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5 common misconception about online sticker ordering

5 common misconception about online sticker ordering

Recently, the convenience, variety, and ease of online ordering have made it a go-to choice for individuals and businesses alike. 

However, in the sticker field, a cloud of misconceptions has also emerged. Are online sticker ordering worth the price and time? Is it a complicated process to place an order? Will I have the high-quality ones or will they fade and tear after a short time? 

These worries often deter potential enthusiasts from exploring this vibrant medium, so we think it’s time for us to defend these beautiful little adhesive pieces.

In this article, we delve into 5 common misconceptions surrounding online sticker ordering. We aim to unravel the truth and empower you to make informed decisions about your sticker aspirations. Now, let’s get started!

5 common misconception about online sticker ordering

Clearing the air around online sticker ordering, let’s address the prevalent misconceptions that might have kept you from unleashing creativity.

1. Stickers are not durable

A common misunderstanding regarding online sticker ordering is that stickers lack durability and will swiftly succumb to wear and fading. This belief, however, doesn’t paint the full picture.

It’s true that flimsy, low-quality stickers might deteriorate over time. However, high-quality stickers crafted from robust materials, such as vinyl, have become a staple in the online market. These stickers are engineered to withstand the test of time and the elements.

Vinyl stickers, in particular, exemplify the remarkable durability that modern sticker production can achieve. These stickers boast impressive resilience against various environmental factors. They can withstand exposure to elements such as rain, sunlight, and even minor abrasions, all while retaining their vibrant appearance. 

By choosing the best sticker company who offers stickers made of durable materials, you can access a plethora of high-quality options. For instance, at CustomAny, our stickers are printed onto vinyl and BOPP to offer an extended lifespan, making them suitable for diverse applications, both indoors and outdoors. 

Stickers made of durable materials are resistent to various environmental factors
Stickers made of durable materials are resistent to various environmental factors

2. High Costs

The next mistaken belief in terms of online sticker ordering is that it comes with a high price. We can guarantee this is a wrong view, as numerous online printing services provide an array of cost-effective options to suit various needs.

It’s true that personalized products might lead to the assumption of elevated costs. Nevertheless, the evolution of sticker printing has transformed the pricing landscape. Many platforms and vendors now have competitive pricing strategies, making the process of ordering stickers online surprisingly affordable.

Freedom to tailor the order quantity

Unlike traditional orders that often entail fixed quantities, online sticker platforms allow for a more flexible approach. When ordering custom stickers, you can choose the quantity according to your specific requirements. This means you can effortlessly match the number of stickers to your needs, ensuring you’re not overspending or underordering.

Wholesale price

The wholesale strategy that most vendors are offering also makes the overall price of online sticker ordering more affordable.

For instance, consider our own website: Starting at $2 per sticker when you order the min quantity of 5 stickers, and this per-sticker price drastically decreases to $0.0366 per sticker as the quantity increases, online sticker ordering becomes an incredibly economical choice. This pricing method makes CustomAny a budget-friendly solution for both minor personal projects and extensive business sticker campaigns.

At CustomAny, the price drastically decreases to $0.0366 per sticker if you buy in bulk
At CustomAny, the price drastically decreases to $0.0366 per sticker if you buy in bulk

Advance printing technology

Furthermore, advancements in digital printing technologies have streamlined the production process, resulting in lower overheads. These savings are directly passed on to customers, enabling you to obtain high-quality, customizable stickers without breaking the bank.

3. Complicated Process

Another misconception that often dissuades people from online sticker ordering is the belief that the process is intricate and time-consuming. 

However, this couldn’t be farther from reality. The online ordering experience for stickers has been carefully designed to be user-friendly, guiding you through each step seamlessly and efficiently.

Consider our own website as a prime example of this simplicity. Beginning on the main product page, you’re introduced to all of sticker types, ranging from die cut and kiss cut to sheet, circle, square, rectangle, and even holographic options. This assortment caters to your specific preferences and needs, ensuring a tailored approach.

Once you’ve pinpointed the sticker type that resonates with your vision, you’re seamlessly directed to the specific product page. Select your desired size, ranging from 2 to 20 inches, and specify the quantity you require – anywhere from 1 to a whopping 20,000 stickers.

Next, click to upload your artwork, ensure that your stickers are customized to reflect your unique identity or brand. Now, proceed to the checkout phase, choose your payment method and done. The online sticker ordering process at CustomAny is straightforward and intuitive for everyone.

4. Limited Customization

The 4th misconception is definitely far from the truth. The world of online sticker customization offers a wide spectrum of possibilities, enabling you to tailor every detail to suit your creative aspirations.

On platforms like ours, the customization journey begins with an array of sticker types, size  and quantities for your own designs. Delving deeper, you have the power to customize your name, text just by filling into the blank box at the product page, or choose your favorite designs that are available on our website.

It’s important to recognize that this expansive customization journey doesn’t come at the cost of complexity. Instead, user-friendly interfaces and guided steps ensure that your customization experience is effortless, regardless of your technical prowess.

Customization is limitless
Customization is limitless

5. Stickers are only for decorative purposes

A misconception that often overshadows the world of online sticker ordering is the belief that stickers on demand serve merely as decorative embellishments. 

Yes. Normally, stickers are employed to adorn personal items, accessories, or surfaces, their utility extends into the realms of communication, branding, and self-expression. 

However, stickers also act as powerful instruments for brand promotion and recognition. Custom stickers bearing a company logo sticker design, contact information, or a catchy tagline can be strategically placed on packaging, products, or promotional materials, elevating brand visibility and leaving a lasting impression on customers.

Furthermore, stickers are effective communicators: 

  • They convey messages, ideologies, and affiliations briefly and effectively. 
  • Political campaigns, social causes, and awareness initiatives often leverage stickers to disseminate information and rally support. 
  • Stickers can serve as billboards for your beliefs, evoking thought and conversations wherever they’re displayed.

Considering the practical side, stickers offer functional benefits as well. 

  • Labeling and organizing: they are used to sealing and marking, streamline tasks and enhance efficiency. 
  • In education: stickers are used to incentivize learning, boost morale, or reward accomplishments, proving their multifaceted nature.


In revealing the 5 misconceptions about online sticker ordering, we can agree that stickers hold the key expressive individuality, impactful branding, and seamless organization; and ordering them online not only offers us with durable ones but also is a budget-friendly and time-saving option.

As you embark on your online sticker ordering journey, remember to access our platform to try the full potential of customizing and easy ordering stickers, as well as the quality service, all at your fingertips.


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