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Wall Decals for Office: Positive working environment & corporate culture

Wall Decals for Office for Positive working environment & corporate culture

Studies have shown that a visually appealing workplace can significantly influence employee motivation, productivity, and overall job satisfaction. When employees are surrounded by aesthetically pleasing and inspiring elements, they feel a greater sense of pride in their work environment and a stronger connection to the organization.

That’s why wall decals for office can boost employee morale, spark creativity, and foster a positive work atmosphere where employees feel inspired to do their best work.

In this article, we will explore the importance of wall decals for office. In detail, learn how they can build corporate culture, and improve workplace atmosphere by uncovering the 5 design elements you should put in a wall decal and 5 materials the design should be printed on. Now, join us!

The Role of wall decals in workplace

Wall decals play a crucial role in every workplace, and here are 2 key benefits:

1. In Fostering a Positive Work Environment

One key role of wall decals in the workplace is in creating a positive and inspiring environment. By incorporating aesthetically pleasing design elements, such as quotes, artwork, and color schemes, companies can create a space that uplifts and motivates employees. 

For example, green is known for its calming and soothing effects. It is associated with nature, balance, and renewal. Green can create a sense of freshness and harmony, making it a good choice for promoting a relaxing and stress-free work environment.

Or you can customize wall decals for office using some positive wall decals quotes such as: “Innovate, inspire, ignite”, “Dare to dream, dare to do”, etc.

Office wall decals create a positive and inspiring environment
Office wall decals create a positive and inspiring environment

2. In Shaping Corporate Culture

Wall decals can be a powerful tool for businesses to visually communicate and reinforce their values, beliefs, and desired behaviors. For example, if one of the core values is teamwork, a decal with the word “Collaboration” or a graphic symbolizing collaboration can be displayed prominently.

Placing wall decals in high-visibility areas within the office or workspace ensures that employees are reminded on a regular basis. This will impact how they interact, perform, handle in their workplace.

5 things you can put in the wall decals for office

Wall decals for office are excellent ways to reinforce a key message, a value, and accomplishments visually. Following are 5 elements that can be included in wall decals to foster a positive work environment and shape the corporate culture:

1. Values and Mission Statement

By putting values and the mission statement on wall decals for office, organizations create a visually engaging environment that guides employee’s behavior and positively influences external perception.

The main focus of this wall decals for office type is the company’s values and goals, but we recommend incorporating visual representations of values and the mission statement. This can be done through icons, illustrations, or photographs that convey the intended message in a creative and engaging manner.

Putting company's values and the mission statement on wall decals for office
Putting company’s values and the mission statement on wall decals for office

2. Inspirational Quote

Inspirational wall decals quotes for office have the power to uplift and motivate employees. 

By displaying them on custom wall decals for office, you can provide a constant source of inspiration. These quotes can remind employees of the importance of their work, encourage resilience, foster creativity, and promote a positive mindset.

For instance, you can try “Embrace collaboration: Together we achieve greatness”, “Creativity knows no boundary”, or “Make a difference, leave a legacy”.

When placing inspirational wall decals for office, consider choosing quotes that resonate with your employees and align with the company’s values. Display them in areas where they will have the most impact, such as in common areas, meeting rooms, or employee break areas.

3. Growth and Learning Reminders

Growth and learning reminders serve as constant reminders for employees to prioritize personal and professional development. Displaying these reminders prominently on the wall decals for office encourages a culture of continuous improvement, where employees are motivated to expand their skills, knowledge, and capabilities.

To incorporate growth and learning reminders effectively, consider the following tips:

  • Choose quotes or phrases that emphasize the value of growth, lifelong learning, and self-improvement. You can find them on some sources such as TED Talks, or some websites like BrainyQuote, Goodreads, and Motivating Quotes.
  • Display the reminders in prominent areas such as hallways, meeting rooms, or employee break areas where they are easily visible to everyone.
  • Consider incorporating visual elements like images or graphics that reinforce the message and make the reminders more engaging.

4. Wellness and Work-Life Balance images

Wellness images such as serene nature scenes, calming colors, or uplifting quotes can create a soothing and peaceful atmosphere in the office. They can help reduce stress levels, improve mental health, and promote a positive workplace.

Besides, work-life balance custom office wall decals are essential for keeping a healthy and balanced lifestyle. You can showcase images that depict personal hobbies, family, or leisure activities. This helps you send a clear message to employees that their personal lives and well-being matter and then promote a healthier work-life integration and reduce burnout.

5. Fun and Humor

Fun and humor wall decals for office significantly boost employee morale and create a positive work atmosphere. When employees see funny or lighthearted wall decals, it can instantly uplift their mood and make a working day full of excitement.

You can incorporate funny quotes or phrases that can bring a smile to employees’ faces. Look for quotes that relate to work, productivity, or office life in a humorous way. Examples could include witty sayings about coffee, deadlines, or teamwork, like “In this office, coffee flows like endless inspiration”, or “Deadlines make us dance to the beat of productivity”.

5 types of wall decals for office you should try

Let’s explore 5 types of wall decals for office that you should consider incorporating into your office decor.

Vinyl Decals

Vinyl decals are one of the most commonly used materials for wall decals for office. This material offers durability and ability to adhere to various materials, even your wall are cement, metal or glass. 

They can be cut into different shapes, sizes, and designs to meet your specific needs for office decor.

Moreover, office vinyl wall decals are known for their longevity. They are resistant to fading, cracking, and peeling, ensuring that your office wall decals maintain their vibrant appearance for an extended period for wall offices, both inside and outside.

These qualities make vinyl decals a popular choice for wall decals for office, allowing you to enhance the ambiance of your workspace with long-lasting and visually appealing designs.

Removable Decals

Removable decals can be applied to office walls without causing damage or leaving residue behind when removed. This makes them an ideal choice for rented office spaces or if you prefer not to make permanent changes to your walls. When it’s time to move or redecorate, you can simply peel off the decals without any hassle.

Removable decals are perfect for displaying temporary or seasonal messages. Whether it’s a holiday greeting, or event details, removable decals make it easy to communicate and update information as needed.

Removable decals are perfect for displaying temporary or seasonal messages
Removable decals are perfect for displaying temporary or seasonal messages (Photo source: Tradeling)

Chalkboard Decals

Chalkboard decals provide a versatile and interactive option for your office space. They can be used for various purposes, such as employee recognition, inspirational quotes, or simply as a creative outlet.

These decals encourage employee to share their favorite, or even their own quotes, which promotes a positive working atmosphere. 

Semi-transparent Decals 

Decals made from semi-transparent materials provide a unique and visually appealing look to your office space. They create a subtle, translucent effect, adding depth and dimension to the text or images on your decals..

In addition to enhancing the aesthetic value of the decal’s message, semi-transparent decals also serve to create privacy by applying them to glass partitions or windows.

Magnetic Decals

Magnetic decals provide the flexibility to change and rearrange your office decor easily. You can alter their position without any adhesive residue. As a result, you can adjust your office space to reflect changing needs, seasons, or promotional messages.


In conclusion, wall decals for office spaces offer a powerful tool for all businesses. These decals not only enhance the aesthetics of the office but also provide practical benefits such as improved communication, employee recognition, and organizational tools. 

By incorporating wall decals into the office design, organizations can actively contribute to a positive work environment and shape a corporate culture that inspires creativity, productivity, and employee engagement.

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