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5 Places to Put Stickers for Promoting Your Business (3rd is the coolest!)

5 Places to Put Stickers for Promoting Your Business

Promoting a business can be a challenging and costly endeavor, but one effective way to increase brand visibility and attract new customers is through the use of stickers. However, where to put your stickers? Stickers can be placed on various surfaces to promote your business, and they’re a low-cost marketing tool that can have a significant impact. In this article, we’ll explore 5 places to put stickers for effectively promoting your business and provide designing tips and guidelines on how to use them effectively. Now, let’s dive in!

Top 5 good places to put stickers for businesses

Stickers have become a popular and effective marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. They are versatile, cost-effective, and can help to increase brand awareness and visibility. If you’re looking to use these sticky beauties to promote your business, here are the top 5 good places to put stickers:

1. On products – One of the best places to put stickers to promote your business

Stickers on products provide several benefits for business promotion. On product is one of the ideal places to put stickers since they increase brand exposure, enhance product appeal, and offer a cost-effective and flexible marketing strategy. Stickers are customizable and versatile, making it easy to design stickers with your business logo or message and apply them to different products, from food packaging to electronics. This strategy helps you tailor marketing messages to specific customer groups and expand your customer base.

There are a wide variety of products that can be used for sticker promotion:

  • Food and Beverage: Bottles, cans, jars, and packaging of food and beverage products
  • Clothing and Accessories: Using stickers on clothing items, such as t-shirts, hats, and bags to create a trendy or unique look
  • Personal Care Products: Cosmetics, skincare, and personal care products
  • Electronic Devices: Laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices
  • Office Supplies: Stationery items such as notebooks, pens, and staplers

Almost any product can be used for sticker promotion and the key is to choose products that are relevant to your brand and that your target audience is likely to use or come in contact with.

Put stickers on products is one of the best ways to promote your business
Put stickers on products is one of the best ways to promote your business

2. Where to put your advertising stickers? – On packaging

Product packaging is the second place to put stickers. They provide various benefits for business promotion. They create brand recognition, enhance product appeal, and offer a cost-effective marketing strategy. By placing stickers on packaging, businesses can convey important information such as brand logos, product benefits, or promotional messages to potential customers. Stickers can be designed to match the packaging design, adding an extra element of appeal to the product. This strategy differentiates products from competitors and potentially increases sales. Stickers are also an affordable and versatile marketing tool that businesses can easily customize and apply to a wide range of packaging materials.

Packaging is an important place to put stickers to promote your business through some small sticky pieces. Here are some examples of packagings that can be used for sticker promotion:

  • Boxes and cartons for shipping and storing products
  • Bags and pouches for packaging retail items
  • Bottles and jars for food and beverage products
  • Envelopes and mailers for direct mail campaigns
  • Wrapping paper and tissue for gift wrapping
  • Tins and canisters for cosmetics and personal care products.

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3. The coolest place to put stickers: On vehicles or specifically, on cars

Stickers offer a cost-effective way to increase brand visibility, especially on vehicles. With stickers on company cars or delivery trucks, businesses can reach potential customers while on the go, making it an effective form of mobile advertising. Stickers can also be customized to match the business’s branding and messaging, making it an excellent opportunity to reinforce brand recognition.

Common types of vehicles can be used for sticker promotion are:

  • Cars and Trucks
  • Delivery and Service Vans
  • Buses and Coaches
  • Motorcycles and Scooters
  • Boats and Trailers

In this place to put stickers for advertising, remember to include your business’s contact information, such as phone number, website, or social media handles. Consider the most common type: bumper sticker advertising for your cars. This is also the best place to put stickers on a car as it helps potential customers to reach out to your business much more easily.

Increase brand awareness by putting stickers on company cars or delivery trucks
Increase brand awareness by putting stickers on company cars or delivery trucks

4. On storefronts – Place to get the most out of custom stickers for business

You may ask “What should I put my stickers on in case I have a store?” Using stickers on storefronts is a great way to attract attention and create interest in the business and its products. Stickers on storefronts allow businesses to stand out in busy commercial areas and compete with neighboring businesses. By customizing stickers with branding and promotional messages, businesses can build brand recognition and communicate their unique selling points. This place to put stickers on is a cost-effective way to promote a business and generate foot traffic, making it an essential marketing tool for brick-and-mortar stores.

Here are some examples of storefronts that can be used for sticker promotion:

  • Retail Stores
  • Restaurants and Cafes
  • Bars and Nightclubs
  • Salons and Spas
  • Gyms and Fitness Centers

Any business with a physical storefront can use stickers to promote their business and products. Stickers can be applied to windows, doors, and walls, creating a unique and eye-catching visual display that attracts the attention of potential customers. Consider using clear stickers, transfer stickers, front adhesive stickers or static clings for the best appearance. Also, customizing your stickers with branding elements and promotional messages to communicate your unique value proposition and encourage customers to visit your store.

5. Don’t forget using stickers at your company’s events

Last but not least for your great places to put stickers: your customers’ hands. That’s true. Now it’s time to create some event stickers and hand them out to specific customers. These stickers promote your products or services to the targeted audience that come to your events. They are a low-cost marketing tool and can be easily distributed to event attendees. By customizing stickers with branding elements and promotional messages, you are creating a memorable and unique experience for event attendees. You should consider give away stickers at events, such as:

  • Trade Shows
  • Conferences
  • Festivals and Fairs
  • Sporting Events
  • Music Concerts

In short, any event where businesses can set up a booth or table is an opportunity to use stickers for promotion.

9 tips for using stickers effectively

Besides choosing places to put stickers on, you should also know how to use them most effectively. Here are some tips for designing stickers that can be applied to almost any place to put stickers.

  • Keep It Simple: The design of your packaging sticker should be simple and easy to understand. Avoid cluttered designs and too many colors or fonts. Stick to your brand colors and font styles to maintain consistency.
  • Make It Eye-Catching: Your packaging sticker should grab the attention of your target audience. Use contrasting colors or interesting graphics to make your sticker stand out.
  • Use a Clear Message: Keep your message clear and concise. Make sure that your branding elements, promotional messages, and call-to-action are easily visible and understandable.
  • Be Creative: Use creative imagery and designs to make your stickers memorable and engaging. Consider using humor or puns to make your stickers more shareable and attention-grabbing.
Use creative imagery and designs to make your stickers memorable and engaging
Use creative imagery and designs to make your stickers memorable and engaging (Source: Tyskie Beer)
  • Focus on Your Branding: Ensure that your packaging sticker includes your brand name, logo, or tagline. This helps to build brand recognition and reinforces brand messaging.
  • Choose the Right Material: Choose the right material for your packaging sticker based on the product material and packaging type. Make sure the adhesive is strong enough to hold the sticker securely in place.
  • Consider the Size and Shape: Ensure that your packaging sticker fits the packaging shape and size perfectly. Avoid stickers that are too small or too large as they can detract from the packaging design.
  • Placement of Stickers: Place your packaging stickers in prominent locations on the packaging, such as on the front or top of the packaging. Make sure that the marketing stickers are visible and easy to read.
  • Use Them for Promotions: Use packaging stickers to promote special deals, discounts, or new product releases. This can help generate buzz around your brand and products.

By following these fundamental tips, businesses can create effective stickers for business promotion, no matter what the place to put stickers is. By taking advantage of these places, tiny stickers can help increase your brand visibility, engage with potential customers, and drive foot traffic and sales.


Stickers are an excellent method to promote your business, and by using them in strategic locations – in great places to put stickers on, you can see great results in your business growth. Whether you’re using stickers on products, packaging, vehicles, storefronts, or at events, it’s essential to design them effectively and use them in a way that maximizes their impact. We at CustomAny hope that with the analysis, suggestions and tips outlined in this article, you can create great stickers that promote your brand and achieve your marketing goals.


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