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5 important points to distinguish between labeling and packaging

5 important points to distinguish between labeling and packaging

Labeling and packaging of products make the first impression on customers when shopping online or in physical stores. We are aware of the importance of appealing product appearance but there are entrepreneurs and even marketers still confused about the difference between labeling and packaging. This article will provide you with the labeling and packaging’s definition, their advantages and some notes when you use them. Then we listed out for you 5 important points to distinguish between labeling and packaging.

What is labeling?


Label is a crucial part of branding. Normally, it is bonded to the product directly and provides customers with product detailed information and to be recognized easily. Labeling discloses the product‘s name, who made it, how to use, ingredients, manufacturing and expiring date, price, weight…As a result, attractive labeling at the moment of purchase boosts customer to make quick decision.


Without doubt, appealing label is mandatory for the success of an entrepreneur.

  • Customized labels for marketing: Customized labels contribute a vital role in success of a promotion. “Buy one get one”, “Free gift”, “30% free” are some examples of promotional labels, which attract customers’ attention, urge them to stop and buy your products.
  • Public important information: Labeling is definitely important in sharing product information to the public. Particularly, in such several industries as food and drink, it is compulsory to publish ingredients, manufacturing date and expiry, etc.
  • Minimize product damage: A well-made branding label supports the warehouse a lot by providing how to handle products. With clear label warning about handling, businesses may avoid missing packages or damaged returned.
  • Note that, however creative your labels are, branding labels are strictly abided by the law. It depends on the regulation of countries, industries, regions, etc. A stark example is tobacco: you must mention that “tobacco is injurious to health” on your product label.
Custom product labels contribute to branding
Custom product labels contribute to branding

What is packaging?


Packaging combines the process of designing a package and producing the product containers like bottles, boxes, etc. Mainly, we have the packaging to protect products so that it is transported safely. Whenever we talk about packaging, they are wrapping, crating, filling or compressing of goods to protect them from spoilage, pilferage, breakage, leakage, etc.


  • Stand out from competitors: A custom packaging helps your brand stand out from fierce competitors in your niche. As people say there are only 7 seconds for you to make a first impression on customers. As it takes different impressions to foster brand awareness, you need to form a solid, consistent visual identity to set yourself apart each time.
  • Effective marketing strategy: Packaging is a crucial marketing tool. Customers have a tendency to buy from businesses that bring special content. Then with customized packaging, your content will be more fascinating and appealing. A well custom packaging reflects the dedication of manufacturer and certainly, it gives customers a long lasting impression.
  • Protect your product: As discussed, packaging primarily ensures your products reach destination safe and sound. Depending on types of products, the packaging is also customized to meet the requirement of shipping. In this case, a tailored packaging helps you to design suitable package for each size and types of items. With our custom packaging product, you can easily order to customize yours in second.

In term of shipping, packaging is regulated by requirement of carrier, government.

Custom packaging shows that you really care about your customers experience
Custom packaging shows that you really care about your customers experience

Differences between labeling and packaging

Now, we already understand how important labeling and packaging is, but sometimes it can be hard to distinguish them. So we are demonstrating the comparison between labeling and packaging.

MeaningInform customers by text, picture, tagPack products in containers
ObjectiveProvide information
Persuade customers to make purchase decision
Product protection
FunctionProviding information
Product Identification

Brand identification
FocusConcise descriptionProtection and appearance
DesignBasic and formal, comply with regulationCreative, innovative, atrractive
Comparison between labeling and packaging
Differences between labeling and packaging
Differences between labeling and packaging


Labeling can be as anything from a composed content to a picture, from a standardized tag to an image, which is attached on the package or on the item itself. Whereas, packaging is how to pack the products within the suitable package, tin, bottle, box, parcel, etc. to provide the item conveniently to the buyer


Labeling is to supply detailed information about the item which can impact consumer’s buying choice. While, packaging is to supply protection and act as a 7-second deal commercial.


Labeling contains such functions as:

  • Describing the Product: Labels gives information to describe the product such as for category of people, be it age, gender, type, etc. It also clarifies the weight, price, directions for use and other related information. Then it promotes customer to have reason to buy.
  • Specifying the content: With custom labeling, the producer moreover gives the information around the ingredients included within the product, so that the client can examine it themselves and choose if they need to purchase that item or not. It increases customer loyalty towards the brand.
  • Product Identification: Labels are of awesome help in distinguishing the same product advertised by distinctive brands.
  • Grading of Product: A company launches a new range of items, as well as distinctive variations of the same items, labeling makes a difference in classifying diverse variations.
  • Providing legally compulsory information: Labels are moreover critical in giving legally commanded essential information such as Batch No. Manufacturing Date, Expiry Date, Weight, etc. Statutory Warnings moreover shapes portion of legitimate data, which is given by way of Names.
  • Product Promotion: Labels moreover in some cases offer assistance in promoting the product, i.e. colorful and unique labels frequently get the attention of the buyers.

Whereas, there a several functions of packaging as follow:

  • Protection: as you know, the fundamental function performed by packaging is protection. You are confused the reason for protection, for what? Here it is, it create protection against sun, rain, dampness, breakage, altering, contamination, harm, insect, etc. For example, you might have watched that snacks like chips, wafers, rolls, etc. continuously comes in hermetically sealed parcels, but why? Since, these can be ruined when they come in contact with the air.
  • Product Identification: One more function performed by the packaging is that it makes a difference in identification, i.e. the producer of the item, and recognize between diverse items within the market. For example, one can effectively recognize a yellow parcel of noodles, that it is Maggi instead of others.
  • Product Promotion: Now, the development of self-service retail stores pushes producers to offer the products in appealing packages, because it makes a difference in gaining the attention of the clients towards the product. It would not be doubt to say that packaging acts as a noiseless sales representative, particularly in departmental stores. Imaginative and inventive packaging regularly pulls in buyers and increments the sale.
  • Quality and Quantity Estimation: Packaging regularly helps in valuing the quality and amount of the product. With the sort of packaging, one can effortlessly decide its quality, indeed without using the product. So also, with the measure of the packet, it is simpler to recognize the quantity.


The most objective of labeling is to deliver a brief exact description of the item to the customers, to promote the product as well. Then again, the main purpose of packaging is to provide protection, to encourage storage and transportation, and to boost the product. Besides, packaging concerns about the appearance of the product, i.e. it is more about the look and customer experience.


In term of design, the labeling is ordinarily basic and formal, which is meant for clear communication of the message to the customer. In contrary, packaging is by far one of the major instruments of promoting. It plays a critical part in building a brand. Creative, imaginative and visually engaging plans for packaging are favored, which pulls in the customers.

In short, designing a proper labeling and packaging is not an easy mission. With thorough understanding the differences between labeling and packaging, you can draw a clearer path for your business growth. Packaging is the first task that every company spends a lot of money on to attract customers and build brand image. While labeling is a part of packaging and it contains all important information about product. If you can customize labeling and packaging gorgeously, they must the contributors to the rising sales and profit.


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