfaces 
Use heat when apply sticker to curve surfaces 

Use the wet approach

Most smaller stickers may be applied without the use of water, but for large and extremely large stickers, this tip is invaluable. Use a spray bottle to re-wet the area after washing it with a solution of approximately 5% soap to 95% water. While the area is still moist, apply the sticker. This will prevent it from sticking right away and give you some more time, if needed, to readjust it. You can also use a plastic card or squeegee to eliminate any bubbles. The soapy water will dry quickly, leaving your sticker firmly in place.

3. Tips for make stickers stay longer

Reduce your exposure to hazardous chemicals

Chemicals can have a significant impact on the quality and longevity of vinyl stickers. Make sure to limit your exposure to chemicals when using vinyl sticker sealer. So, when cleaning vinyl stickers with chemicals, make sure to use them in diluted form rather than directly. Or using water is the safest cleaning method to prevent your stickers from peeling off.

Touching should be limited

Physical damage to the sticker is one of the most common factors that reduces its lifespan. Peeling stickers are durable enough to withstand minor bumps and other environmental hazards, but they are vulnerable to physical damage from sharp objects. This is common in the case of car stickers, where there are frequent collisions. Touch the stickers with no sharp objects. This will damage the sticker and make the stickers more prone to wear and tear in the future. Avoid peeling and reapplying as this will cause the adhesion to catch dust and reduce the adhesive’s effectiveness.

Apply to areas that have moderate temperatures

Install your custom sticker in areas that are away from direct sunlight for their longevity. If possible, use heat when apply them. The best temperature is between 50F and 90F.

4. Make peeled-off stickers sticky again

Have you ever wondered how to make stickers sticky again? The tips above will keep your sticker from peeling off, but if you didn’t follow them right from the start and the sticker already came off, these three tips will assist you in making peeled-off stickers stick again:

Make peeled-off stickers sticky again
Make peeled-off stickers sticky again

Sticky again with glue

Can you make a peeling sticker sticky again? Or perhaps you want to move a sticker from one location to another. You’ll need repositionable glue in either case! Repositionable glue is a temporary adhesive that allows you to reposition objects until you’re satisfied with their placement. It is ideal for stickers, photos, paper, and other lightweight materials.

Simply apply repositionable glue to the back of your object to use it. Then press the object against the surface you want it to stick to. When you’re ready to move it, the object will easily come off. A damp cloth can also be used to remove any excess glue. Don’t worry if your favorite sticker has lost its stick! You can re-stick it with repositionable glue.

Sticky again with adhesive tape

To begin, use a damp cloth to clean the area around the sticker. This will get rid of any dirt or debris that might be preventing the adhesive from sticking. After that, cut a piece of tape slightly larger than the sticker. Place the tape over the sticker and firmly press down. Your peeled-off sticker is now as good as new! Adhesive tape is a quick and easy way to make your stickers last longer.

Sticky again with double-sided tape

To begin using this trick, clean the area around the sticker with a damp cloth. This will remove any dirt or debris that may be preventing the tape from properly adhering. Then, cut a piece of double-sided tape slightly smaller than the sticker and adhere it to the back. Press firmly to ensure it’s secure, then peel off the other side of the tape and adhere the sticker.

This simple fix should keep your peeling stickers in place for a much longer period of time.


Stickers have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. We use them to decorate our iPhones, laptops, keyboards, and even our cars! There are so many different types of stickers available these days that you can easily select those that you require for decorative purposes such as decorating your rollerblades, daily planner, or mug. With these tips, you’ll be able to easily apply any sticker to any surface without it peeling off. However, if you are going to stick a peeling sticker to an unusually shaped surface or if your sticker is far too large, seek assistance when applying it.


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